Can’t make or receive calls

 I bought nokia 8 sirocco a week ago in japan, but problem is occurring. Data transfer and SMS are possible, but can't make a call and receive calls.

Can’t make or receive calls

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 I bought nokia 8 sirocco a week ago in japan, but problem is occurring.
Data transfer and SMS are possible, but can't make a call and receive calls.

I thought that VoLTE is the cause, so I try VoLTE switch on / off,
but I can't find the VoLTE setting (Enhanced 4G LTE Mode).
Carrier(softbank in japan) support VoLTE in my area. Also It all work fine when use other devices(not Nokia).

How can I deal with this situation?
Since it is not necessary to use VoLTE, anyway I hope to make or receive call.


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    I'm curious, is the phone bought from an official retailer in Japan?

    The mobile networks in Japan are more advanced and different to the rest of the world. Your best option is to consult SoftBank and ask what it takes to have the phone work on their network? It could be a simple thing, like registering the device on their network.

    It is possible to adjust the settings on the phone by dialing *#*#4636#*#* and try different radio band selections in one of the menus, but I doubt if it will help. The correct settings for the specific network are normally read and applied from the SIM card.

    Please let the forum know how it goes.


  • I'm sorry I didn't explain it well.
    I have not bought from the official retailer. I imported from Hong-Kong in China to Japan.

    I tried to set the radio band to "Japan", but the problem was not solved.

    In addition, I tried change the preferred network type to the type of provide by carrier, but could not be resolved. (softbank use LTE, WCDMA)

    Settings I tried are as follows.

    "LTE only", "LTE / UMTS auto", "LTE / WCDMA", "WCDMA preferred", "WCDMA only"

    Data connection was lost when "WCDMA preferred" or "WCDMA only" is set.


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    Grey import phones are not supported officially and is not guaranteed to work, not by Nokia/HMD and not by local network providers.

    There is no 'Global Variant' of the Sirocco or other Nokia branded Android phones, even if that is typically how the Hong Kong based online resellers label their phones. On the contrary, Nokia phones come in different variants certified for specific countries and areas.
    It would be possible for HMD to produce a variant certified for Japan, this is why I asked where you bought the phone.

    I suggest carefully read the SoftBank support page, especially the section regarding "Technical criteria of mobile phones" at the bottom:

    and please contact the SoftBank support for further troubleshooting.

    It's between the reseller and you if the phone is not fit for purpose.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Hans. I understood that guarantee to work is not officially supported.
    Also can't expect support from SoftBank, so I will give up use sirocco.

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    This phone works great with Docomo reseller Mineo. They are really cheap, too.

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