4g phones with physical Qwerty keypad such as Asha 210, E71

I wish Nokia starts producing 4g phones with qwerty keypad with features such as in Nokia 800. probably with a 5mp camera.

this will be ideal for people who dont want to use high end smart phones, easy for school children, seniors to meet their needs.

Waiting for such an update.

especiallu used to love Asha 210 with its funky colors.


  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada Super User

    I would love to see a Qwerty Nokia feature phone too. Nokia Asha 210 was a beautiful little phone with hot keys for Whatsapp and Facebook. It was an amazing idea. I guess, the next Nokia feature phone remake will be a qwerty one.

    Nokia launched the Nokia 3310 remake which was a candybar style phone. The 2nd remake was slider - Nokia 8110 4G and the 3rd remake was Flip in the form of Nokia 2720 Flip. Now, that they have tried all these different form factors the only remaining one is Qwerty. So, I feel the next remake will be a qwerty feature phone. :)