Burn in display

I can't fix it

Burn in display

trien tong trien tong
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I can't fix it


  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    If your phone is under warranty period then you will get free replacement, but for that your phone should not be physically damaged.

    This screen burn mostly occurs due to physically high pressure on some point of screen.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Is it a permanent burn though? I've noticed that the 7.2's display has retention issues after a content has been on the screen for long.

    But it does go away after a while of idle or screen off. So, if your issue is the same, then it ain't the burn to specify a term for it. It is image retention :) Or we can maybe also call it as a temporary burn.

    I have seen several users with the same. So, this might be applicable to a replacement unit too.

  • yuuyatails yuuyatails
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    Unlike some phones that uses OLED displays (Which is known to have permanent screen burn-in), The Nokia 7.2 use a IPS display, so what you are experiencing is a image retention issue.

    Usually, it can be fixed by turning off the screen for a long period of time. If the image retention reoccurs frequently, you might have to ask for a replacement unit.

  • OT wan OT wan
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    it could also be water damage. my previous phone had a similar issue after the baby suckled on it... either way, just switch it off, open and remove the sim tray, and see if it has some water on it. leave it off for a couple of hours to allow it to dry.

  • Ashutoshh Ashutoshh
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    simply change your phone then

  • Joost Joost
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    Check, occasionally I have this too (photo of Nokia 7.2 screen, taken with a Samsung 🤗)

    'Burn' puzzles, because I don't have this app on this location on the screen. Retention then, but on a different part of the screen?!

  • RazzSahani RazzSahani
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    80% users of N 7.2 face the screen burn issue. I think the software employees of Nokia can't fix this problem.

    Nokia 7.2 means-

    1. Poor display

    2. Home of Bugs

    3.unresponsive touch

    4.Low Battery life

    5.No timely updates

    6.Hanging problem ,(when multi tasking)

    7.Need restart device to open camera.

    World worst product. Support team also worst and last the garbage mobile phone company Nokia/Hmd.

    Now I'm switching to Samsung A52.

    And i hope Samsung performance is far better than Nokia.

    Good Bye Hmd.......

    I request to you please stop to making the garbage phone😄😄😄

  • Joost Joost
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    Could it be app related?

    I have only seen my screen behave like this when switching to/from the Discord app.. 🤔.

  • emaz anwar emaz anwar
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    When u open an app for around 10 mins and does not scroll the screen, the retention will appear

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