My 7.1 thinks it's a 7 Plus, and so won't update

I've got a Nokia 7.1, which in System-About Phone says it is a 7.1, TA-1096. But when I sideload a stock ROM (to move from Oreo to Pie) it says 'E:

My 7.1 thinks it's a 7 Plus, and so won't update

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I've got a Nokia 7.1, which in System-About Phone says it is a 7.1, TA-1096. But when I sideload a stock ROM (to move from Oreo to Pie) it says 'E: package is for product CTL_Sprout but expected B2N', and refuses to install it. My understanding is CTL-Sprout is the 7.1, and B2N is the 7 Plus

It also:

- fails to find that any OTA updates are available despite being on 8.1;

- won't take a B2N ROM by sideload (says 'E:failed to verify whole file signature', 'E:signature verification failed' and 'E:error 21'); and

- interacts fine with ADB when booted or in recovery, but isn't recognised by the fastboot devices command when in 'download mode'., so I haven't been able to flash TWRP.

It all seems strange to me, but I'm not very experienced. I originally put the phone aside when I found there was not going to be a bootloader unlock, and am keen to now get it to Q and try to root it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks


  • I have exactly the same problem. Bought this from eBay and received it yesterday. Is Android 8 Sept 2018 which already surprised me and after factory reset no updates have been found. Tried to sideload and got same message. Bootloader does shows FIH/B2N_00WW_FIH/B2N. Not sure what is wrong here but I would like to understand what I can do to get this sorted so I can upgrade the phone. After all I bought this Android One phone for the quick upgrades and right now I'm already 1.5year behind.

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    Hi @jmmelbl & @Wijnand van der Giessen, this does seem like the devices are running on an internal prototype firmware and that's why it is not seeing any updates. All of these devices are based on the SDM660 platform. So, all will show signs of taking something or the other from the head of the family - the Nokia 7 Plus.

    A good way to update would be to place the file in the internal storage, rename it properly and then using the native system updater app to install the update via SD card. You won't be able to do it via the recovery mode due to the pre-device not matching the expected value.

    Can you guys check the bootloader status though? Maybe these devices have an unlocked bootloader too? You can check via the fastboot commands.

    fastboot oem device-info
  • Hello singhnsk

    Thank you for your information, that is much appreciated.

    This is what I get from fastboot command.

    (bootloader) Verity mode: true

    (bootloader) Device unlocked: false

    (bootloader) Device critical unlocked: false

    (bootloader) Charger screen enabled: true

    OKAY [ 0.000s]

    Finished. Total time: 0.000s

    I need some more details as I'm not too familiar with all of this. What should the name of the file be to make it work. Right now I have a file downloaded from This is Android 10, is it possible to go straight from 8 to 10 in this case or do I actually go via version 9 first. Normally that would be the case but maybe now that is not needed.

    I tried installing it from the sd-card without renaming the file but that gives me the same result as before. Would simply renaming the file really make a difference or do I maybe have the wrong file? I got this one from this location and tried the sideloading as suggested there first

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    Hi @Wijnand van der Giessen, try it this way.

    1. Place the file to your internal storage outside of any folder. That is, place it where you see the DCIM, Download and other folders.
    2. Rename the file to exactly this:
    3. Open the "Phone" app and dial this: *#*#874#*#*
    4. See if the update installer picks up the update file and offers to install it.

    If it starts installing, then it is good. If it says file not found, then check the file name (ensure that the name I provided is inclusive of the file extension i.e. do not make it such that it becomes And if it does nothing at all, then there's no clear solution instead of flashing the device with a full Android 9/10 package.

    You do have the right file and your bootloader appears to be locked :)

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    What if you stuck on January update? Can you try this method as well or you should start with the February patch, then with March etc.? And if the second solution is the right one, you have to use a different kind of renaming formula I suppose, am I right?

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    Hi, the updater app and the secret code were removed in Android 9 and up. So, you can't make use of it.

    You can only sideload the update files via the recovery mode. So, if you're on Android 10 + Jan SP, then you can sideload the Feb, Mar, Apr. Else wait for the May release (which will most likely be a full one).

  • Hello and thanks again for your information, that is very much appreciated.

    I placed the file on internal storage and renamed it like you suggested. Dialing the code does not do anything. When I type the code at the last character all characters disappear from the dialer. When I researched that I found this code #*#227#*# which I tried and that one worked and showed me the device info. Not sure why your code is "disappearing" as I have found it in other google results as well as the code for installing. Does this mean it does not recognise the file. What does flashing the device with a full Android 9/10 package entail and how is this different from what we're currently trying. I assume that is a bigger operation and I will require a different kind of file or am I not even capable of doing this myself with just a pc available.

    Sorry but I do not have enough knowledge about Android.

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    Okay, then the associated system app which is supposed to be invoked by that code does not exist. This is weird as the app was actually removed only with Android 9 update from all the other phones.

    Anyhow, yeah, there's no option left other than making use of the flash tools to flash the device using the full factory firmware. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do on your own due to the complex nature of the tools involved and their unavailability for free usage. I'd recommend checking with a repair shop and/or a remote flashing service where they can flash the device by connecting over remote desktop :)

  • Hello

    Thanks for your input here, really appreciated.

    I'm going to return the phone as I bought an Android One phone for the reason of the easy and frequent updates that are being available for that.

    When that does not work as expected I have been sold a phone that is not ready for consumers. The business that offered this should have checked the phone and applied your suggestion to flash the phone before putting it up for sale.

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    Hi Wijnand and singhnsk. Singhnsk, thanks very much for your help with this.

    (Just in case anyone is wondering, I have the same results as Wijnand, except that when in download mode the device is not recognised at all by fastboot.)

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    Hi everyone.

    Neither do I. when i connect my phone in download mode. OST do not recognise my phone. and so i can't donload nb0 file .

    in addition; the combination *#*#874#*#*. does nothing. I read in a xda that it only works with android pie.

    I just want tu update to android 10. I cant do it automaticly

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    Hi @Wijnand van der Giessen and others,

    I also was stuck on Android 8.1.0 but I might have a solution for you. I contacted Nokia about the same issue you're facing. In my case it turned out that 'automatic system updates' under 'Developer options' was turned OFF.

    In case developer modus is not switch on yet, enable Developer Options first by opening the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom, and tap About phone or About tablet. Scroll down to the bottom of the About screen and find the Build number. Tap the Build number field seven times to enable Developer Options.

    Toggle 'Automatic system updates' ON. The first two days nothing happened. After two days suddenly I was luckily able to update to Android 10.

  • hello ,

    i just done what you tell me in your message , step by step , and it works finally

    thank you defty

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