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Anuradha Sanjaya
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1. Not latest updates. Need no description if you're a Nokia user. When I get Android 10 Google has already released Android 11(beta). Also need no words about monthly security updates.

2. Every software update filled with a new bug(even SP). They introduce new bugs with every update. Last SP made my audio files(MP3) unplayable. This MR fixed it, but introduced new bug features. Can't update Chrome app via playstore, also matter with webview app, device personalization app is not a system or pre-installed app anymore, download the secondary language every time I change it on Gboard etc.

I'm pretty sure after the software guaranteed years our devices will probably become unusable.

If I contact the customer support they will probably say go to a Nokia service centre although it's quarantine 🥴

So at last I suggest Nokia to change their name AndroidOne to AndroidTwo/AndroidLast/AndroidBug/AndroidLate or something else. Any suggestions to help change their name??


  • Few things may be a mess for a user while a company uses android one brand

    For Android 11 ,It's a developer preview and it's only confined to Google Pixel Exclusive, DP Build only for App testing purpose ,but When this DP build turns to Beta Build then you can come to know that only selected devices are made into this list and they get the Beta Build via dedicated web pages of their OEM (Like Nokia Developer Preview)

    There is an issue in Music Player Bug that was hit by most of the devices with Feb 2020 Patch but it's now fixed which is some what relief for music lovers,but if you do observed only google apps are affected but MX player still plays the music

    Regarding the Chrome Updates for Android ,If you see From Android 10 onwards ,Google Started Implementing new system where Android System WebView Will be the Core Browser and Chrome will only serve as a app based browser ,due to that Chrome App size gets stripped down to 7 MB for all build(stable/beta/canary)

    But here you can see the twist, Although while on screen it's shows download pending but just swipe down for notification panel ,there you can see the Chrome Gets Updating Silently in Two phases or more depend upon the Update size but overall in device storage, you can see it's only 25 MB (App size + User Data) which now will get good space

  • Anybody have seen the"Cancel" button while installing an app previously

    After 15 minutes

    Also no silent update or second phase just download notification and then disappear

    Also I forgot to mention Google translate bug. When turn on "tap to translate", it stays on screen although no word has copied and can't be removed unless you turn off "tap to translate" feature. Check it out yourself.

    Who knows how many bugs will pop up, it's just couple of days since the update.

  • Anuradha Sanjaya
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    I could have to buy Xiaomi A2 lite or Redmi 8 at same price range instead of 4.2, I'm so disappointed 🥴