Nokia N8 2020

Hello, I found on the net for such photos signed Nokia N8 2020, is it something real, or just someone's private project as if this smartphone could look like?


  • Kartik Gada
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    This is just a concept made by some fan and not a real product. I too saw this on twitter and loved it. Actually, this design does look achievable and can be done if HMD wants to. This will be an interesting remake but then we don't want only the design of Nokia N8. HMD also has to work on making an impressive camera for it. Nokia N8 was a camera centric smartphone and HMD should not play with that name untill they actually have a great camera solution that does justice to the Nokia N8 name.

  • singhnsk
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    Hi @dr. falcon2, to answer your question, it is not a real product. It is just a computer render done by some fan or enthusiast. Doesn't resemble any physical product which is currently available or announced.

  • dr. falcon2
    dr. falcon2 ✭✭
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    I understand and thank you for your answer, the fact would be a mega copy provided if it had a specific camera with a specific zoom and flash 🙂