[Update 26/05/20] Android 10 on Nokia 3.1 Plus



  • Anyone got any update for android 10 😵🥴🥴🥴

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    What's that she's speaking???.... Android10 devices rolled back to android9 with an update??....😑😑😑

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  • yes I guessed they would say that. They gave the broken update, they didn't even post a fix. They also sold their customers

  • @AvgJoe I want a reply from you.

    She had no idea what she was speaking right?...Like how would an Android 10 device get rollback to Android 9??.....

  • Yes, they're basically like monkeys, she absolutely had no idea what she was talking about... They confuse SP with MR update all the time, that says it all...

    There's a possibility they'll never fix our devices, but she absolutely had no idea what she was talking about here...

  • I like to see an answer like that to a client....

    No commas, no full stops, no exclamation marks......Nothing!😁

    Just like machine guns...... ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta.

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    Android 10 bulunan cihazlar için bir güncellemenin yayınlanıp yayınlanmayacağını bilen var mı? Bulunduğum yerde yetkili bir kişi veya kurumla görüşmem mümkün değil ve sorununuzu canlı sohbette anlatmak işkence.

    Does anyone know if an update will be released for devices with Android 10? It is not possible for me to meet with an authorized person or institution where I am, and it is torture to explain your problem on live chat.

  • Maybe we should post our complain on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. So everybody could learn from our mistake because bought a wrong phone (nokia 3.1 plus)

  • HMD уже решили проблему, они представили Nokia 2.4 на базе того же процессора, что и Nokia 3.1 plus, Nokia 2.4 сразу с Android 10 из коробки с последующим обновлением до Android 12. А сам смартфон Nokia 3.1 plus они пофиксили, не будут они ничего исправлять никаких MR ждать наверное не нужно...

  • Hi all,

    I've read some people saying that updates will stop in October this year. If that's two years from the date the phone was available in all markets then yes, the phone will no longer receive OS or MR releases, however I would sincerely hope that HMD would fix the mess they made of your phones anyway. If not, then I'm totally with you on the "no more HMD" idea.

    About the message from support - if this is what they say, then follow their instructions. If you have a broken Android 10 update and the rollback "update" to Android 9 has not come to you then take your phone to a service centre and get them to fix it. If you don't do this then they'll just tell you in future that you've not followed their instructions, so best to do it and there is a chance you will get a working phone.

    I will also bring your support chat to the attention of some Nokia news blogs.

    Cheers 🙂

  • There's no "rollback Android 9 update"! They just made that up!

    And to essentially brick thousands of devices with your faulty update and than do NOTHING to fix it is shameful and unacceptable! HMD should be sued for this! It's like we throwed our money to the toilet and flushed!

    No one should ever buy HMD crap again! This is a pure scam!

    I can't believe that there are some people trying to justify what HMD's doing, like how?!

  • Updated 25 jule 2020,but last updated please my phone updated

  • I'm on May update😑😑😑...

    Do the security updates come after Degrading? ( I know Degrading won't work and I'll have to go to cust.care, I'm jz asking.)

  • Я сбросил Nokia 3.1 plus до 9 pie, ураааааа!!! Советую всем это сделать!

  • Hey fellow FRUSTRATED 3.1 plus users. Just got an update from folks at nokia Android 10 fix next month. Lets hope for the best?

  • Hey fellow FRUSTRATED 3.1 plus users. Just got an update from folks at nokia Android 10 fix next month. Lets hope for the best?

  • No Android 11 in 3.1 plus...

    However, they deleted the tweet....I was able to get a printscreen.

  • Of course not... Omg I hate them so much... They're absolute scammers!

  • They totally ignored my message

  • This phone is dead... I think it's okay without Android 11, but, please make Android 10 run smoothly, no bugs, and other important stuffs it's optimized for this phone.

  • I've downgraded my Nokia 3.1 to Android 9 now on my Linux with adb and fastboot and now it works perfectly again. That Android 9 is also updated and looks exactly the same as Android 10.

  • Were you on May or April patch before?

  • У меня сейчас апрельский патч безопасности - откатанный Android 9.

  • So.. it seems that I just got the update..

    I want to know if this really works but I don't wanna bet on my phone 😅

  • Indonesia.

    I decided to not do this until I'm sure it will work as expected. Sorry I can't give any info more than this 😅

  • Thank you very much... It's already not working as intended, I don't think it can be worse xD