Facing Issues, Bugs & Lags On Nokia 7.2 Android 10

Dear Nokia,

I have purchased a brand new Nokia 7.2 in November 2019 in India. For one month the phone performed very well. But there was a MR update i.e. maintenance release update in December 2019. Since then phone is having lots of issues and bugs. I waited a lot that they may be fixed after several updates or after Android 10 update but then also these issues were not resolved. I have already formatted the phone i.e. factory reset after Android 10 update. I am using dual sim 6 GB RAM variant phone and a Brand new 64 GB SanDisk Memory Card. The issues I am facing are as follows:

1. When I press the power button for screen unlocking the lockscreen lag is there i.e. for seconds there is black screen afterwards lockscreen appears. (Major issue)

2. Fingerprint lock is very slow and laggy.

3. Battery backup is very less as well as charging time is slow with fast nokia charger also.

4. When I drag notification panel it lags randomly. If I switch off the mobile data, this issue resolves sometimes. (Major issue)

5. If in camera settings photos are selected to save on memory card. They don't save on memory card instead they get saved on phone memory itself. Also, if in camera settings memory card or sd card is selected as storage option, then the thumbnail in camera app to open photos directly doesn't work and the thumbnail of recent photo captured in that circular box disappeares. Although all necessary permissions of storage have already been given. (Major issue)

6. Mostly there is a screen retention (screen burn in issue) problem if some app is being used continuously for 15 minutes. It's shadow shows behind each and everything on screen for about an hour. (Major issue)

7. Media library scanning does not work properly due to which phone is unable to detect some new downloaded songs and new images. (Major issue)

Things which I have already done:

1. Factory reset after Android 10 update.

2. Using brand new 64 GB SanDisk SD card.

3. April 2020 security patch installed.

4. Play store updated.

5. All apps are up to date.

6. Tried clearing cache and storage of apps in which I had problems. Infact cleared storage of Media Storage also.

7. Used safe mode also, then also these issues persist.

8. Done hard reset also.

These problems are getting worser day by day. I have already complained in Nokia India previously but they were unable to resolve my problems. This is the first Android One phone which is having so much problems. These issues are already being discussed on your Nokia Community, many of them are facing these issues. Kindly provide a update for all these problems because as far as I know these are software development problems. Forward this mail to your Nokia Software Development Team. Kindly, give some suggestions which can help me out with these issues but please note that give only those suggestions which are different from my mentioned ones. 

Nokia please do something as fast as possible or else I have to reach CONSUMER FORUM for case on Nokia.

Please don't suggest to visit Nokia Care just for my time waste and lame excuses. Give some solid solutions or change my phone as early as possible. I have already suffered a lot with this phone. Nokia don't dare to remove the post from Nokia Community.



  • Have the same problem with my nokia 7.2 6 gb charcoal. I also have the screen retention problem but don't know whether it's a hardware or software problem

  • nokiaoneuser
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    Two more problems noticed so far:

    1. The dark theme is not properly dark mostly on the edges it is much of greyish rather than dark.

    2. If too many notifications are there phone lags too much.

    Guys if you have solutions of all these above mentioned problems please share them. Else if you all are also facing these types of problems and some other problems kindly post them on this post.

  • asikis
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    I have same issue lag issue in notification area and lock screen and have posted this many times. A solution i have found is to use internet only over WiFi, not cellular from either sim-1 or sim-2. In my case when I use WiFi the lags disappear.

    Try this and let me know if it helps.

    Clearly HMD needs to fix this issue as soon as possible. WiFi is not always available. As stated above, lag is so painful that you feel you have a 2GB Ram device in your hands with a SD 4xx chipset.....

  • I have the same lag issues especially after charging. Screen can't turn up and required a restart.it is super annoying.

  • 🦵 I bought a new 7.2 for use as a camera phone following many years experience with pureview, from the N8, 925, 808,& N9. Its a UK 7.2 started on android 9 now 10. All the time it has not charged properly.

    I have found that overcharging the battery reduces the life, most dramatically on the blackberry dtek60 a perfect phone with a weak battery, fast charge it at your peril!

    Thanks to the bb60 I discovered how to split phones and change things inside, of the 4 dtek 60 I have had I broke 2, no3 is on its 3rd battery, and no 4 is OK a factory replacement. So I'm battery savvy!

    The 7.2 only charges when on, using a trickle charge of 550ma.any more seems to lengthen the time! Normally this would nullify the phone in normal use but as a "spare" Camera phone it just seems to does.

    I wonder when hmd will fix this I expect the error is in the battery save area. charging when off just flashes between android one screen and the first charge g screen then back to and one again,!


    regards Derek.

  • Ps I do not agree with the smiley face but at my age I have never used faces...

    regards derek.

  • O have also same problem facing please fix it.


  • Service menu code- *#*#372733#*# * working?

    Mine is not working

  • I have the same problem. I just bought Nokia 7.2 and it is lagging just the way this guy mentioned. I am a die hard fan of Nokia but this issue is not bugging me. Fix this. All this came after update... Oh god! Phone is lagging even while typing this! Fix this lagging issue please!

  • Same issue , I bought 3 days back last Wednesday 2020.i m fooled buying nokia 7.2

  • Akhil
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    phone lags when

    1. second sim is inserted.
    2. if there are many notification
    3. if a video fast forwarded in any app.. youtube,netflix,amazon prime and in mx player
  • Hey Everyone,

    I had a question for everyone who is complaining about the lag and other issues with Nokia 7.2, did this start after you all updated to Android 10 or were these issues prevalent out of the box?

    I recently ordered my Nokia 7.2 and I have been skeptical after reading all the reviews over here. Kindly help!



  • Akhil
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  • Since many weeks touch pad is not properly respond. It's hanging. I chang tempered glass and used without glass also. But it still hanging. I m very much disappointed from nokia.

  • same issues am facing from the 7.2

    and after the update my whole phone is working properly how i worked before in the android 9

    while calling or using whatsapp voice or using any calling app i cant hear what other side is talking but they can hear what am talking

    is there any possible way to go back to android 9 from 10?????

  • Jocke.Sve
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    is there any possible way to go back to android 9 from 10?????

    AFAIK only available for Nokia Service Centres and some pay services online.

  • I bought the phone two days back and unfortunately I have seen this issues from day one. Issues I noticed (so far) :

    1) Delay in screen unlocking when I click the power button or use the double tap or the finger print scanner

    2) Notification bar lag (few seconds) when I switch between different options

    3) The volume rocker lags few seconds switching between vibrate/ringer etc

    Did a factory reset but its still the same and I'm now wondering if its worth asking for a replacement.

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    HMD please replace my 7.2 with other model or refund my money as the performance became so untolerable after 10 update.

    atleast respond to the queries, what is the real issue give a press release.

    is it

    10.0 update or are you working on update or can we go back to 9.0

  • Lyalya
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    У меня тоже есть проблема с 7.2, купила в феврале 2020. Постоянно теряет связь wi-fi, не реагирует на отпечаток пальца и где-то с мая месяца стал очень редко распознавать лицо. У кого-то есть ещё такие проблема?

  • Sathir
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    Have the same problem with my nokia 7.2 4 gb 64gb charcoal. I also have the screen retention problem but don't know whether it's a hardware or software problem

  • I'm facing the screen freez problem in Nokia 7.2

    I visit Nokia care center 4 times but not get any solution.i also complain in Nokia customer care but they not do anything.

    Now 4 months gone but my problem is not solved.

  • If u have the service center near

    Then ask them to downgrade to Android 9 I think it will solve the issue

    Me too facing the same issue from 1 month...

  • I already visit nokia service center 4 times but not get any solutions.the person in nokia service center says me it's third party application fault. & They says me that the mobile phone is okay...& We can't help you in third party application.

    now I realise I wasted my money in buying nokia 7.2.its an worst phone.totally useless & wastage of money.

  • I am using Nokia since I was a child. From the time company launched Nokia N8. And now when I thought these new coming phones will be faster and greater. This DECEMBER 2019 UPDATE is lagging my phone, wanted to smash it badly! Need solution on this, there are many old loyal customers... Take Care of them. I have this same problem. Do something!!!!

  • It's hardly been 6 month since i bought this phone and I'm experiencing the same issues of screen touch lags and unresponsive UI. If used with full brightness then the display gets blurred sometimes

    Please solve this problem!