Google calendar and contacts sync does not work

Anyone else? Google calendar and contacts will not connect to the google api server.

Google calendar and contacts sync does not work

Nokuiera Nokuiera
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Anyone else?

Google calendar and contacts will not connect to the google api server.

I tried disabling 2 factor authentication and secure apps on my google account.

Reported a bug to KaiOS and after 6 months they got back to me to say that this was Nokia's issue to fix. Real professional.

Will there be a patch to fix this anytime soon?


  • akaflip akaflip
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    Hi, I also have this issue and I got the same answer from KaiOS support.

    For me contacts sync worked for some time and then stopped working suddenly. After re-connecting with Google it worked again.

    The Calendar sync however did never work.

    I have reset the phone and use it without Google Sync now.

  • roflcopter roflcopter
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    I also have this issue, 2720 4G

    Added Gmail account fine, email send/receive is fine.

    Calendar has never synced, just says scynchronising and stuck spinning.

    Initially contacts seemed ok as my existing contacts populated, however seems just syncs existing contacts and fails with error when try to sync manually "Failed to sync. There was a problem accessing your account"

    I have allowed less secure apps at account level, reset phone, add/remove, manually added account, held down and power for 10 seconds, force checked for updates but no change.

    KaiOS suggested a v22 firmware but is unclear if that addresses these issues and have stalled with KaiOS and Nokia support at this stage. Disappointing.

  • Nokuiera Nokuiera
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    V22 does not fix this issue. KaiOS is a joke.

  • roflcopter roflcopter
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    v22 firmware updated last night, removed and added Google account, calendar still does not update.

    Were no release notes so unsure what this version addressed.

  • Nokuiera Nokuiera
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    There's a fix. Go to Google Calendar on a computer and change the name of your calendar to your e-mail adress. Now it works. Great programming from KaiOS as usual.

  • roflcopter roflcopter
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    Tried that and it does provide a workaround - the events are now downloading.

    I did notice when I had my calendar as a unique name previously, that would not download events, however if I created on phone and selected that unique name calendar, would sync back to calendar on pc etc.

    Still not really a fix.

  • Hi guys, I have the same issue on my 2720 and 800.

    The issue with google account on KaiOS comes from google side.

    When you are signing in, there is a token valid for some time, next it expires.

    The KaiOS do not have the possibility to renew the token, and our account sync is finally failing.

    I have the same issue on my linux computer with evolution email client.

    The only solution I found is to "sign out" & "sign in" again to kaiOS (hopefully only one button to click when signing in again)

  • Hi guys,

    I opened a ticket at KaiOS for contact sync issue :

    Google sync of contacts stop working some days after account configuration #18006

    Created on Sat, 20 Jun at 10:35 PM

  • Kilmolin Kilmolin
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    Nokia 800 Tough KaiOS 2.5.2, bought very recently

    I had Google email, contacts and calendar all in sync.

    Now contacts, as noted above, will not sync.

    The credentials have to be correct as email still works.

    This is critical for me and the phone will be returned if its not fixed.

    Believe it or not, I had a Nokia 6310i up to now, with an Android tablet to handle other apps. I need the hotspot and sync with Google. I have the hotspot but if Google won't fully sync, the 800 will not do the job.

  • ferhorv ferhorv
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    I just bought the Feature Phone Nokia 2720 and had several different issues after configuring the Google Account to sync with the E-Mail, Calendar and Contacts KaiOS apps. The Contacts app hang up after starting, the E-Mail stopped syncing, the Calender did not sync at all.

    After a few factory resets and trying different configurations I managed to configure Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts on the Nokia 2720 (KaiOS 2.5.2). I think KaiOS has some authentication issues with the Google Account (maybe in relation to the 2-factor-auth). That is the reason I configured both Gmail and Google Calendar sync with the App Password feature from Google (

    Here are the steps to configure all 3 apps without any issues.


    1. Generate an app password for this in a browser under Google account security settings (
    2. Open Calendar App -> Options/Settings/Add Account/CalDav
    3. Use the following config:
      1. username: your gmail address
      2. password: the generated app password
      3. url:<CalID>/user
        1. where <CalID> is the ID of your calendar which is the gmail address for the main default calendar for google, so the url looks like:[email protected]/user

    JUST FOR INFO: The new CalDAV API from Google does not work unfortunately (might be an auth flow issue again on KaiOS side):[email protected]/user


    1. Generate an app password for this in a browser under Google account security settings (
    2. Open E-Mail app -> Account Login/Advanced
    3. Use the following config:
      1. Your name: put your name here (Firstname Lastname)
      2. Email: your gmail address ([email protected])
      3. Account Type: IMAP+SMTP(default)
      4. IMAP Settings
      5. Hostname:
      6. Email: your gmail address ([email protected])
      7. Password: use the generated password from above
      8. Security: SSL (default)
      9. Port Number: 993 (default)
      10. SMTP Settings
      11. Hostname:
      12. Email: your gmail address ([email protected]) will be autofilled if entered for IMAP already
      13. Password: generated password from above (will be autofilled if entered for IMAP already)
      14. Security: SSL (default)
      15. Port Number: 465 (default)


    1. Open Contacts app -> Import contacts/Gmail
    2. Login with your normal credentials
    3. Might need to cancel the process first (if it does not start the import) and press import again - no need to login again.

    Yes, for the contacts I used an import instead of a sync. It was enough for me and I believe if I want to move new contacts from the KaiOS phone back to my Google Contacts I will just export all the contacts again and import them to Google. Google Contacts has the feature to eliminate duplicates by merging them anyways so it should not be a problem there.

  • denis dats denis dats

    Just registered to say great THANKS to ferhorv for great instruction. Finally I'm able to configure corporate mail!

    For about Callendar and Contacts it works fine just from the box in my case. Sigma S3500.

  • J. Hench J. Hench

    Big thanks from me, too to ferhorv.

    I followed the instructions, completed it with the contacts and made the mistake to add a gmail account. This overwrote all previous manually defined calendar and mail setting, rendering calendar into a non working state again. I then tried with [email protected] and could get calendar to sync again. However, it keeps synchronizing only part of my calendar, some events are missing. Yet, the "" triggers setting up a system-wide "google" account and the "" does not; which is a step forward.

    Just to give it a try, I had the contacts app sync with my account, which auto-created sync entries for calendar and email again. I then went to "Settings Accounts"> and selected the gmail account created by contacts. There, i deselected email and calendar. Back in the email app I checked and found my googlemail account (working); same in calendar (googlemail).

    Some calendars seem to work with these settings while others don't or still require more time to sync. I keep seeing "some" events, but not all.

    This will take some more time fiddling with the device/apps. It is a pity that there seems to be a bug indeed associated with this software version.

  • TobiOutdoorGer TobiOutdoorGer
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    Now we have 2022 and still Nokia/KaiOS have fixed nothing 😫

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