Nokia 3.2 Android 10 issues

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1. whatsapp, messenger call recording option works but didn't catch any words/voice.. after restart it works well

2. voice search in chrome, youtube google search, ok google also problem. in just 2/3 seconds it's show didn't catch anything.. but after restart it works.

3. browsers are going freeze/lagging when multi tab using.

4. some times browser like chrome or opera lagging too much that it stuck everything.

5. facebook - when getting any notification on facebook, if i using headphone the out speaker also works continue at that time earphone and outspeaker both works. i.g. if you listening any music on that time if you received any notification from facebook your earphones and out speakers both playing that music together.


  • radek fylcka
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    Since android 10 update sometimes, I am not able to make or receive calls. It Is very annoying

  • AndMZ
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    Assuming this site is monitored: I have the following problems after installing Android 10 on my Nokia 3.2 (happy with the phone) and old enough to be a Nokia fan.

    When I start the phone it says: SD card not installed, reinstall. Then as if starting an old diesel engine slowly APPs on the SD card becomes available and work.

    I have enabled (through developer mode) putting on and running APPs from the SD card. The card is an SanDisk SD card and it indicated (by the phone) to be 128 GB.

    Camera does not work in WhatsApp. Whatever I do I get "camera failed". This not change when the APPs (including WhatsApp) go from grey to their intended color

    I had none of the above issues before upgrading. I look forward to the patch fixing these issues.

  • piumal
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    Why doesn't my phone come with Android 10?

    SAYDOP ✭✭


    I initially got the notification for Android 10 days ago but can't find it for downloads again.

    Can anyone help out.


  • After updating my nokia 3.2 to android 10

    Whatsapp voice recording not working

    incoming calls are not receiving

    after restart the phone says phone is starting almost for 2 min

    While opening a application from internal storage takes a lot of time to open

    While coming to youtube not able to even scroll it is that lag, while coming to video playback having playback issues

    Running apps from sd card better not to install the app......😂

    coming to the lock screen it simply gets unlocked sometimes and after unlocking the phone takes a minute to load🙃

  • Did anybody find solution for mic?

    For last 3 months, my phone causing this issue, video don't record sound, sound recording issue. But Skype, Whatsapp, phone calls working fine but sometime other party complain about low sound.

    After restart or a whatsapp call, recording start working but after sometime, it stop working again.

  • Abhin C L
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    Upload is improper

    Can't upload any files to whatsapp or other apps

    What is the solution

  • geobux
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    Good morning I'm writing from Western Kenya I own Nokia 3.2 the phone was great on Android 9 but honestly speaking on Android 10 something is a miss at times it just start filming and boom it goes off, hence kindly whoever is incharge please work around the android 10 so many things are a miss until I'm like why did I update to Android 10

  • My problem is also exactly same

    Please sort out these issues as early as possible

  • @Shozab @nokia3.2 @HMDLaura i too have the same issue. Very low voice to the other end or not audible at all in network call, WhatsApp call and wifi calls.

    I visited almost two times with the issue. Still the Nokia care didn't give me a solution. They pointed the network and asked to change the sim. i have changed the SIM for their satisfaction. Still had the same issue. Every one coming on call getting irritated with this low volume or not clear voice issue. I have given the mobile to nokia care for the third time now. Don't know whether nokia has any solution or not. At least they should withdraw the phone if they don't find the solution. Nokia care is very reluctant to do the service on par. Service part of nokia getting worst than ever.

  • Hello I have been trying to access the message on my Nokia 3.2 to no avail. I can't see my messages out going and incoming. There are about six message and messenger icons on my phone I cannot access any of them. One tells me to use to use my messages make it your default message app. I press on that option and nothing happens. I have exhausted all my Tesco technical options and all say it is a Nokia handset problem. This has been going on for over three weeks please assist as soon as possible on here or email as I don't have messages.