WIFI issue after updating to android 10

Hi After updating my sirocco, I got problem with my wifi. wifi disconnects from ADSL modem suddenly and connects again.

WIFI issue after updating to android 10

Saeid221 Saeid221
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After updating my sirocco, I got problem with my wifi. wifi disconnects from ADSL modem suddenly and connects again. I am sure it was not like this on Android 9 and it happened right after getting the update.


  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    Best contact Nokia support, to make them aware of your issues. I wouldn't count on them reading the forum here.

  • G V G V
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    After android 10 update the WiFi connection is terrible. Looses connection, weal connection.

    Contacted Nokio support and told me to do the following:

    I reset my router and AP, I did soft reset, deleted my WiFi connection,....

    Nothing works!

    I suggest to always contact support, so Nokia knows there is an major issue.

    Second suggestion DON'T install Android 10 jet on the Scirocco.

  • G V G V
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    After support chat I did the following:

    Had to delete all WiFi, Bluetooth,... Connections via system/reset..

    Did nothing.

    Had to test the Sirocco in Safe Mode

    Did nothing.

    Now they suggest to do a factory reset lol !

    I will loose everything and it will take days to setup again.

    The hole thing costs me an arm and a leg for all the data on 4G!

    So don't upgrade to android 10.

    There is No way back!

  • I Reset it to the factory Reset and it didn't Work either

  • G V G V
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    It started to get worst again in the weekend. I don't Know why.

    And the factory reset does NOT work.

    I hope the Wifi issues are solved soon.

    DO NOT upgrade to android 10.

  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    Those that do have the WLAN issues since the update, what settings is your wireless configured for?

    Are you using ac, b/g/n, 2.4 or 5GHz, specific channel or auto channel?

    My slightly older router is set to g/n and apparently uses only the 2.4 GHz band, but wifi is stable and reach seems close to what I had with 9.

    Assuming that there's some issue with the modem after the update, those affected could try adjusting the WLAN settings (if possible) until there's a fix.

  • Jote Jote
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    I'm primarily on 5GHz (a/n/ac mixed), I enabled 2.4GHz (b/g/n mixed) to check if it would help, but it didn't. Auto channel selection in both cases. Same settings as before upgrading, obviously, worked flawlessly.

  • nokiasick nokiasick
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    where is the update for china user?

  • super-electric super-electric
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    I have exactly the same challenge with my Nokia 8 Sirocco. I was first blaming our home network router. Then after replacing it to more efficient model and comparing functionality to other 5 Nokia android and other phones in the family I realized that Android 10 update is surely the reason since other devices & wifi are working correctly.

    My Nokia 8 Sirocco is also getting hotter than usually. There were similar problem with some earlier updates, and they were fixed by the updates.

    Hopefully this will be solved very soon!!

  • Ville S Ville S
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    I have the same problem. I updated my and my wife's phones (Nokia 8 Sirocco both) and for both WLAN signal quality got bad and the connection keeps dropping. Same for both phones. Otherwise the WLAN works perfectly in my home. I use 2,4GHz 802.11n.

  • Tommy Hügel Tommy Hügel
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    Same Problem here. Disconnects and connects every 2 or 3 minutes, where on Android 9 it didn't with same network and distance.

    The support is really the worst I've ever experienced. They don't even want to forward bug reports. Even the EA customer service is better

  • user899992 user899992
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    Same issue here.

    After Android 10 upgrade WIFI is unstable and disconnects ever minute.

    This was not a problem in Android 9.

    I also know of multiple other people having the same issue.

    Come on Nokia fix it please .

  • user899992 user899992
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    So after I did the steps below my WIFI is much more stable and does not disconnect and reconnect every minute or two.

    Settings>system>advanced>reset options>Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, network

    The WIFI signal however is still not as good as what it was on Android 9.

  • ArkBrea ArkBrea
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    still now no update for fix in android 10.. no love for nokia 8 sirocco..

  • h f01 h f01

    Hallo zusammen, mir geht es mit dem Nokia 8 Sirocco genauso:

    Nach dem Update von Android 9 auf 10 ist die Signalstärke des WLAN signifikant schlechter geworden. Nach den üblichen Massnahmen (Neustart, Softreset, WLAN zurücksetzen bzw. löschen, Gerät im Router =Fritz.Box neu einrichten usw.), würde mir vom Nokia-Support geraten, auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen, brachte aber keinste(!) Verbesserung. Nun soll ich das Gerät zur Reparatur einschicken (???). Da zwei Router in zwei verschiedenen Wohnungen, habe, kann ich die Router ausschließen, da bei beiden das gleiche Problem besteht. Es muss am Android 10-Update liegen... Hoffentlich unternimmt HMD bald etwas.

  • h f01 h f01

    Also, die Übersetzung ist ja besch...

    Hallo HMD, wir sind in Deutschland

  • Ville S Ville S
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    This solved my disconnection issues. Still, the WLAN signal power seems lower than before, but this might also be just different behaviour of the signal strength indicator in Android10...?

    Perform the following: Settings >> System >> Advanced >> Reset options >> Reset WiFi, mobile, Bluetooth >> Reset Settings >> Reset Settings 

    After that, go to Settings >> Apps and notification >> see all apps >> three dots in the upper right >> Show system >> Carrier Services >> Storage >> Clear cache Next, Settings >> Apps and notification >> see all apps >> three dots in the upper right corner >> reset app preferences 

    Then, do a Soft Reset. Hold the Power and the Volume UP hardware buttons for approx. 10-15 seconds until you feel your phone vibrate and you see the Android logo appear. Also, make sure your phone is not charging. 

  • tubarao tubarao

    I doubt the reset thing works. I have this issue on a brand new Nokia phone...

  • Ville S Ville S
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    Yeah, I am also not sure. It felt better for awhile, but after few weeks of use, I have omce again disabled the WiFi at home since it feels so unreliable.

    Nokia 8 Sirocco is broken by the Android 10 update. I have been using these Nokia phones and they always felt superior to Samsung since Samsung phones always tend to become useless after some update. Now I am a bit worried that this might not get fixed... since at least Samsung never fixed any appearing serious issues.

  • espio999 espio999
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    Wi-Fi of Sirocco with A10 is troublesome, isn't it? As long as I read some topics, it looks there are 2 different major issues as

    1. unstable Wi-Fi connection

    2. Wi-Fi range

    I have some suggestions. Do your home router supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz network? And do you register both SSIDs in your Sirocco? I recommend registering only one or the other in your Sirocco. In my case, only 5GHz SSID is registered.

    And if automatic switching between Wi-Fi and 4G is not matter, turn ON following 2 options in Developer options.

    - Wi-Fi scan throttling

    - Mobile data always active

    This is my suggestion for #1.

    Suggestion for #2 is turn "Enable Wi-Fi Coverage Extend Feature" ON in Developer options. Then, go to 

    Network & internet > W-Fi > 

    Tap GEAR of your Wi-Fi network and tap PENCILE icon on top right corner. You will see the new check box as "Extend Wi-Fi coverage" in Advanced options there. Check this box and save.

    It may work better than a placebo.

  • G V G V
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    Still not solved. When Will Nokia come with a solution?

    It costs me an arm and a leg, each time it goes over to 4G !

    Have the same problems with Bluetooth connections, since andriod 10...

  • G V G V
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    After July update the Bluetooth and WiFi issues are still there !!!!

  • NSU1200C NSU1200C
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    If you search for Snapdragon 835, Android 10 and WiFi problems you will see that a lot more phones have the same problems. Including some Pixels

  • G V G V
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    It even got worst after the July update.

    I only can connect Bluetooth ones. After that it does not connect anymore!

    It only connects after a reboot. (Why? Would love to know that)

    I even (re)tried to reset all WiFi and Bluetooth connections via the system settings - reset.

    But does not solve it, and I refuse to do a factory reset ( done that and lost data, passwords, settings,...took me days to get it back working)

  • stbor stbor
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    I used my sirocco with pleasure over the last 2 years+, but that all changed after the A10 update.

    After +3 months of waiting on a fix from Nokia for the BT and wifi problems I gave up...

    It was a tough decision, as I really like my Sirocco, but Nokia lost a (previously) happy customer.I bought myself a oneplus 8 and will never return to Nokia.

    Good riddance to all.


  • have you tried logging into your router ?


  • Hello I'm having some other issues with android 10... the smartphone is overheating (like 35-40 and up) with only 1 or two apps and wifi (apps like teamviewer or games etc)

    I tried factory reset but nothing changed, why? any ideas?

  • dirkv dirkv
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    Hello All,

    There is a new Android 10 Update 1 nov 20 and after applying it earlier today my wifi signal is at max strength and is not getting disconnected anymore every few minutes. It is too early to cheer yet however but i am having good hope now. Can you People confirm please?

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