Android 10 for Nokia 6.2 brief review

Well, just got the update yesterday in India and here is the brief summary of my experience till now.

Android 10 for Nokia 6.2 brief review

Well, just got the update yesterday in India and here is the brief summary of my experience till now. The features that have been included with the Android 10 upgrade is summarised below -

1. Dark Mode

2. Gesture Navigation

3. Separate Privacy Section in the settings for detailed location permissions and Permissions manager

4. Focus Mode

5. Google Security Patch for April, 2020

6. VoWifi for Airtel users in India

7. In built Android Auto

Above is the few things that have been provided with the upgrade and below is my experience based on the usage of the phone for one day -

After the upgrade, experienced noticable network signal strength fluctuation and high battery drain but after setting up the phone according to my needs, it is working just fine and the phone is stable. Much better battery efficiency is observed compared to Android 9.

As earlier in Android 9, the airplane mode can be turned on from the lockscreen itself. Mobile data and Wifi can be turned off from lockscreen which was not there in Android 9. Again, as per my opinion these things can be a security risk in case of theft or lost case of the phone.

Thought ARCore will be supported after upgrading to Android 10 but it doesn't as while trying to download the Google ARCore Service from the playstore it shows your device isn't compatible with this version of ARCore but the device is listed to support ARCore after upgrading to Android 10 in Google Developers Program. May be they will provide another update later.

Apart from all these, the phone has become much faster and smooth to handle compared to Android 9.

So these is a brief of my experience till now with the Android 10 update of Nokia 6.2. Hopefully it will help. Thanks!


  • Nouman019 Nouman019
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    Thankyou for this adequately detailed review. Seems like a stable build as compared to 7.2!

    Hope that ARCore will be accessible too soon.

  • Mtsmh Mtsmh
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    Android Beam File Transfer Is Missing, -5 App Bug For Fast Battery drain...please fix -5 app bug... HandsFree Connect Icon From Statusbar is Still Missing, mobile Heating and Fast Battery Draining During HOTSPOT....please Fix In Next Sequriety patch

  • Nouman019 Nouman019
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    As per my usage of Android 10 on 6.2:

    I've got a better battery timing reaching 6 hours SOT easily.

    Routine processes are quicker and smoother.

    Nokia Camera app seems a bit smoother too. The focus problem in the Pro mode is solved.

    The problem with Play Music seems to be solved too.

    The ARCore is also available in my device though I couldn't use it till yet.

    And an overall refined experience here and there.

    On the other hand:

    The PureDisplay feature needs hefty refinements with some display Pro's and make it real useful.

    The auto-brightness mode has gone more buggy for me. Once my phone get exposed to sunlight it becomes unusable indoors until I turn off and on the auto-brightness option again. The are some serious contrast issues. The dark grays turns almost whites. And the other gray parts start to show ghosting of dark and light gray stripes. It is annoying and need to be fixed asap as it is more prominent when we are using the dark mode of Android 10.

    There are some UI glitches when display size is set to small, especially in the Camera app. They need to be fixed too.

    I was expecting the Nokia watermark option but HMD don't wants to give us 💔

    My boot time has almost doubled and I felt my charging time has also went a bit longer (around 10 minutes). Though no problem with this at all.

    And lastly the front camera focus hasn't been solved and I'm believing now that this is a hardware fault. The fixed focus is set to 'infinity' rather than 'near' which is in case of front cameras with fixed focus.

    Hope these issues get fixed in the next maintenance release. And keep doing the good work HMD ❤️

  • CJaramillo CJaramillo
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    My phone is really fast right now and i haven't seen any issues right now, i'm loving the update!

    And i recomend you to factory reset it to solve some problems guys, because even the fidgerprint is working faster and more precise

    ¡And i was able to install the ARCore services in my phone!

  • CJaramillo CJaramillo
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    Factory reset it, my battery life is better than before!

  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
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    Android Beam is removed by Google.

    -5 is not bug, it's Hotspot.

    Handsfree icon can be activated by System UI Tuner.

    Thanks 🙂

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