Are Nokia phones doomed to fail like HTC?

Been watching ColdFusion's video lately and I can't help but notice the similarities between the two.

Are Nokia phones doomed to fail like HTC?

SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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Been watching ColdFusion's video lately and I can't help but notice the similarities between the two.

The summary was really on point:

  • Weak marketing
  • Poor business moves
  • Unclear management
  • Confusing naming

I can't be the only one who thought it sounded familiar. 🤔



  • andigruber02 andigruber02
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  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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    True on all of those. #2 is the weirdest one for me, almost all other OEMs have some sort of PC tool for their phones. HMD is the odd one without

  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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    HMD seems to be branching out with hmdconnect, but who knows how successful those ventures will be. I have a hard time believing they can make a huge comeback again with the current leadership. Really disappointing.

    It seems like hiring ex-Nokia executives was more of a curse than a blessing for the company.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    I do not see HMDconnect as anything TBH. It is something only intended for those who travel often and a bit too much. Who are these people? Company executives like the CEO, CPO themselves.

    Other than that, all of us regular users who rarely tour around will buy a local SIM card after landing to a new destination. It is cheaper and more reliable than something like HMD Connect.

    So, all in all, once again a product fitting the needs of enterprise customers and well connects with the hints Florian gave during the 8.3 announcement - the focus on enterprises. Sure yeah some of those company bosses will be interested in a bundled data deal from HMD. And yeah there can be good side income to earn from such people. Lets be generous and accept that they are trying something.

    I agree for the people though. Hiring all those who thought that it is the CEO which failed them, else it was so easy to continue running Nokia is a bad idea. Plus all of these experienced guys must have grabbed hefty slalary packages, which absolutely doesn't fit a startup. All that means that there is lesser money to spend on areas which actually need attention and manforce was certainly not one of them. Even being a startup, HMD has had so many employees with overlapping roles and responsibilities and after having so many people,who takes all of the decisions anyways? I guess we know the answer xD

  • Obscurus Obscurus

    Is HMD Global ship sinking? What do you think?

    There are some telltale signs that make me believe that there is water ingress in the ship now a days. Some high-is profiled employees leaving, rumors that Nokia may be sold/acquired (again)

    Problems with Android updates... and so one.

    What do you people think am I kind of right, or completely delusional?

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