[Moved] Nokia 6.1 user's can update android 11

When lounch in Nokia 6.1 android 11

[Moved] Nokia 6.1 user's can update android 11

Khandare A K Khandare A K
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When lounch in Nokia 6.1 android 11



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Android 11 will not be available for Nokia 6.1 Plus. The device has completed the 2 years of core OS updates assured by Nokia.

  • Kb aa raha android 11 update

  • Dharnish Dharnish
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    Android 11 is still in beta program which's only available for Google pixel devices

  • Thanks you nokia

  • And why is it limited to just 2 updates instead of updates being free for life?

  • Nokia6.1plus i dont can update android11

  • tudor georgescu tudor georgescu
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    It only had two upgrades because developing an industrial firmware costs millions. It's not like Lineage OS: if it works, good for you, if it doesn't, then you're on your own.

  • Sudiptapal Sudiptapal
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    Can anyone tell me, when will nokia roll out android go 11 for it's devices that run on it? I saw google already rolled that out , they have a screenshot of go homescreen with the pill and no nav bars , prooves it's not android 10 go.

    Finished 1 year nokia hardware warranty , and will move to custom roms and security mesures after (if) nokia stops providing upgrade/updates after 2years assured timeperiod. Google should bring more under mainline since it's already increasing control over OS anyways (oviously i don't like). Atleast relieve some pressure from manufacturers.

  • Xavier370z Xavier370z
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    It's sad because I really want android 11

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