[Merged] Missing features and bugs in Android 10 for Nokia 3.1 Plus

No glance screen or always on display is available after the update.

[Merged] Missing features and bugs in Android 10 for Nokia 3.1 Plus

The white warrior The white warrior
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  • No glance screen or always on display is available after the update. When I pick up the phone, I only see the lock screenThere is no longer a microphone and camera shortcut on the lock screen. I wish he came back
  • Ghost touch problem keeps happening
  • All my messages have been deleted after the Android 10 update
  • Turning on the battery saver mode will not vibrate.
  • Whatsapp notifications never come
  • Stumbling while scrolling
  • The camera focus is a bit slow, and there is no improvement in the camera application. There is not even iso, snapshot (1 / 4000s) setting in manual mode setting. Even in the camera app of the Nokia 2.2, there is night mode, but not on our phone.
  •  When the 4.5g enable button is pressed in the mobile networks setting, the application stops
  • voWifi and voLTE setting are still missing. At least I don't have



  • Makay Chapulets Makay Chapulets
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    I hate that there wasn't any improvement in the camera app..

  • Smitho Smitho
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    The bugs I discovered coupled with some you've already listed.

    Frequent unresponsive touches.

    Frequent data connection lose

  • Lalo08 Lalo08
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    I have another one, after the update, my phone deletes all passwords of wi-fi networks, and have similar problems, 3rd party apps' notifications some are working, when I try to upload a image or video, the app don't show anything

  • Dan33 Dan33
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    After update to android 10 model TA-1125. Lock screen pattern wont open the phone, when i insert my pattern in the lock screen it display that the pattern is wrong. Finger print also doesn't work. Only restarting the device fix it until next time. I tried factory reset and it didn't help. Device updated to last version of android 10 and google play security 1.05.20. Please fix this bug @HMDLaura

  • Renjith R Renjith R
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    Android 10 =bugs

    1-sound low

    2=system ui crash

    3- app opening time slow

    4-mobile automatically switch off

    5- hang problem.

    6- whatsapp video call problem.

    7- recent app crash

    8- battery charger slow

    9- gaming sound low

    10- mobile data automatically off on.

    11- Notification

    Please nokia teams fex this ....

  • The white warrior The white warrior
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    • screen does not work at 60 hz, working at 56-57hz
    • Where is the face unlock?
  • The white warrior The white warrior
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    • Sometimes it twists when opening the keyboard
  • azuka mgbakor azuka mgbakor
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    Missing features and bugs in Android 10

    WhatsApp notifications doesn't show unless I open the app same goes for Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

    When someone calls I don't see the notification, same goes for when I call someone

    No face unlock

    Frequent data connection loss

    Please help @HMDLaura I love Nokia devices but the bugs I face are becoming unbearable

  • DoesntLikeBugs DoesntLikeBugs
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    You can add "unable to install security updates"

  • DKJ255 DKJ255
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    Bug noticed on Android 10 build 00WW_3_15HH on TA-1104. This was factory reset this morning to see if it would fix the issues but it made no difference.

    Update "Google Security Patch 2020-05" fails to install immediately after download. First says installation paused because phone in use (it's not) then reports "installation problem" immediately after "applying updates" when I press the 'resume' button.

  • Jack Strong Jack Strong
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    Confirm. And Face Unlock disappeared.

  • The white warrior The white warrior
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    And another software bug. What says -5 = display

  • DoesntLikeBugs DoesntLikeBugs
    ✭✭  /  edited June 7

    The battery performance is really REALLY messed up after the android 10 update, on top of all the other issues. I hope HMD fixes these issues sooner rather than later. I am still using my 3.1 plus just for browsing the web at home, even with very minimal use the battery only lasts a day, and now takes a very long time to charge with the phone switched on. With it switched off it charges at the same speed it used to before it got the bad Android 10 update.

    Best of luck to you all. I hope HMD admit their mistake. I have the receipt for the phone I was forced to buy to replace it. Maybe they will reimburse me- I **** doubt it though 🤔🤣😂 HMD are a joke. Don't give them any more business!

  • DoesntLikeBugs DoesntLikeBugs
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    -5 is wifi hotspot by the way

  • The white warrior The white warrior
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    Again a software bug, when you want to use another camera application, the shutter timing is restricted to max 0.5 seconds. Normally max 4 seconds

  • Amir M Amir M

    After security patch April 2020 i can not connect to any wifi ftp server apps on my phone via PC browser . the connection timed out error was occurs.

    anybody have suggestion ?

  • The white warrior The white warrior
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    What should I do to activate vowifi and volte?

    sim: Vodafone Turkey

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    Caan anybody from HMD give feed back on if you are actually working on updates to solve all this mess or not?

    @HMDLaura ?

    @dipankar paul


    I think people who bought this phone and other similar issue phones deserve an explanation and an update on the status of this situation....to say the least...

  • Jack Strong Jack Strong
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    99% of the time the phone works great. But sometimes it slows down, so that applications are hard to open. You open the camera, wait a dozen of seconds...

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