SMS Forwarding

Have anybody tried forwarding SMS on Nokia 5.1 plus and Nokia 6.1 plus?

SMS Forwarding

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Have anybody tried forwarding SMS on Nokia 5.1 plus and Nokia 6.1 plus? When you forward a SMS, it shows you the whole messy list of chats, including the sender's who don't support receiving the message. There is no search option. You have to scroll and find your number. Add to misery, the list is not alphabetically sorted.

When I talked to Nokia representative, he denied accepting it as a fault. As per him it a feature provided by Nokia. I am puzzled after this response.


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    Oh dear, this is so annoying! Anyways, this app - "Messages" comes from Google and Nokia doesn't modify a thing about it. So, the complaint for this flaw should go to Google and I'm sure Google won't even care to address your issue. You can try dropping a review at Play Store listing or sending them an email via "Email Developer". Or send a feedback within the app. Maybe they will care?

    A wise solution though is to just switch to a different and better SMS/Messaging app. I am using Microsoft's SMS Organizer since years and not only is the app more feature enriched, Microsoft also offered me direct personal support to sort out an issue with backups that I was facing and they prioritized to fix it ASAP. So, I can't stop recommending this app.

    Anyways, this is also why I complain when companies rely on everything that's outsourced. It is Google which is the culprit, but the ones suffering are the users of Nokia phones. HMD Global should have tried its hand at developing at least the essential apps instead of putting everything on Google and doing barely anything with software.

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    It's in Nokia phone so Nokia should take steps to resolve it. The app is from Google but other phones like Samsung, LG, mi running the same Google app, have no such issue. The company may issue a patch to resolve it.

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