[Moved] Free Power earbuds and case with 7.2 (UK)

I purchased my Nokia 7.2 on the 31st March from John Lewis enticed by the new low price and the offer of the free wireless earbuds and case.

[Moved] Free Power earbuds and case with 7.2 (UK)

the better twin the better twin
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I purchased my Nokia 7.2 on the 31st March from John Lewis enticed by the new low price and the offer of the free wireless earbuds and case. My phone was delivered on the 4th April and I completed the form on the official Nokia page (https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_gb/nokia-power-earbuds-and-kevlar-promo) the following day.

I have heard nothing since. Not even a confirmation email. Shouldnt I have heard something by now? Its been over 30 days since purchase and even over 30 days since I filled out the form with my IMEI number. Obviously I would understand if there is a delay due to the current situation but there has been no communication from Nokia (or whoever they pass the details over to) whatsoever.

Are other people in the same boat? Has anyone actually received anything?




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    Hi, while we await others from the UK to respond, I'd recommend that you send an email to your regional Nokia support. They should be able to check it and update.

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    I am in the same situation, submitted but heard nothing since, not even an email confirming submission of the form. Have you managed to get in touch with support?

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    I used the online chat. They seemed a bit surprised that I havent heard anything given it has been longer than a month. I was told that they will be escalating my case but dont know how long that will be.

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    I feel so regret with this Promo of HMD Global it's because they're focusing only in Major Markets or we say with most high of sales of HMD Global like INDIA, GREAT BRITAIN, CHINA and SOUTH AFRICA and among others.

    Many NOKIA Fans and Consumers wants the NOKIA Accessories based on their websites but no Possible Stocks in such country even in Online Stores/Shops.

    Why HMD Global are doing this kind of mess. I just wanna ask Juho Sarvikas if I given a chance to ask a question a Comparison with NOKIA-Microsoft and NOKIA-HMD Global.

    (P.S. It's unfair for us)

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    To update this. The Nokia Care response was as follows:

    I would like to inform that your registration is since 5-April.

    According to our Terms and Conditions, and information you have received after submitting the registration data, your registration will be validated within 30 days. Next, you have to receive the accessories within 28 days.

    Related to the above, I would like to advise you to stay tuned for your gifts. They will be delivered very soon.

    So it sounds like they are saying I need to wait until the 2nd of June. However, after some googling I came across this (https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/new-nokia-72-cyan-green-64gb-dual-sim-nokia-power-buds-kevlar-case-18699-at-technolec-ebay-3431775) on HotUKDeals and it appears that people who ordered their phones and submitted the form after me have already received their case and headphones. Frustrating to say the least....

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    2nd of June has come and gone and still nothing. Contacted Nokia Care once again and apparently my "case was forwarded to the relevant complaints department in order to be investigated."

    You have got to wonder if they purposely make it this difficult to deter a certain amount of people from actually getting the items. It really shouldnt be this hard and almost 2 months without receiving the items that were a big reason I bought the phone for is pretty crap to say the least.

  • rdh675 rdh675
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    Has anyone received their buds and case yet ? Purchased my 7.2 from the online Nokia shop on 16th April and received it on the 18th April and registered for the offer straight away, but had no confirmation email. On the 21st of May I contacted Nokia through chat and they said I had successfully applied but as of 7th June, still nothing. Little bit annoying tbh as it was this deal that swung the sale for me.

  • the better twin the better twin
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    People from my hotukdeals link above who ordered from some ebay store received theirs on the 7th May so they are obviously going out.

    It has been over a week and I have heard nothing again from any complaints department (surprise, surprise). Im beyond annoyed at having to continually chase this up and feel like I have been miss-sold the phone as, like you, a major reason I purchased was for the headphones and case. I purchased the phone in march and it is now the second week of June, I dont think this is acceptable.

    I sent an email to John Lewis to complain to them as well. Will see what they say, hopefully they will be more responsive than Nokias complaints dept.

    Nokia should change their future promotions as well. They should send out a confirmation email (seriously, how hard is this to set up) and give you an idea of the dates you should expect your items. I have a horrible feeling that they will try and use the "while stocks last" excuse, but that wont fly with me as I know for a fact that people who ordered after me have received theirs so someone has messed up somewhere. Horrible experience all round.

  • Michael Lumley Michael Lumley
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    When I bought my 7.2 directly from Nokia last December it came with the earbuds and a clear case all together with the phone.

    The earbuds are really good by the way 👍

  • rdh675 rdh675
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    So,nice surprise today when these arrived. Received an email saying they were out for delivery today by DHL and also the power buds BH605 which were my free offer were out of stock, so they have sent BH705 true wireless buds instead, think these are the newest more expensive ones aren't they ? Haven't tried them yet, will let you know. Well pleased tho.

  • the better twin the better twin
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    Not sure about price as I cant seem to find either pair of earbuds in stock from a reputable dealer anywhere but those are older than the powerbuds.

    From what I can see from the specs:

    • Worse battery life
    • Worse sound(?)
    • Worse IPX rating (water/dust resistance)


    • Lighter
    • Better looking buds and case (imo)

    Still received nothing myself. Heard back from the customer care team following my chasing email on Monday simply stating:

    "I would like to inform you that your case is still under investigation.

    Please stay tuned."


  • rdh675 rdh675
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    Yea after some googling I found out these are the older ones, but I have to say they have great sound and very comfortable in the ear and I could not shake them out as hard as I tried, well pleased for free. The case looks nice but I probably won't ever use it as I prefer a leather folio type case for all round protection.

  • the better twin the better twin
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    - 73 days since ordering phone from @jlandpartners

    - 69 days since submitting redemption for free case & wireless earbuds.

    - 37 days since first contacting Nokia customer care.

    - 14 days since being told my case was being investigated by complaints dept.


    Just posted this on Twitter. Does anyone know how to escalate a complaint with Nokia? Just keep getting ignored.

  • Ni1 Ni1
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    Same problem, bought the phone (7.2 start of April) due to good price AND promo, have not heard anything back from Nokia yet.

    Have tried Nokia chat support multiple time, every time assured that the issue has been escalated (now i don't even know what that means anymore), still nothing, not even acknowledgement email.

    Very disappointed.

  • the better twin the better twin
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    I'm not the only one then. It has now been more than 3 weeks since I was told my case had been escalated to the complaints department. As usual, it seems with Nokia, I have heard nothing. Sent another email yesterday into the void. Have been ignored on Twitter and simply fobbed off on the chat as you have. Has really soured the brand for me. First phone was a 3310, loved the Lumias in the Windows Phone days, but won't be buying from them again. Appalling customer service.

  • Ni1 Ni1
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    I know the feeling, as being Nokia user since 8210 (Phone model not a year :) )

  • Hi,

    I also have been waiting on these however I was checking my 'junk' mail & found this e mail sent on 2nd July. Earbuds are not here yet & I'm not bothered about the case too much.


    We’re sorry about the wait.

    Some time ago, you took part in a promotion to get a pair of Nokia Power Earbuds and a Kevlar Case for your Nokia phone. Due to the global pandemic situation, we have faced a number of disruptions in getting these accessories sent to you. That said, we understand that you have waited a long time to hear anything from us, and we are very sorry for that.

    Due to supply issues with the Kevlar Case, we have sent you a Nokia Clear Case instead. To make up for this, we have replaced your Nokia Power Earbuds with a set of Nokia True Wireless Earbuds which offer better performance.

    In short, your Nokia Clear Case and Nokia True Wireless Earbuds have been shipped. You may have already received these items – if not, they should be with you soon.

    Again, we realize that this update is overdue, and we sincerely apologize. Thank you so much for your patience.


    email was from: [email protected] and as I said it was in my 'Junk' Inbox. Lets hope that's not prophetic.


    Hope everyone gets theirs too.

  • Ni1 Ni1
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    After chasing them with some emails since my last post, i did receive nearly similar response (the email did not arrive in junk 😀, the only difference from your reply is "We are aiming to get these accessories to you within the next two weeks.").

    The problems that i have are:

    "Due to supply issues with the Kevlar Case, we have sent you a Nokia Clear Case instead. To make up for this, we have replaced your Nokia Power Earbuds with a set of Nokia True Wireless Earbuds which offer better performance."

    1) I want Kevlar Case and can wait for it, as long as i have been given nearly specific time-frame (for example, you have to wait for month or two)

    2) They mention "To make up for it" they give "Nokia True Wireless Earbuds" which has less payback time, case can only charge the buds 3 times (in comparison Power Earbuds case charges it about 30 times), and IPX rating of 4 compare to IPX-7 of Power Earbuds. Now I do not understand in which "CATEGORY" the replaced buds offer better performance. 

    So its like we don't have Kevlar case so we will give "normal TPU case" and to match that up (in terms of reduced quality) we will also give you "Nokia True Wireless Earbuds".


  • the better twin the better twin
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    Have you actually received anything. I got the same email in my junk on the 2nd July and nothing has turned up 🙄

  • the better twin the better twin
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    What an absolute shambles

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