Device Over Heating

hinu007 ✭✭
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Hello, if any backend team from Nokia is seeing this, please look into this at the earliest. I'm using a Nokia 7plus(TA-1046). Duly updated. But since few months I have been facing heating problem, especially while charging. I thought it was just my issue. But just spoke with another user of Nokia 7plus. He is also having the same issue. Told me that many are having the same issue. Even checked with the Nokia Care near me. They too said it's common. But previously we didn't have this issue. It's after the update to Android 10 I guess that we started having this trouble. While charging, at arround 78% or 82% device will shut off because of heating if the charger isn't removed timely. Please look into this seriously & at the earliest. Thanks.


  • Vivek J
    Vivek J ✭✭✭

    assuming you are in hot weather conditions, this is happening for all. and even more using Nokia charger. April-September are not good months to use this phone with a fast charger.