I want a new battery but Nokia refuse to fit one for me even if I pay despite still being in warranty.


rufus Mcdufus rufus Mcdufus
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I want a new battery but Nokia refuse to fit one for me even if I pay despite still being in warranty. On top of that they refer me to a tutorial that tells me if I want to get a reasonable life out of my battery I need to turn off all of the special abilities aps and little extras that persuaded me to buy the phone in the first place. My battery is around 18 months old and no matter what phone I had I would have expected to have to replace the battery around now. Despite refusing to agree to put a new battery in my phone you said send it to us and we will find out what is wrong and fix it. That means I would be without my phone for who knows how long, you would re set the battery memory which would make it a bit better for around 2 months when I would be in the same situation again and one way or another be without my phone again. Despite being still in warranty I am going to buy a new phone because the inconvenience I would have to go through to have my nokia phone restored to a satisfactory condition would take far too long for an unsatisfactory out come. This phone is my fourth nokia. This phone is my last nokia. Goodbye nokia.


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    I share your pain.

    In my case I simply wanted to know where i could obtain a replacement removable battery for Nokia 1.3 ready for when present battery no longer recharges. Would you believe that the wonderful Nokia support only suggested that i send the phone to an approved service centre where they would do the replacement and went on to say that replacement batteries were not available to purchase on line. I asked for name,job title and contact address of their UK head of operations and they have refused to provide.

    Can you see the sense or indeed the morality of marketing a prodict as having a user removable/replaceable battery and then not making said battery available.

    Like more Nokia for me.


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