Motorola Edge+ released. Is it time for a $1000 Nokia phone?

Curved edges, 5G, and locked to Verizon in the US, apparently.

Motorola Edge+ released. Is it time for a $1000 Nokia phone?

SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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Curved edges, 5G, and locked to Verizon in the US, apparently. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Looking at those curves, somebody tell moto it's not 2015 anymore. But at least you can turn it off, I guess.

And it runs pure Android as well

The other specs

So, Moto is now competing with Apple and Samsung's $1000+ flagship phones, should HMD do the same and make an ultra-premium flagship? (Nokia 10, anyone?) How could they compete in the software front? (They wouldn't be able claim 'pure Android' as unique to their hypothetical phone anymore) Or should HMD just stay in the lower-end market?



  • San.Phu San.Phu
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    @SirFaceFone I think at this time there is no need of 1000USD phone for Nokia. Nokia has not created the environment do fulling customer will be very difficult thing. They don't have special in hardware and not even in software. And I think motorola is also made mistakes nobody will purchase it's 1000 USD phone. Motorola is also not having customer.Lets see how it will full customer.

  • smh77 smh77
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    Some interesting questions posed. And overall a nice looking phone. Although at over £1000 in UK, in the current climate, certainly overpriced. Give it 12 to 18 months who knows? The Pureview can now be bought for £350. Limited updates and future proofing issues aside. To my mind the lower specced Edge is more tempting and makes the right sacrifices to hit its price point. If only the Nokia 8.3 had spent a bit more, because I think they nailed the processor, but cut the wrong corners on screen type, waterproofing, and OIS. But getting back to the original question. Yes they should have committed to the Nokia 9 Pureview follow up (however they decide to number it). The investment was there. And if they left it a couple of years it would have meant a lack of continuity. Just unfortunate the Coronavirus has hit post production. It's going to come down to price more than ever now. Maybe take a hit on profits to shift more units. Take the long way. Software, shouldn't be an issue. From what I have read Motorola's skin is both light and practical according to early reviewers. Nokia seem to have the right ideas with the feature, and budget smartphones market, and have aimed for the right emerging markets. They just seem to be stuttering with the mid range and high end sectors. If they were just a smartphone manufacturer then their future would be up in the air. Hopefully their diversity should give them the time to grow a credible flagship range.

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