[Update 26/05/20] Android 10 on Nokia 3.1 Plus



  • I just got the V3.15M update. I didn't know about the problem you described in this post so when the installation failed and it prompted me to Try Again I tried again (4 times). Should I assume it's succeeded?

  • Notifications are still not working. Seems like it that failed update installation status is correct.

  • The 'update' that fails is part of the plan to fix the phone.

    This is part 1 of the process.

    HMD need to change the update method. It looks like they are trying to do this by tricking the phone into installing the new version of android.

    Notice that this current 'update' is both tiny in size and yet denoted as a new iteration of android 10. I suspect that they will push this update of small size to 'open up' the ota update system, then once most devices have been 'opened up' to this update, the filesize of the update will change to something over a gigabyte and when you press try again (once the file.size is shown as bigger) it will download and install a new (hopefully) fixed version of android 10.

  • Could anybody install New V3. 15M update in Nokia 3.1 plus??

    For me just notified me try again ever I tried to update!!


    Actually i shay when ever repeat critical Notes.

    What are you doing with yourself HMD!!?

  • That try again thing was part of solution they said....they said wait until the next update comes. OTA's weren't coming right?...now you got an OTA...that means the issue of not recieving OTA is solved. They said wait until this faulty 3.15M update reaches to everybody, then they'll send an update.

  • Thanks a lot

    Save my phone against destroying because i repeated update more than 100 times and more 😂

  • Guys...The 3.15H and 3.15H.SP01 patch people are now recieving 3.15K OTA update. Install it from system updates in settings.

    I'll come over again after installing and list out issues with 3.15K OTA recieved for April and May build 3.15H guys.

    My region-Hyderabad, India

  • After installing, I immediately got October security patch of 45MB.

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    Can confirm that my 3.1 plus (UK) has this morning finally got the fixed Android 10 build 3.15k_sp01.

    Now I can sell this disastrous piece of rubbish and never buy another HMD Nokia.

    Good luck everybody with the rest of your lives. Cheers!

  • I confirm too ,new update installed today,

    First problem I have ghost Touch issue yet .

  • Problems still persists even after the updates..

    The fingerprint sensor stops at times and I have to restart my phone for it to start functioning again. When it happens and the phone gets locked, even the password would not unlock the phone until the phone gets restarted..

    Am I the only one with this particular problem?

  • No you aren't alone,

    Every 3.1 plus owners are like you.!

    Don't worry,problems are a part of your phone optionals. Try to accept them with Nokia!

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    Gcam not working nokia3.1plus

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    Camera clearly very bad Nd slomo

  • For those who have NOKIA 3.1 PLUS on Android 10 00WW_3_15H_SP01 (the May update) and cannot update to the December patch due to the fact that the updates cannot be installed through OTA or using ADB. It is because the version of the bootloader compilation is different from the one detailed in the configuration (in configuration / about it appears as 00WW_3_15H_SP01. And in the recovery mode is 00WW_3_15J. The only way to solve it is by changing the slot in the bootloader .

    In this case: it is not necessary to "downgrade" your device, this is only for SP_01 devices


    It is necessary to have Minimal ADB and Fastboot, and download the necessary drivers (in this thread, a different user left the drivers link)

    Steps to follow:

    1. Make a backup of all personal data on the device and / or make a backup copy.

    2. Activate developer mode on the device, this is achieved in settings / about / build version. pressing 7 times.

    3. go to developer mode - this is in settings / system / developer options. When opening the menu, turn on USB debugging.

    (after step 3: connect device to PC and authorize debugging mode on phone)

    4. Open Minimal ADB and fastboot, in the command window type:

    adb devices -l

    Then a list will appear:

    "device product: Rooster_00WW model: Nokia_3_1_Plus device: ROO_sprout transport_id: x". make sure it is this detail or something similar in the command window. otherwise check the drivers and steps above.


    adb reboot recovery

    Wait until an android appears with a red triangle and the warning "no command", here you must press the "power" and "vol +" buttons at the same time.

    Go to where it says "Wipe data" (this is not necessary, in my case I did it after step 1).

    then go to reboot to bootloader and let the device reboot. here the screen will show something like "=> FASTBOOT mode". HERE THE FOLLOWING STEPS MUST BE DONE AT THE FOOT OF THE LETTER.

    Type in the command window:

    fastboot devices -l

    (it should appear the phone ID and the word "fastboot").

    And later:

    fastboot getvar current-slot (it will appear something like: current-slot: b).

    Here is just change the bootloader slot to "a"

    using command:

    fastboot --set-active = a

    (NOTE THAT IT SAYS: "Setting current slot to 'a' ...

    OKAY [0.008s]

    finished. total time: 0.008s ". OR SIMILAR) This is very important!

    if the above worked, write in the window:

    fastboot reboot

    And the device will load on build 00WW_3_15H. (default android 10 with january patch).

    in this case the mobile will be restored from the factory and can be updated to the normal builds.

    I thank VENKATA SRI HARSHA BHALLAMUDI and @HMDLaura for providing their comments in this thread, and for solving the problem with my Nokia 3.1 PLUS.

    The post is my own: Diego Letelier. as of January 13, 2021. resolved.