Hard Reset with keys

After Android 10 update, Hard Reset using the volume up button and power button does not work. Any help, will be much appreciated.

Hard Reset with keys

Lawss Lawss
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After Android 10 update, Hard Reset using the volume up button and power button does not work.

Any help, will be much appreciated.


  • NPraw NPraw
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    I'm using 4.2 for this but why not.

    Use power and volume down button instead. When boot up, it will get into a screen which highlight green start at the top of the screen. Use volume buttons to navigate and choose recovery mode highlighted in red. Press power button to confirm and phone will reboot into recovery mode. In no command screen press power then volume up button. It will prompt recovery mode menu.

  • Lawss Lawss
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    I tried this option but only thing which comes in the screen is fastboot at the bottom, nothing else.

  • NPraw NPraw
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    Okay then, maybe i'm late as I assume you already discovered the way to access recovery mode on 2.3. This is the fastboot in 4.2 looks like before getting into recovery mode.

  • Smitho Smitho
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    You are right. After the Android 10 upgrade I can't do a hard reset with the volume+up buttons

  • TechGeek007 TechGeek007
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    For android 10 try to hard reset via software itself.Go to settings and choose data reset and do factory reset.

    Or try using Power + Volume Down instead of Up.

    More info: https://howtodoninja.com/devices/nokia/nokia-2-3/hard-reset-nokia-2-3/

    Hope it was helpful.

  • Hello and sorry for my english, but it´s not native.

    I have the same problem with this Phone from a "untechnicaly" women from the neighborhod wich means "I have no screen code typed!" And on a long night last week, i will found a technical way .

    First: You need adb-Tools! You must run adb-tools on your PC. Then link the Phone with the USB-Cable and turn the Phone off.

    Second: Start the phone with power and volume up in Fastboot Mode. Check on your PC with "fastboot devices" it´s the Phone linked with the PC.

    Unless, restart the procedure.

    When it´s linked, you will see a long number.


    Then type "fastboot reboot recovery" and you will see the robot. Press Volume Up and Power simultan to enter the Recovery Menu and chose your option. 

    Be carefully with adb-tools, you can brick the Phone!

    I hope this is helpfully, here has it work. I reset the Phone and the Screen Code is now NEW and i KNOW it!

  • Hi! I have this problem with my mobile, I forgot my password. I saw some tips, and all of them say that we must have an active configuration, which is not my case. I only had 3 days with my cell phone. By following these steps that you comment, will I still enter even without having any configuration on my mobile? thanks for your help!

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