🖕 these fake security update 😓

Fuck these fake security update And give a dam maintenance updated already.

🖕 these fake security update 😓

aarif rao aarif rao
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**** these fake security update

And give a dam maintenance updated already.

What's the point of these headached updates if they can't solve a problem.🤬

Even after extra time they took they still can't provide a maintenance updated to fix the bugs.😒

They had the nerve to take extra time and still give only security update they really are taking the customers lightly 😡.

I am never going to recommend a nokia phone to any one🤘


  • user1542692860701 user1542692860701
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    Yeah me too

    even though at the first time I bought this phone, i recommend it to some people bcoz of it's clean ui without bloatware.

    But after almost 2 years experience with these "never fixed bugs" and "pay to unlock bootloader" I won't recommend this anymore even buying this brand phone. I'd rather buy other android one phone or pixel 3a

  • Junaid shah Junaid shah
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    Nokia please fix this this issue has been around for 5 months now it's really annoying if this continues we are never going to recommend these phones atleast listen to customers 😡

  • avisheksaha avisheksaha
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    We should tag them publicly on twitter about bug fixes

  • K.Shiva Kumar K.Shiva Kumar
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    After recent update my phone also got issue of "GHOST TOUCH" without operation some buttons are getting operated... Now wifi calling option not available... I am unable to made OPERATOR VIDEO CALL... Soch a headache

  • Lawss Lawss
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    Well, I was also disappointed to get only security update on my Nokia 7.1 today, but then we should never forget the crisis the world is going through with the virus. Let's pray that this passes away soon.

  • JP Vicky JP Vicky
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    Atleast allow us to unlock bootloader...xda has good developers...

  • KartikHegdeG KartikHegdeG
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    Just a dummy april update, solved nothing... All bugs are safe and sound!!!

    What more can we expect from Nokia?

  • aarif rao aarif rao
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    😠Well they are just making up updates while not fixing a thing

    Just so they can call it fastest update😂 lol.

  • carlos molinas carlos molinas
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    Is anyone else receiving these surveys asking if you would recommend nokia?

    I receive after each update. My answer is always NO ☺️

    After the April update. My phone is slower and takes time to receive notifications from apps like instagram

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