This is a great phone. Why all the negativity?

I just don't understand all the negativity in this forum. The 6.1 has been excellent for me.

This is a great phone. Why all the negativity?

user1530758915623 user1530758915623
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I just don't understand all the negativity in this forum. The 6.1 has been excellent for me. I've never had audio issues, restart issues or any major bugs of any kind. Yes, there are some minor bugs that pop up here and there, but I've never had a perfect phone without small bugs. In no way do these issues affect the quality of how I use my phone.

TA-1045 btw.



  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    Yes, Nokia 6.1 is absolutely a quality smartphone. Small unnoticeable bugs are acceptable. It is a great phone... 👍

    And yeah, whereever there is positivity, negativity is always there as people tend to negotiate and criticise... ✌️

  • Albert7 Albert7
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    No one says it is not a good phone but we are referring to hardware. As for the disappointing software HMD was left behind with this version 10 in Nokia 6.1

    The errors nobody invents them are in the system and that is a problem. It takes away a lot of credibility from good Nokia 6.1 hardware. Some drainage in the battery, noise in audio, sometimes problems when charging does not raise the load and others that have been named.

  • user1530758915623 user1530758915623
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    I've had no issues with noise in audio or charging. Any bugs I've come across have been minor and completely inconsequential to my usage. I'm sorry that others have had issues with the software. I simply haven't and just wanted to share that my experience has only been positive with this phone.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    While I appreciate the positivity, maybe you shouldn't have called out the negatives by questioning "Why". Not that they are just complaining over nothing :)

    If you're on Android 10, you can reproduce the noise very easily. Just download any game and try to play it, yeah keep the audio on.

    Nokia's phones are overall all great. The downside is only for bugs, which I do understand that they can happen. However, the fixes take forever to come. The Android 10 was rolled out in early January. We're in June now which is some 5 months past the A10 release. It isn't the way to treat the consumers.

    Similarly, on my Nokia 2.2, they enabled background service killer which kills all non-system background processes. So, apps like WhatsApp or Facebook aren't able to send any notifications until I manually launch them and do a refresh. They said they'll fix it, but yeah nobody knows when.

  • iamsj iamsj
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    Buddy this is a community for nokia 6.1 we are here to share the opinion of usage.everyone here love nokia that's y huge number of 6.1 users are here if u don't av any issues it's ok happy to hear that but that doesn't mean we all are talking negative ..We most of users face huge issue .For example it's very hard to hear watsapp voice notes full of breaking noise , screen blinking n random restart in between usage it's not tiny issue .. There are lot we share the views so they could acknowledge the bugs n clear it soon but it's not happening for past 5 months .. That makes sad when most of them av bought it on launch . Hope you know the launched price ...

  • whatever9 whatever9
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    Different users, different priorities, different use cases. What you consider a non-issue might cause huge troubles for others.

    And it was also a disappointment for many. It was a big thing when Nokia announced their Android One devices - affordable (not Pixel-price) device from a trusted brand (not some Chinese Dooaomi) with stock Android experience. Many expected a device with few features, but with great software stability. Unfortunately the latter didn't work out for most.

  • Pete M Pete M
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    Under Android 9, my 6.1 was great. But with the upgrade to 10, I'm experiencing audio problems. I would have been quite happy to stay on 9 with just security updates.

  • Adriano Adriano
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    I can bring you the example of low volume calls on ear speaker, i sent the phone to service for 3 times, they solved the issue that after 3 or 4 months came out again.

    The first cases of this issue, yes, I'm not the only one with this issue, have been highlighted in december 2018, and the issue is still there, they haven't solved it in more than a year and a half

    I think this is more than negative

  • DiNvrnkiaAgain DiNvrnkiaAgain
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    Try a xiaomi. Much better. Support is terrible at Nokia. My battery was broken during warranty. Nokia send me an quotation regarding a touchscreen which wasn't broken.

    The phone is good until you need support, then Nokia is really doing a bad job.

  • nokiauser1995 nokiauser1995
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    Nokia 6.1 отличный смартфон, в последнем обновлении безопасности звук исправили! Спасибо Google, спасибо HMD, спасибо Nokia!

  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    On forum you will find discussions related to issues or bugs only. That doesn't mean device is not good or to feel negative about anything.

  • Sharmaravi Sharmaravi
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    Biggest pain is the Gcam, in Android 9 my gcam was working like a charm, but ever since Android 10 came out, gcam isn't working well on Nokia 6.1

    I've tried 30+ different version but alas..

    Nokia should fix this issue, @HMDLaura

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