[Update 26/05/20] Android 10 on Nokia 3.1 Plus



  • It still hasn't been resolved even in the latest update. When I press the "4.5G enable" key it gives an error.I am using Vodafone.

  • You did that slot change? That means you were in April Android10 update before. Cool... Notifications issue is solved right?.. That's enough I think.

  • 😢😢 Mobile Data-ON,

    Focus Mode-On,



    Only 4 & 1/2 hours of screen time and it dropped to 100% to 18%. It means I'll get about only 5& 1/4 hours of screen time for 100 to 0.

    This lockdown has really sucked off my battery capacity....Earlier it used to give 7-8 hours of screen time for continuous usage for above details. With WiFi it used to give about 9-11 hours of screen time. But now even with WiFi gives about 7 hours of screen time.

    I don't even do gaming. Just Instagram, YouTube, meet and whatsapp.😭...

  • Yes, I changed the slot, reset the phone. I installed the .3.15k update

    Notification problem is solved, notifications come instantly Battery a little better

  • Never fully charge the phone. Ideal charge level is 80-90%. Each full charge uses 1 cycle

  • Anybody know what should I do for update Nokia 3.1 Plus android 10 15H_SP01??

    Reset factory to downgrade android 9 and update to last HMD Update again

    Or We must do another thing.

    Gyes PLS Write pure and simple English


    Its like a joke that Middle East is most selling target for Nokia But Nokia app doesn't develop Farsi, Persian,Dari languages!!!

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    @reza Masool

    Way 1) wait for update till you can.

    Way 2) go to service center

    Way 3) if you have a computer at home and you are on is Android 10 April update , I can provide you a guide.

    Way 4) if you have a computer at home and you are on android 10 may update, I can provide you a guide, but it is very very very risky, so you probably need to go to service center in this case or wait for an update.

  • 😂 Factory reset doesn't downgrade device....you need to flash Stock Firmware using flash tools.

  • Very thanks bro

    I think wait is better solution for me

    Thanks for your guides and useful solutions❤️

  • 6 aylık sessizlikten sonra, 2 gün önce, `` Güncellemeler geçici olarak kullanılamıyor '' yazan bir hata uyarısı aldım. Bunun ne anlama geldiğini bilen var mı?

    After 6 months of silence, 2 days ago, I received an error warning that read, `` Updates are temporarily unavailable. '' Does anyone know what this means?

  • I'm the same, a day ago I noticed this, I don't know what's happening, the support guys just say wait and arrive soon.

  • Am getting same notice

  • Now after all these days.... we're getting message of updates currently unavailable....😐😐😐😐

    Even after high speed internet and WiFi....would you believe it????


    Please tell ....is it happening even for people who are 3_15K update????....or only those with 3_15H_SP01??

  • Just checked here in the UK and I have the same message on my 3.1 plus.

    Its probably just a technical problem at HMDs end.

    I doubt it 'means' anything. If I recall correctly, this message has come a few times before in the past.

    Fyi my 3.1 plus is still running the bad version on android 10, April security patch.

    Im so glad I got a new phone, the 3.1 plus is literally only fit for landfill in the state HMD made it. I feel sorry for all you that are still stuck with it. Hopefully you can all get new phones soon, or at least get the update so.your devices work.

  • For me is 15H_SP01 and didn't any updates after may !!!

    I'm not sure that 15k Never existing

    Everyone i know is 15H_SP01.

    Nokia 3.1 plus becoming most trouble cellphone ever I had!!

  • 3_15K is the latest update. You'll get it if you degrade your device by flashing if you're in may update. Go to service centre and get it done.

  • Şikayet başvurumdan sonra bana gönderilen e-posta. İnanmak ya da inanmamak size kalmış.

    Bu sorunun ne kadar sinir bozucu olabileceğini anlıyorum. Sorunu çözmek için çalıştığımızı size bildirmek isterim.

    Saf, güvenli ve her zaman güncel Android'e olan bağlılığımızı çok ciddiye alıyoruz ve tüm portföyümüzü Android 10'a yükseltebildiğimiz için çok mutluyuz. Nokia 3.1 Plus için Android 10 güncellemesi, etkilenen telefonlarda başka kablosuz güncellemeleri yasaklayacak bir yazılım hatası olduğunun farkına vardık. Sorundan haberdar olur olmaz güncellemeyi durdurduk. Etkilenen kullanıcılar için bir çözüm üzerinde çalışıyoruz. Cihazlarının en son güncellemeleri almaya devam etmesini nasıl sağlayacaklarına dair yakında daha fazla bilgi verilecek. Güncellemeleri yayınlanmadan önce test etmek için çok çalışıyoruz ve etkilenen tüm müşterilerimizden özür dileriz.

    Güncellemeyi yayınlanır yayınlanmaz yüklemek için Sistem güncelleme sayfanızı düzenli olarak kontrol etmenizi şiddetle tavsiye ederim. Ve umarım güncellemeyi çok yakında alacaksınız.


    The e-mail sent to me after my complaint application. It's up to you to believe it or not.

    I understand how frustrating this issue could be. And I would like to inform you that we are working on fixing the issue.

    We take our commitment to a pure, secure, and always up to date Android very seriously, and are delighted to be able to upgrade our full portfolio to Android 10. A lot goes into making this happen, and unfortunately during the original rollout of the Android 10 update for the Nokia 3.1 Plus, we were made aware of a software error that would prohibit any further over-the-air updates to impacted phones. As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we halted the update. For those users affected, we are working on a resolution. There will be more information coming soon on how to ensure their device continues to receive the latest updates. We work hard to test updates before they go live and apologize to any customers impacted.

    I highly recommend checking your System update page regularly to install the update as soon as it is live. And I hope that you will receive the update very soon.

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    Hey guys! So I finally got my phone back from the service center, this time with my proper 3/32 board and 3.15K installed. They accepted the warranty right away. All works well. Thank you all so much for being there all this time and willing to help.

    I'm glad I have my phone back and it's functional again.

    Nevertheless, I'm not changing my mind, never buying Nokia again, ever. It's a great device but terrible terrible company, and they do not deserve our money and our trust ever again.

    Once again thank you everyone, and stay safe! ♥️

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    I've given them another chance as I love the company but I do agree with you on the service, I now have the Nokia 5.3 and it's working much better than the Nokia 3.1 plus, I now use the Nokia 3.1 plus for photo editing, also if I get good service with this phone I will be buying from them again as I think it was a one off issue with the Nokia 3.1 plus

  • Prohibit from getting OTA? That's so disgusting....to me windows phones were best....cheap smooth and efficient....what they only lacked was a perfect app store ....🤦🏻‍♂️

  • So yeah, finally HMD Laura has spoken....and she says everyone will get an OTA. So always be online and check for updates. She said you'll get an update, but it will show failed after rebooting. She said users must assume that the update got installed but the failed thing will show up until all devices get those updates. She said not to press try again when the prompt comes. She said That this will make affected users get constant updates but the update which people are gonna get is not going to change your build no.

    So let's see.....

    Did anyone with may or April update get the OTA?....are everyone getting notifications after that?

  • i still don't get update yet (19/11/2020; region: Viet Nam)

  • By the looks of it the update got to phones with 3_15k not 3_15h as I got the update on 3_15k and my mum and dad haven't on 3_15h

  • i got message stating "your device is currupt and it can not be trusted"

  • brother probably your mom and dad missed the update. we've got 3_15M update and it was only for a limited time as laura has said.

    And maybe the OTA didnt reach those devices. Indian region recieved it day before yesterday and probably it stayed only for 1 day.

    Anyone who missed the update needed to wait more time as laura said the users who missed the update 3_15M will be given instructions.

  • You formatted Nvram and Imei details. You'll have to change your board.

  • Stop saying you need a new board as if you read up on it you don't you just have to reflash it with the right bin files

  • If it has g.co/ABH displayed you don't need a new board if it doesn't display g.co/ABH you need a new board

  • 😐😑 You are mean brother. All other users who got corrupt changed their boards. So I said it. There's nothing wrong in it as service centre will eventually suggest the same.

    And there's no more need to downgrade. So your suggestion to downgrade is no more reqd. because maybe it works for few but it doesn't for others. So there's no guarantee for flashing by users who don't know how to do it or have no idea what flashing is.

    We are going to be informed about latest updates anyways.

    You can instead message privately to the people who want to downgrade. So that other people don't get affected.