When will Nokia 8.3 and 5.3 hit indian market?

It's been almost 3 months now to theoretical launch of these phone but unfortunately none of these phones are made available in Indian market. Even during pandemic other brands launching new phones every week but nokia is totally absent since year for now. Instead of 8.3 and 5.3 nokia is making available express music phone for now and its coming on 15th june. I will be really happy if nokia could launch 8.3 and 5.3 asap but company seem doesn't care about fans and customers.



  • Nokia/HMD doesn't care about anything. Many people ask everyday same questions on official twitter handle but no one get any answers. They simply ignoring everyone. May be in next year we can see 5.3/8.3 in Indian market.

  • for example the e-commerce-platform AMAZON.de is already selling NOKIA 5.3 smartphones for round about EUR 217,-- (don't know when Nokia 8.3 5G will enter the market "Middle-Europe" but of course I'm interested on and I want to know whether 5G-phones also will be supported by 4G-networks of local providers ... I think so but i I don't at this time ... 5G is still expensive here in Austria) to their clients in Germany and Austria plus Switzerland (I think markets DE,AT,**** ... maybe NL,BE(via France central-warehouses and Germany whses both, then also to PL,CZ,SK,HU and probably to several other countries in Europe ... will be delivered also fm DE=Germany whses too) ... but I don't know when they have started the sale of the new product Nokia 5.3 sold fm HMD Global. It depends on the availibility on different markets (we still have Corona-Time globally all depends on time and difficulties in production and on dispatch fm China factories to the global destinations ... this process and these problems in the global logistics will continue on ... brgds Reinhard ... owner of a Nokia 7.2 and happy with this device (I was and I still be a fan of the brand NOKIA and the phones)