[Moved] Problems with Android 10 update of Nokia 5.1 plus

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I have started facing the following problems after update dated 5th April 2020.

1. Voice feedback in karaoke apps got almost dumb.

2. I cannot log onto community through my phone app after update. I am posting it through the web browser.

3. There is no indication on the dialer whether WiFi calling is available or not. However, it shows you when you call.

4. Old problem of sharing through messages or forwarding SMS continues.


  • @prmishra1

    Regarding the wifi calling , at the status bar it is displayed as VoWiFi along with SIM Slot Number when a Wifi connected means Wifi call ready and all need to do is just make a call and your call will be handled by Wifi else it can be forwarded to VoLTE

  • Not in Nokia 5.1 plus. Please see the screenshot.

  • Google assistant Ambient mode not available for Nokia 5.1 plus after Android 10 update. Anyone knows how to fix it?

  • Wifi calling is available for Airtel and Jio 4G and for other carriers still not yet enabled

    If you do own anyone one of the carrier sim cards then once head up to

    Settings>Network and Internet>Mobile Data>Under Jio or Airtel SIM tab>Wifi Calling>Choose Call over Wifi

    After Android 10 upgrade wifi calling is turn off by default and it need to be turn on by heading up to settings

    Note :- While Posting Screenshot ,please do blackout few things and then post it .it's for safety reasons.

  • Once check whether Google app have an update in play store ,if yes then update it

    After that once clear the data of Google App and then recheck the same option whether it is visible or not

  • I am using Airtel 4G sim. WiFi calling feature is introduced to Nokia 5.1 plus after Android 10 update in India.

    When you dial a number it does not show availability of VoWiFi calling.

    In my Samsung M31, there is a WiFi sign that appear just above the dialer button. This facility is not available in Nokia 5.1 plus. So prior to calling, I am not able to make out whether it will be a VoWiFi call or normal GSM call. After dialing I can see a WiFi sign on my screen when it's a VoWiFi call.

    I think I am more clear now.

    The suggestion of blacking the irrelevant portion in the screenshot is taken. Unfortunately, I am not able to make any changes to it now.

  • For wifi calling you need to do changes in network section of setting. By dialing number you will not get option of wifi calling. Please google how to use wifi calling on Nokia phones first.

  • Please read the comment carefully. I know how to activate wifi calling. I only say that there is no indication of wifi call availability on dialer before dialling. This facility is available on Samsung phones. Nokia should indicate whether the call you are making is network call or wifi call.

  • Unlike Other OEM who do have custom ui on top of Android do provide such option but for Android One , you don't see such type of option mostly.

    All need to do is that to choose the sim which support wifi calling option and make a call ,and as I said in previous post , Wifi will take the call and in call page you can see the icon beside timer

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    Which Karaoke app are you using? Smule works fine in my 5.1 Plus. I have only one issue, phone doesn't record audio through my Bluetooth headset...it still continues to record using the phone microphone. I am not sure if its an issue with the Smule, my headset or the phone. 😅

  • Recording is OK but voice feedback is diminished. I have a both Smule and Star maker.

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    Since the Android 10 update I've been experiencing an issue in regard to bluetooth headphones. When listening with regular wired heaphones, the (music, videos, games, even calls) audio is generally fine, but the instant I connect to my bluetooth stereo headphones the media volume increases to 13/15, and if I dont think to manually turn it down before something sound related occurs like the phone ringing or if an app is in the process of loading while the pairing is occurring then I instantly end up blasting my eardrums once the app begins to play sound even more annoying if I do remember to lower the volume it's lowering the ringer, not the media, so I might think the volume is lowered, but the moment I use a music player the volume is nearly maxed out. It wasn't like this before the update and I've changed nothing physically about my phone.

    (sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, I've only just started looking for solutions for this and this forum was the first one that had relatively recent responses.)

  • in my nokia 5.1 plus after i have updated it to android 10,i am facing issue of voice breaking only during the phone call ,all the other time like on google meet,skype etc. the voice is not breaking. So i read some where that you should close google assistant ,so i did that than it worked fine for around 1 month and now its has again started breaking the voice during phone call.So plz help

  • I have very bad experience with nokia

    First I got problem with charging and I fix with service center and again and again I get same problem almost in every 15 days . Today again I visit service center and it cost 2500 and now mobile charging very lately in one hour just charged 10% and I don't have network in my phone . Why nokia not thinking about costomer . We believe in nokia and it's disappointed me again and this is my last nokia phone . I give advise to my family and friend to everyone who ask me about phone don't buy nokia phone #this is a scam

  • Hi, my Nokia 5.1 can not reboot beyond the androidone sign. This happened during the update from android 8 to android 10. Pls how do I resolve this issue?

  • Hi @Erin this forum is for 5.1 + users but you can try hard factory reset to let A10 work better.