Finally an answer from NOKIA about app killing/notifications issue

Finally an answer from NOKIA about app killing/notifications issue

AvgJoe AvgJoe
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  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    This is a nice and positive reply TBH. Much better than the scripted copy pastes asking you to contact app developers or factory reset or some other things :)

    I hope an update comes soon and we get rid of the severe bug.

  • Rifqi Arief Rifqi Arief
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    Hope roll out soon...

  • This gives me hope but I won't believe it until I see it because they've been saying the same thing for 3 months

  • Mukul Mukul
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    MR update is really necessary for current android 10 version on nokia 3.1 plus because ghost touch issue happens randomly and also randomly no notification and app kill in background automatically.

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    On 14 June they said they were planning to release an update on they coming weeks.

    Did they mention the year that those weeks belong to?

  • dude... dude...
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    They are lying regularly, will try to sell my nokia device and never come back again.

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    There is a way to rollback to Android 9!

    And its relatively easy! Just did it!

  • AvgJoe AvgJoe
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    Were you on April or May patch? I know it's possible with April patch, but I'm on May...

  • But where is the update?😅 still not received!

  • Обновление есть! HMD представили Nokia 2.4 на базе того же процессора, что и Nokia 3.1 plus... При этом Nokia 2.4 работает на Android 10 прямо из коробки и будет обновляться до Android 11 и 12. Вот как HMD GLOBAL решает проблему с нашими смартфонами, представив просто тупо новый...

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    My phone was in April patch

    I think it doesn't work for May patch because maybe the partition were the phone stores the last stable release (Android 9) is wiped by SP May

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