Nokia 7.2 Camera stops working every few hours after Android 10 Update

So after the recent Android 10 Update on my Nokia 7.2. My camera stops working after several hours and only starts working again after i have restarted the phone.

This is the screen that shows up when i open the camera app. It just shows a black screen

And i have also tried other apps like snapchat and it even gives me an error message

Is anyone else having this issue after the update?



  • gv88
    gv88 ✭✭
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    Same here, I need to restart the device.

  • Lodzhi
    Lodzhi ✭✭


  • Can confirm this too. No updates yet to fix this bug.

  • Jukima
    Jukima ✭✭

    Same her😕

    Slow.. No camera function

    A Lot of restarts 🥺🥺

  • I have this problem too. It only appears when i want to open a Snapchat notification from the lockscreen ... If I unlock my phone and then open notificaitons (snapchat) from notification panel, no problem.

  • Aykin
    Aykin ✭✭

    Same here in Germany. I tried everything but restart is the only fix....

  • i face the same problem in my nokia 7.2

  • Same here.

    Thanks for the workarond.

  • Hope Nokia releases an update soon !!

  • Same problem ,it's been 4 months now.. need a fix.. it's so annoying.. Have to restarrt phone everytime for camera

  • Even I have experienced this issue ( opening camera app shows a black screen, needs restart to make it work ).


  • itscakey
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    I thought I was the only one! I bought this phone few weeks ago and the same problem happens to me. please Nokia fix it soon

  • Thank God...I thought I was alone. The customer care advised me to visit gallery. But due to lockdown, its difficult to go there. the torch button also gets disabled.

  • Please fix this problems. It is annoying when you need it right away

  • Spoke to someone at Nokia today. I first did the 4th suggestion of forced stop. Then i did the thirs but only cleared the cache. Then dod this restart method. Hope it helps!

  • The same problem here

    buying the 7.2 NOKIA phone was my biggest mistake since ever I have bought my first phone! 



    and never again! 

  • I have a problem with nokia 6.2.

  • Did anyone ever figure out how to fix this issue. My phone is only two days old and it's driving me crazy. Snapcap what's app camera also doesn't work. Only restart sorts it. This is not good enough

  • I have problems like pattern, face lock, laging so many times it was big problem

  • Solve it

  • Do fast updated to get happy

  • Yes I'm also facing the same problem and also there is some problem with flash light now it doesn't work even after restarts.

  • I'm experiencing in my nokia 7.2 voice problem most of the time. I need to restrat my device every time to get ready. While recording vedio and sending voice message and attending call no voice. I can here voice but n audio out. I think some software issue. Please advice...!

  • Yes i am facing the same issue. And unable to find any solution.