Nokia 7.2 Bluetooth - car

Hello all,

I am facing problem with Nokia 7.2 (other phones from different brands, or even older nokia 7.1 works OK) with the bluetooth system in my car.

I can pair the phone - that works OK, and play music. But I can't download contacts, don't see the status of the phone on car's display and can't use handsfree.

The phone keeps reconnecting over and over again.

I tried everything...

  • rebooting the unit in my car
  • rebooting the phone couple of times
  • re-pairing it like hundred times
  • factory restart of the phone

but still the same behaviour :(



  • I'm facing the same troubles with my Nokia 6.2 with Android 10. Since the upgrade to Android 10 the phone wil not part with my car (Toyota RAV4 2016). Please help.

  • fcom1
    fcom1 ✭✭

    Same Problem here with Nokia 7.2, latest Adroid 10. Sometimes the music connection is running, but never the phone connection about bluetooth. So it's not possible to take calls about bluetooth in car. It's with latest Version of BMW i3 infotainment system. Does anyone know something?

  • guido66
    guido66 ✭✭

    The same problem for my Toyota Prius and my 8 Sirocco.

  • lookash
    lookash ✭✭

    Today I updated the 7.2 to the latest build - 00WW_2_270_SP01 and still the same :(

    Issue not fixed - BT keeps connecting/disconnecting :(

  • fcom1
    fcom1 ✭✭
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    Same here, updated to 00WW_2_270_SP01 and still no bluetooth phone commection in BMW i3 is running. No anwers from support on my service request. I will send back my 7.2 now and buy a new phone from another manufactorer. Sorry Nokia/HMD, bad job! Customer lost!

  • rené krol
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    I'm currently testing a brand new Nokia 5.3 (build 00WW_1_120) with Android 10. This phone smoothly connects via BT with my Toyota Rav4 without problems or losing connection. I think that this is the phone for me for only € 199 in the Netherlands. It has not to be so difficult for HMD to port build 00WW_1_120 to other smartphones ?

  • Same here, I have barely 1-month old Nokia 7.2 and it won't link to my 2019 Chevy Equinox, spent 3 hours at the dealership while they upadated my software thinking that was the problem, Nope. Got my husband new Huawai phone finally to connectted.

    What is the work around?. an App?

    Android Auto doesn't seem to work either.

  • Even after update to 00WW_2_270_SP01 I have the same problem with my Nokia 7.2, cannot connect BT to my BMW 1 series for making phone calls. Only audio for music connects. I know it's not a problem with the car because the phone also does not connect the BT for calls with my Windows 10 PC Phone Companion application. Please HMD, please acknowledge this problem and fix it for us.

  • I don't have such a problem ... I own a Ford Focus III 2015 ... I have conversations without a problem ...

  • ArnoH
    ArnoH ✭✭
    The same problem here. Android 9 worked fine. After update android 10, I can play music retrieve phone data but cannot make a call, when I receive a call it rings but cannot pick up.
    Message in the screen in the car is "no cellur status".
    Auto has been updated with no effect.
    Various settings in consultation with Nokia Support tried no effect.

  • I simply want to know from it a hardware problem with my phone? Do I need to return my Nokia 7.2 while it is covered by warranty? Or is it a Android problem? PLEASE HELP HMD GLOBAL

  • ok... new update 00WW_2_270_SP02 not fixing anything :(

    Honestly I doubt that anyone from HMD is taking care of what we are facing... I'ts already 4th build I've tried, I spoke with support team at the beginning of May and reported this problem.... and still no fix

  • 2015 Jeep Uconnect - Music streams fine, stays connected. Phone connection disconcects and reconnects every few seconds. (Nexus 6P works fine. Nokia 7.2 works on other car and several other USB phone devices.)

    Nokia 7.2 on Android 10 (Have tried... disabling all other networking including NFC / Safe mode / connecting to charger / cache clear / reboots / delete connection on phone and car and re-pair / turned off battery saving) etc etc etc!

    Nothing changes, still wont work!

    Response from Nokia please??

    I will contact direct.

    (Others - please include vehicle model and yr with your comment, thanks)

  • Same problem here. I'm really disappointed for Nokia quality and service...

  • Facing the same problems with BMW. Seems like an Nokia 7.2 issue.

    This is a Nokia-forum. Is it possible that one of the Nokia-Employees can react on this?

  • Same problem with my Nokia 7.2. Will not connect phone to idrive system on my BMW 125i 2010. BT audio to play music is okay. Please help Nokia/HMD!

  • My details

    Nokia 7.2, android 10 (older software version worked fine)

    Car BMW 530 2012

    Bt music works

    Bt phone not connect (loop)

    Wtf?? Is there any Nokia service personnel to solve this problem?

  • When I tried to discuss this with nokia service chat - the only recommendation was to do reset. I told them I tried this already few times so the only way how to get out of this was that they recommended not to do reset from phone, but from google push the hard delete (WTF) and that they know about it, but it will be fixed in some following updates (not told which one... it's already 3rd or 4th I've received since that moment)

    Of course anything they told is not working.....

    Music over BT is OK, Android auto over cable is ok, but can't make a phone call...

    Car - Subaru Levorg 2019 (mediasystem received the latest update few days ago... still the same bahaviour)

  • I have a nokia 6.2, I can pair it to my car but it will not connect the phone, I can play audio through spotify but when I try to use the phone it says connection failed. My previous phone was a nokia 6.1 and this connected brilliantly with my car. The nokia 6.1 has just done a system update and now that does the same as the new 6.2 phone, pairs but does not connect the phone. So is this an android issue or a nokia issue?

    Car is a Ford grand c-max 2015

  • Chennaiite
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    My brother have a Galaxy S10+ (Android 10) which is working seamless with my car. When searched in Google I don't see any Pixel user is reporting this issue. Looks like it is Nokia's Android 10 is having problem.

    Car: Toyota Glanza

  • illy
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    I have Nokia 7.2. I have thought that I faced issue with BT while connecting to Powerbeats3 earphone. Because Phone was not showing up my headset while trying to add pairing device.

    I have done all above suggestions but it didn't help me for my case.Then I figured out my mistake about that pair needs to be activated on both ends. My headphone was powered on but this does not mean it is in pairing mode. Then I held the power button until it gets blinking to put in paring mode. So phone immediately found my headset as both ends in pairing mode.

    Please be sure that you activate "PARING MODE" on both side because turning on BT may not be enough.

  • ArjanR
    ArjanR ✭✭

    Bought a Nokia 7.2 and started to use it first 16-June-2020. Bluetooth connects with my car, but only for playing audio, NO phone functions. Noticed that the car / phone are continues trying attempting to make the connection for Phone functions (seems to be in a loop). When making a call (not hand-free) the conversation is getting constantly interrupted, as if the connection is very poor. With more testing, noticed that the bluetooth connectivity on the phone functions, goes OFF/ON/OFF/ON... Approached NOKIA support (chat - session), but that did gave much resolution either.

  • ArjanR this is the exact same experience as me and many others with the Nokia 7.2 running Android 10. Very frustrating.

    Does anyone know if Nokia support read these threads and acknowledge any of the reported issues?

  • ArnoH
    ArnoH ✭✭

    I installed the new update today.

    I can call again in the car!

  • ArjanR
    ArjanR ✭✭

    With the comment from ArnoH - checked if any updates where present, and so one was.. Downloaded and installed the update. Bluetooth Car-kit all fixed now!!


  • @ArjanR I don't see any update on my phone, can you share security update date and build no?

    My phone is with security update: 5 June 2020

    Build No: 00WW_2_270_SP02

  • I'm on

    version 10 with security update: 5 June 2020

    and refuses to connect to my car

  • HenrikZabel
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    I don't find any updates when searching.

    @ArjanR - which buildnumber is your update? Mine is from 2020-05-1, 00WW_2_270_SP02.