[Moved] Nokia 8.1 Overall review after one year.

Rvalusa ✭✭
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Hi guys,

I hope all of you are safe and sound. I am writing this review at a time where I dont have any interest left on Nokia handsets. I was curious when I bought Nokia phone with Android in it.

To be frank , the phone isnt that great at all in the first glimpse. Overall I like the display more. I bought this phone expecting a good performance. But, the problems soon started coming in when I first received Android 10 update. Lot of bugs and the bugs are with the basic features like Calling etc.

The list of problems I faced until today and I never found this much problems in a 5K rupees phone .

1. Calling issue after the update as the voice was not audible to the other end.

2. Screen freezing issue at times until today

3. Charging port issue started recently

4. Back camera stopped working suddenly today.

Now, I have 3 out of 4 issues facing simultaneously and I dont know why I am using this phone still.

I want to throw it in dust-bin but since I am under lockdown , I dont have any other option buy a new phone.

I thank Nokia for giving me such an amazing experience after your debut again.

I feel stop using Nokia phones anymore due to their unconditional problems and I dont have patience left in me.

And one more thing, I just finished my anniversary with Nokia handset and this is the shortest and most horrible experience with any handset ever.

Thank you Nokia.



  • I am using Nokia 8.1 since Dec 2018.....but i have never face these issues....nd my phone is still in perfect condition ...some bugs were there after andeoid 10 update .but after MP there is no bugs left (haven't face any till now)......may be i am lucky if everyone here are facing these issues.....😅😅😅😅😅

  • Vicky 54321
    Vicky 54321 ✭✭✭

    there is no bugs after android 10 march maintenance release.

  • MrBelter
    MrBelter ✭✭✭✭

    Mine didn't even make it to a year old, it was less reliable than the Nokia 8 it replaced!

  • Rvalusa
    Rvalusa ✭✭

    Hey ,

    The surprising thing now is my camera started working after some futile attempts of fastboot checking and Safemode camera check and all. But, the attempt I made to press on the screen exactly against the camera lens Made the camera to work again.

    And you know , all the time the back camera was the problem , I was able to open front camera from google assistant voice command which made to figure out that it was a hardware problem rather than software.

    This is oneside happier that my camera is working and otherside is camera losing contact with sensor and I need to do the same thing to retrieve it back.

  • Rvalusa
    Rvalusa ✭✭

    Can you see this guys ? Only can happen in Nokia android.

  • Rvalusa
    Rvalusa ✭✭

    My camera stopping working again.....!