Nokia 7.2 Camera stops working every few hours after Android 10 Update



  • Same problem facing.. lot of restarts, and more than 6 times factory reset. But this camera issue giving so annoying to me. Also unable to find solution. Android 11 will give a solution for this issue!!

  • Finianos
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    I am encountering the same issue but i fixed after i remove camera from the permission of several app and restart it i didn't get it anymore it's been months

  • Same problem with me

  • Hey people I got the solution. Disable the inbuild camera app and everything works fine . I have installed gcam on my Nokia 7.2

  • Same issue with 7.2 . Its rather frustrating.

  • Smit07
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    Yes even i am facing same problem after android 10 update 6.2 camera has become slow and sometimes not working at all,everytime have to restart device to start camera properly.

  • Lovey Saluja
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    The Same Issue Camera & Torch doesn't work after few hours....

    I have to restart the device to make it work....

    Some times Ringtone also stops working, only what I hear is a garbage sound like trr-trr-trr....

    Hey Nokia do look in the issue....

  • Hey guys pls I need ur help

    I'm using the Nokia 2.3 the camera is ok but not enough

    I tried installing gcam for Nokia 2.3 but it seems not no work

    Can anyone help me out on how to improve my camera ......thanks 🙌🏽

  • I had the same problem too, in the summer. I'm not an expert but here's what happened to me.

    I read somewhere that someone solved it by deleting Snapchat but I was sceptical. I still had to try, and it worked. The camera hasn't stopped working since I deleted Snapchat couple of months ago 😯 So maybe it does have something to do with apps that use the camera? I don't really know, but it's sad if its true. I didn't even really use Snapchat so deleting it is no problem for me but if this is all true then it'll be problem for so many people 😕

    But anyway, maybe this will help someone else too? I'm sorry if it doesn't.

  • Facing the same problem. Spoke to nokia care even visited few times but still facing the same issue

  • Install gcam and disable inbuilt camera app device works fine without any issues.

  • The same problem. Usage of 3rd party camera apps do not work, still they may struggle to connect to camera.

    Clean-up of caches and storage also do not work.

    Only restarts can bring camera back to life.

    Nokia, it's not 3 years of support that was declared in promotion. And looking on this thread, it's not a new problem.

  • Decided to check another Facebook app - Instagram, looks like it helped.

    Maybe Marc is trying to spy on us.

  • I too have the same problem. Sometimes when I open camera , it just turns into a black screen and I need to restart my phone for the problem to get fixed.

  • Yes, when the camera permission is given to any other third party app causes the black screen problem. Its sept 2020. I bought this phone for the camera which also allow to shoot in raw an because of Zeiss effects over Samsung m31s and I think I was very stupid to buy this phone... Even the camera lags too much in pro mode and its a huge disappointment for a photographer.

  • Having same issues some days I have to restart my phone up to 8 times, the lag and constant freezes are really putting me off £200 quit for 7.2 that behaves more like a cheap Chinese budget

  • After 2 monthly updates, the issue is still not fixed. this is annoying.

    Cant even scan codes and pay online. disgusting.

    Also night mode toggles frequently while watching videos on Nokia 7.2

  • **** mobile company, idk why i had to go for this piece of **** mobile, it is not working at all, it's camera suddenly stops and then i had to restart this **** several times throughout the day, you are good in making keypad mobiles, why you are making this, shiy peoples, just update this ****

  • Even I am facing the same :-(

  • I feel like a fool buying this phone when there were better options out there. I thought Nokia would be the best but clearly I was wrong. There are so many issues with this phone. Camera dosent work for apps notification light doesn't blink for all notifications. Battery doesn't last long.

    One day my screen suddenly went off. And many other small things

  • Same problem here, also using Snapchat.

    Is there anyway to flag a post for official Nokia review, I specifically brought this phone over the Moto one because I've had problems in the past with Motorola and updates. Never again, the SD card functionality was broken too when I brought the phone but they at least fixed that with the android 10 update.

  • Same issue is everyone but don't know why after reporting by so many people like us still company has not released any patch now we are in the situtaion like who will send the update of this bug NOKIA or google ?

  • Same problem facing here..... please reslove it.

  • hey! same problem, had to get it back to Android 9 and prevent the update! is there a solution yet? or is it the early programmed obsolency? cmon guys give us a solution!

  • Its now November and the camera issue has not been resolved. I don't use snapchat, but it should not matter which app you use, Nokia has an issue that they need to address. It's bad enough that for many here, we may simply not buy another Nokia. I had a 7.1 & it worked perfectly. The 7.2 has more problems than just the camera freezing, it has a number of annoying bugs that you'd expect in a Huawei. When I contacted Nokia, they said that I have to disable all of my apps & clear the cache, that worked, but whats the point of disabling all the apps? The case of the matter here is that this phone has been such a disappointment that I will probably look to another manufacturer for our next phone. We? Yes, both my wife & I have a Nokia 7.2 & they both do the same thing. This phone is a lemon.

  • Yes I'm having same problems with my phone even flash light also don't work when this errors happens and I'm tired of Keep my phone restarting for working good.. but it won't...

    Please Nokia do something...