Nokia 2.3: Unable to do a WhatsApp call

I noticed after the Android 10 upgrade, I couldn't make WhatsApp calls (both audio and video). I also tried Messenger call but ended the same.

Nokia 2.3: Unable to do a WhatsApp call

Smitho Smitho
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I noticed after the Android 10 upgrade, I couldn't make WhatsApp calls (both audio and video).

I also tried Messenger call but ended the same.

It always stucks at "Connecting...". I've turned off my data and battery saver but it's still the same.

Does anyone have any solution to this, please?



  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    I am not facing such an issue on my Nokia 2.3. Maybe you should take a back up and then reset your phone. It should fix this issue. :)

  • Ayman Ameer Ayman Ameer
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    It will work when you switch off data saver

  • Smitho Smitho
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    Just did a reset 3 weeks ago after the upgrade. Also I don't turn on my data saver

  • rahil rahil
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    Yes I face same problem

  • Bro iam getting nokia 2.3 tomorrow for my mom is there any battery issues after android 10 ,if there I will not update it

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Battery issues like what? Have you read something online? If so, do share it so I can check.

    I have no issues with battery life after Android 10. The battery should last full one day on normal usage. Also, are you buying it from some retail store? If yes, then I would suggest you also check out the Nokia 4.2 if it is available. That is a cute little under rated device which is no more listed on the official site. So, if you can find it that would be a nice buy. 😁

    But 2.3 has a big screen and it is strictly for basic use. So, do consider the usage pattern of your mom. 😊

    Which is her current phone though?

  • Sahaj Balgunde Sahaj Balgunde
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    I have bought Nokia 2.3 Yesterday(06-07-2020) and I am regretting it. The OS is getting crashed the System seems to be buggy. I have called the customer care service today. They said that we will get the update in few days or take the phone to the Nokia Service Center. SERIOUSLY? Nokia disappointed me.

  • No bro iam buying it from nokia online store . Thank you for your suggestion, actually every nokia phone has battery issues after Android 10 update as stated by every nokia user . So I just want to know even 2.3 has same issue . So I will not upgrade it to Android 10 .By the way not my mom our family uses nokia 5 present which battery life is horrible. I should play pubg with charger connected to it hope 2.3 doesn't perform that bad with pubg. As you asked iam sharing the link

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    The link you shared is of Nokia 6.1 which is not related to Nokia 2.3's battery performance after Android 10. Also, the Nokia 5 has just a 3000mah battery which is tiny and won't last long while playing games. How long does it last for you before you connect it to the charger?

    The 2.3 has a 4000 mAh battery which should last longer than your Nokia 5 but both of these are not the phones for gaming so I don't know how good it will perform but the gaming performance should be same as the Nokia 5.

  • HarberCandelario HarberCandelario
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    Have you tried rebooting your device? If it doesn't work try to uninstall Whatsapp and proceed to reinstall another Whatsapp version like Whatsapp GB

  • Tuyenmai Tuyenmai
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    Yes I face same problem. Tuyenmai

  • Đồng ý, tôi cũng hiện đang gặp vấn đề trên invert

  • So Sánh Giá So Sánh Giá
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    i also got problem with Nokia 2.3

    So Sánh Giá thanks!

  • Ravi6036 Ravi6036
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    I am also facing the same issue from past 6 months while making a call once it gets connected after that it goes for reconnecting for 5-6 secs and then connects again. Truely disappointed from Nokia.

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