Addressing Late Update Delivery Issue from a Consumer Perspective

Nokia 3.1+, a device running on Android One launched in late 2018 with Android O 8.1 Out-of-the-box. In mid 2019, the device upgraded to Android Pie 9.

Addressing Late Update Delivery Issue from a Consumer Perspective

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Nokia 3.1+, a device running on Android One launched in late 2018 with Android O 8.1 Out-of-the-box. In mid 2019, the device upgraded to Android Pie 9. Throughout the year, it recieved late Security Patches that Nokia promised as a monthly update.

In February 2020, SP 2020, Dated Jan 5 was delivered to the users. Skipping the March SP, users received April SP on end of April.

Now, as far Nokia Android 10 Roadmap, the device was originally set to receive Android 10 update in Q1(before April, most likely by March 24th, all devices should be upgraded), but with the outbreak of COVID-19, production, manufacturing of new phones has decreased as well as software supports for existing devices, mainly for Nokia 5.1, 7.1, 8.1 Sirocco and many more.

As from a view point of a consumer, a product is well valued when it meets user's requirements and its well-balanced in overall performance. Nokia 3.1+ with a Helio SoC isn't a great phone for Gaming, neither it is a bad phone to use it as a daily driver. With a 3500mAh battery, 6" 720*1440 Display and 3/32GB, this metal piece is more than enough for someone who's looking for a budget option and Nokia is (well, was) known as a trusted brand. But the sale-point of these devices are mostly Monthly Updates, that are only available to Google Pixel devices and a handful of Selected Android One devices. Sure, a normal user doesn't need monthly SP just to chat on WhatsApp, and do business callls. But it was a selling point.A

Although users are mad that Nokia fails to provide the A10 update as promised, there's some things we must keep in our mind.

  • A big Firm like HMD Global is not a single person firm, nor it can operate properly from remote places considering people now have to work from their homes.
  • As much as they want their users to be happy, they also want to progress in the market, so they kinda need new phones to be launched. As a result, support for older phones are being dropped slowly.
    • A rushed project (or a product) is not a good thing for the users. Nokia 7.1 A10 update was rushed, and it was catastrophic. They actually had to pull back the uldate wave just to save those devices that are in some cases turning into a brick. Same goes for Nokia 9, Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.2

In conclusion, I, as a user of Nokia brand, am disappointed to see that they're failing to keep up with all those promises they made. But I also support them, considering the current situation and waiting for a optimised update that doesn't hurt our current user experience.

Also, it hurts to see that Nokia 3.1+ devices have become the one device category that Nokia forgets completely.

Be sure to check out my other discussion where we try to keep a track of A10 and other updates for Nokia 3.1+

What's your opinion about late update delivery? Also, if you have any other Nokia device rather than 3.1+ and you got A10 updates, share your experiences with us.

Have a good day. Stay safe, stay inside.


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    Well I have Nokia 5 & 6 (original from 2017, I actually bought 3x 6 and 2x 5 for family) - these aren't even getting A10 but that's fine - we didn't expect them to and the phones are still working rock solid with the April 2020 update so as long as they don't introduce bugs in July/October updates then I am happy with Nokia regarding those phones. A copper Nokia 5 dual-SIM model is my 'daily driver' because the battery lasts longer than the 6 and I can have two SIMS and an SD card whereas I have to choose between that or a 2nd SIM on the 6. I will be giving my N5 away at beginning of July to a child as he won't care about security updates for youtube and games. I will keep the 6 as a backup phone because it's just too nice to part with.

    Because I know the 5 & 6 are going end-of-support later this year I have bought a 7.2 back in January sales. I like the step up in performance and camera quality, but dislike the plastic (I don't care what they call it, that's what it looks and feels like) back; a step down from the aluminium of the 2017 and 2018 models. Also it seemed to take a while to get the A10 updates and it didn't fix the bug playing music from an SD card formatted as internal storage that was on A9. I've recently received the April 2020 update for this phone but haven't tested to see if this finally cures the problem - I'll do that maybe later tonight. Whilst it's a generally competent phone, I haven't warmed to it because of the buggy experience I had and it doesn't feel particularly special in the hand like the aluminium phones do, so it's not really used much, but at least it will get A11 at some point in the distant future.

    I also bought in February - because I managed to get a new one for <£100 - a 3.1 plus and love the large screen and aluminium back that Nokia seem to have dropped for 2019 onwards. I think this phone in it's 3GB/32GB dual-SIM configuration makes a good replacement for the original 6 apart from FHD screen which I don't care about, though I was disappointed to find you couldn't format the SD card as internal storage so I'm really glad I didn't buy the 16GB version! I'm hoping (but not expecting) that A10 when it finally comes will bring this feature to the phone.

    I'm wanting to use the N3.1+ as my daily driver when the N5 goes, especially with it's large battery, but I won't start yet because a major OS update usually works best with the phone factory reset and there's a lot of apps that need installing and setting up when that happens. At this point I'm just waiting on Nokia to release the A10 update so I can start using this phone regularly.

    Finally last month I pre-ordered the N5.3 which on paper looks to be better value than the 7.2 and ticks all the right boxes for me except aluminium back. Unfortunately I hear rumours that the release of this, except in the boring charcoal colour, has been delayed till July. I don't want my money sat in the supplier's bank for 3 months so I'll probably cancel this and maybe buy it later in the year when it's in a sale and all the colours are available. Or maybe Nokia will go bust or a competitor release a better phone for the money (the Pixel 3a might be reduced even further when the 4a comes out soon), who knows...

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    actually nokia devices not for the customers who love android customization, flashing and use custom roms.

    nokia phones just like iphone in low budget, you cant unlock bootloader, no custom roms, better security if you lost your phone.

    this is a real phone. like simple, beautifully crafted.

    nokia 3.1 plus is an unpopular product of nokia. people bought it in india and other countries but when nokia understood about low popularity of 3.1 plus they just dont put much efforts from mid 2019 everything getting late just like 3.1 plus was launched 2 years before they treat this phone like an old phone. but after one year of launch no android 10 which is the last android in indian market, update according to company's policy,

    now we just feel like we are robbed but cant do anything if i bought nokia 5.1 plus then that will be best deal for me however i love flashing custom roms and this brand is not for me.

    this brand is best for senior citizens because they just want a reliable authentic phone like nokia. for young generation this phone is like a torture however ota updates regular except nokia 3.1 plus.

    " really i will give this phone to my parents when i use android 10 for sometime after this i will give it to my parents. they need it most. because they dont care about updates and customization they just need a phone a secure phone. "

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    Android 10 Update for Nokia 3.1 Plus is live now.

    Check out the update.

    Also swing by the forum to check out the problems and keep it updated

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