Nokia Mid-range Price and Improvement

Large amount of don't have the money to buy a flagship phones and they don't want to spent 1k USD for a phones . Consumers wants a good pricing phones that can be use to their daily activities.

CEO of OnePlus tweeted recently on how large amounts of their consumers wants a good price from their products and this is an important insight for them considering how Samsung A51 become one of the top most buyable mid-range phones because of their price and specs.

Nokia shoud pricing their mid-range better and give the mid-range phones better specs . RealMe, Xiaomi, Oppo and etc have their places in market share because of their mid-ranges . Nokia should be focusing on improving thejr mid-ranges rather than wasting their moneys on making old keypads phones (because we are already past that era) . Nokia could implement the Lumia design for their mid-ranges considering how beautiful it's and try to create new innovations with it and upgrading their mid-range specs just a little bit .

Even Apple have take into consideration of pricing their products and Nokia could learn from them . They taking risks for their consumers and trying to improve themselves by making all kinds of innovative each years.

If Nokia could pull this off and pricing their mid-range with a better price tags , hence their comeback is inevitably will rewards them in the top smartphones industry . Nokia have falls once and this time if they still don't wants to take the risk of improving and creating new innovations , that will result 2nd coming of their downfalls and there will be no comeback from that


  • smh77
    smh77 ✭✭

    Totally agree. The A51 is a great looking phone. As is the previous generation. And the A70 which I am using now. I considered the Nokia 7.2, along with Motorola G8 Plus for my mum last November. Was very close, but in the end went for the Samsung M30S. The big advantages to me for that phone was the screen size, quality, and huge battery. I believe that phone was designed for the Indian market, luckily Amazon UK were selling it for a good price. Personally I think that the early Nokia 8 series are more upper budget range. With the new 8.3 their first real attempt at what passes for midrange these days. I also think that HMD Nokia think that just putting the Nokia brand on their phones justifies a slight premium? Until they start using AMOLED or at least OLED on their screens I cant see this working personally. Although, with Samsung producing and refining so many of their own smartphone components their advantage is probably insurmountable. And Apple have only priced SE 2020 so low because they likely have a surplus of the components available. It's essentially a parts bin special that hasn't required any R+D or marketing expenses. So many tech sites just jumped on the bandwagon and totally ignored the screen to size ratio. It's a decent phone for IOS fans unable or unwilling to shell out for the top range, but very unbalanced spec and design wise. But totally agree with you about the Lumia design. Perhaps Nokia can reboot the design like they have their older models. Maybe make a limited run to test the ground...