No pro cam after the camera update

I saw there was a new update for nokia camera in the play store, did the update but now I cant switch to pro mode after swiping up.

No pro cam after the camera update

Dheeraj Dheeraj
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I saw there was a new update for nokia camera in the play store, did the update but now I cant switch to pro mode after swiping up. There is a manual option which i can open by swiping left but the app simply crashes. I uninstalled the update. Anyone know why this is happening and how to solve?


  • Hmd want every user become tester for them. Very very bad update.
  • sergio sergio
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    I've updatet the app too, and It was just a shame.

    * The Manual mode is completely broken: the app crashes.

    * You can't set the Flash to always because the app says that it is not supported. WTF?

    * Also where is the Black & White mode?

    * While playing with the top options, the image suddenly gets freezed with the focus on the same point. Then it becomes unresponsive just a few seconds before saying "The app could not connect with the camera" (or something like that) and then closes itself.

    This things must not happen in a production build! We're not testers, it looks like they never tried their own software before going live.

    One day, the Nokia 8 was a flagship with all the media attention, and it was shiny.

    Then, they passed to the 6.1 plus in India and our phones starts crashing becouse they're focused onto it.

    Please Nokia, be serious. It's a really shame.

  • reset the app setting, then manual mode is usable, but pro setting is still not showing up

  • Just delete camera data ing setting. It will be back to pro camera before update playstore.
  • amitk0144 amitk0144
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    I am not enabled to download camera app Google play store show that your device is not compatible with this version why
  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    The update for Nokia 8 was pulled because it is that buggy.

  • RL Ramakrishnan RL Ramakrishnan
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    A terrible update. You did well in getting rid of that update.
  • Ken Ken
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    I updated to new camera on my Nokia 8 two days ago I've now disable it and gone back to the default version because the new update just dose not work and play store tells me my Nokia 8 is not compatible
  • Dheeraj Dheeraj
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    Apparently the camera update was only meant for 6.1, 7 plus and sirocco. It was pushed out to Nokia 8 users by mistake and now they've pulled it back.
  • And when we get the right update for Nokia 8?i have the impression, that their primary flagship is really out of scope for improvements. The cam on Nokia 8 was always the worst part of the phone. Now it seems, that this Cam Update could improving a lot of issues. But Nokia seems to have forgotten about their flagship and "forgot" to make it compatible. Really disappointed
  • Ken Ken
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    As the new camera update was not meant for my Nokia 8 and I went back to the default version and I can't now go back to the one I had are Nokia going to send us the correct one
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