Will Nokia takes this chances with Samsung rising??

Samsung gonna release their AMD GPU chipset soon and i thinks Nokia should be participating in using the upcoming AMD GPU chipset is more powerful than Snapdragon 865 and it could br advantage for Nokia to be the one of the company that use the chipset and it also helps in the marketing (considering the news will be spread) . Please Nokia , make the Nokia brand greats again


  • smh77
    smh77 ✭✭

    Can Nokia compete with Samsung again? Frankly I can't see it happening with the likes of Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, BBK, etc, and their advantages in Asia and manufacturing. Which is a shame because HMD Nokia make some nice looking phones. Perhaps, there is a chance for a greater piece of the pie in Europe. Maybe at the expense of Apple and Samsung. Personally I think they need to embrace OLED technology for their next Pureview flagship and commit to the latest Snapdragon, and a more sensible camera approach. While the Nokia 9 had uniqueness, at least from the rear. It was ultimately flawed and unnecessary. No more than four sensors and if they could keep them recessed then that in itself is a distinctive enough achievement. IMHO of course...