[Moved] Why my discussion was deleted?

Cause they can't answer my query😂😂 lol.

[Moved] Why my discussion was deleted?

aarif rao aarif rao
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Cause they can't answer my query😂😂 lol.

Well that's wrong and they still has to fix this **** nokia 6.1 plus software by giving a maintenance updated.🤘

What do you guys thik about this incident of them deleting a discussion just because its getting much attention 👻


  • user1541046704847 user1541046704847
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    asked for a nighmode feature they chat guy telled me to turn on darkmode in display..hats of to that guy idea

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    Hi, we are a group of volunteer super users who will clean inappropriate, spammy and similar content. The quoted thread was deleted by one of the superusers, not me, but I support it.

    You are always free to express your dissatisfaction and problems, while making a fair use of the words and appropriate titles/content. There are countless other discussions reporting issues or showing the frustration and they haven't been deleted. You do not need to fool users into clicking into your threads.

    You can read more about the Super User program here. Note that we aren't employees at HMD Global. The forum is more of a peer to peer network where you won't find HMD employees, For official technical (theoretically) support, you should connect with Live Chat or email them via their website.

    This thread will be locked to avoid further arguments.

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