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From past few weeks , the phone has been charging at 10-20% an hour , The attached screenshot says the same , it took 2 hours to charge from 40-73% , my charger is in a healthy condition.

Facing Issues, Bugs & Lags On Nokia 7.2 Android 10


  • From past few weeks , the phone has been charging at 10-20% an hour ,

    The attached screenshot says the same , it took 2 hours to charge from 40-73% , my charger is in a healthy condition. A lot of community members have reported complaints on slow charging .

    Does any one has solutions?

  • Hi.

    i have been thinking of buying a Nokia 7.2, but it look like it have major problems, so i will wait a little.

    but i was thinking if it could have something to do with Android one 10

    right now i have a Motorola one Action and it also lacking so much, special when i am browsing the internet like cnn / msnbc and i want to see a video clip, many times the picture do not appear only the sound, i have to soft close the phone and open again and restart the movie some time i have to do it more then one before it work.

    it feel to me like there are a major memory leak in Android one 10.

  • Hillary Ogutu Hillary Ogutu
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    Am facing the same problem. You press the power to lock the screen and nothing happens. You long press for the purpose of restating the phone nothing happens. The torch just stops functioning meaning you can't take any pictures until it's restarted and the power button isn't responding.am forced to let the battery run out completely for it to count as a restart.

  • Deadmanwalking Deadmanwalking
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    Why can't I update my Google Chrome and Android system web view from my play store? Is anyone else facing this issue? Is there any solution for this? And why did my thread get deleted? @singhnsk

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    I'm not sure why or who deleted your thread. And there's no way for me to check it. Maybe some kind of automated spam filters.

    Edit: It wasn't deleted, but merged into another similar thread which you can find here.

    For the issue, I do not use Chrome, but Webview is fully updated to the most recetly released version. What error does Play Store throw when you try to install the update(s)?

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Is Your 'Google Play' updated to latest and greatest?

    It should say July 1, 2020 (if no newer arrived last days).

    ( Settings -> 'Security & location' -> 'Google Play system update' )

  • matthewkuhl matthewkuhl
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    i also have issues with update of Chrome and Webview. Of course, i also have issues with Android 10 that were present from day one that still haven't been corrected in software patches. Since 10's release, it has been security patch-only updates.

    HMD sure abandoned this phone quickly, didn't they? Oh well, i ordered the Pixel 4a and Nokia will once again be just somebody who i used to know.

  • G.S G.S
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    Having same issue. Nokia must resolve asap

  • Completely agree. Mic is not working at all. Battery backup is pathetic. Nokia , please advise for replacement.

  • AbhijithP AbhijithP
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    Dear Nokia,

    I was using Nokia 7.2 after my old Nokia 6 device. I thought a lot of thinks about Nokia 7.2 but, after the update of android 10 I have been loss the concept. So many disappointing issues found after the updation are,

    1. RAM management becomes slow

    2. Battery draining increased

    3. Lag in fingerprint sensor & face unlock

    4. Sometimes application doesn't working and it can't update from playstore

    5. Camera department was found some lagg

    6. Social media application (eg : WhatsApp voice notes has found distortion)

    It was the some major issues I found in my smartphone. I trust you can to solve this issues in the Nokia 7.2 smartphone.

  • same here freezing touchscreen issue when playing games online/offline and everytime the TS hang my temper always get high i was worry that if i lose my temper then smash dis phone 😤😤😤😤😤

  • Hillary Ogutu Hillary Ogutu
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    That update actually killed my power button. I can't power on the phone. Started by the torch and camera not functioning and then it just got worse.It's charging when, Volume down + USB works okay as it gets in into that mode. Battery run out and now I can't power it up. The phone is barely 5 months old.

  • I have two major issues which others are reporting also:

    1. Appalling audio quality of videos recorded via the stock camera app. This appears to be a bug relating to OZO audio processing.

    2. In stock camera app I set storage location to be SD card. My 7.2 will seemingly randomly decide to reset this back to phone storage

    HMD appears to have known about these issues for some time yet nothing has yet been done. Will you ever fix these and all the others HMD? We need answers and fixes urgently.

  • Has Nokia done anything to resolve fingerprint screen unlock issue ? For the first time i am disappointed to buy Nokia product.

  • I am also using this phone during the last 3 months for business/personal purposes unfortunately I'm experiencing all these issues which have been reported within the post.... daily hard usage of this device turns into nightmare

    Could you please check/resolve the reported problems/sw bugs asap via the next OTA!!!

  • Same for me:

    1. UI freeze and lags in the notification bar and on lock screen

    2. Delay in adjusting volume

    3. Navigating back within any app

  • been facing the same issues, and my phone sometimes soft-reboots randomly. I'm really regretting this damned phone :(

  • Harsh806 Harsh806
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    Go to play store download Microsoft launcher. It will take care of most of the issues.

  • I removed my tempered glass and could see a drastic change in lagginess with toggle option , menus etc

  • Heathy8 Heathy8
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    I have been experiencing 95% of the issues that have already been mentioned.

    Unfortunately using Microsoft launcher doesn't really resolve the issue as I have installed Microsoft launcher with all the Nokia's I have used and tested over the last 2.5 years.

    I started with a Nokia 5, then moved to a Nokia 8, then to a Nokia 7.1 then a Nokia 8.1 and now I'm currently testing the Nokia 7.2.

    Part of my role for my current company is to, purchase mobile phones for company employees to be use. I have regrettably purchased 20+ Nokia 7.2 phones, thinking that... with all my past experiences with previous Nokia's models, the Nokia 7.2 would be just as fast and as efficient as the other mid-range Nokia's I have used.

    Something really needs to be done and done fast!!!!

    It would seem there is a horrendous amount complaints with this device that should be dealt with as a matter of priority!!!

    Whether it be a SOLID WORKING software update or some sort of Nokia 7.2 recall.

    What is even more frustrating... There has been NO Nokia representative that has even attempted to acknowledge this forum, with any viable response or solution. This really is, extremely poor customer support.



  • I buy Nokia 7.2 on 20th September 2020. Has many issues and tried various options and even visited service center. For SD card I found a way which works fine.

    Any SD card new or old one you just to insert in your phone and first format using phone default Google file manager. And now you can transfer your all data to this SD card (previously backed up some other place). It will work fine as I do lot effort and at last found this on.

  • Vishnu18 Vishnu18
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    It's a good thing that I sold my mobile for a wholesome of 10k

    And bought a new device for 15k

    God I loved Nokia to that extent that all my friends and my brother too not praised the decision of buying a Android Nokia in 2020...

    Now I get it....

    Nokia is good

    But the ones who are handling the company (hmd ) is not at all caring.....

  • Vishnu18 Vishnu18
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    Now I had a bought poco device

    33w charging

    No screen freeze

    No hanging

    Can play pubg for 2-3 hrs without a lag

    No screen retaining

    No grey screen

    Everything is damn good when compared to Nokia

    Nowadays Xiaomi devices like poco show no ads

    Common Nokia (hmd) bring those days back with a good handset

  • Nuwindu Nuwindu
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    I'm also facing all of these problems.. And it freezes all the time, one day the screen froze for about 2 hours and ruined my morning that day.. and buttons didn't work.. but after removing the sd card, the amout of freezing per day was reduced 😅 (but what's the point having a sd card slot and not being able to use it). And this phone is too laggy.. Now I regret buying this phone instead of a Galaxy A50s or an used iPhone 7 🥴. Very disappointed in Nokia ☹️

  • Willorose Willorose
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    My problem is that while on a call, my phone just randomly disconnects. It is so annoying to have to ring people back all the time. What is going on with my phone.

  • Khiangte Khiangte
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    Same problem and some more here. Bought my Nokia 7.2 last Oct/Nov(?), 2019 when it was launched in India hoping to buy a decent and dependable phone but what do I get? Fingerprint unlocking takes time when it does work but many a time, the sensor can't detect my fingerprint. Once in a while, dropdown menu also drops down intermittently which is super irritating and vibration for call has been dead and buried for months now. While making calls the screen sometimes lights up resulting in my ear opening some app, and the screen would go black after a call forcing me to unlock it to end the call!! Pliz be aware that my phone hasn't gone to any repairshop till now because fortunately it hasn't met with any accident yet. And what do I get from HMD till now? Only security updates and no fixes!! Saaaad!

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