This is a collection of problems happened to me, and others reported by other owners of this phone.


Hoàng An Nguyễn Hoàng An Nguyễn
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This is a collection of problems happened to me, and others reported by other owners of this phone.

  1. Suddenly restart and sound problem, this is by far the most devastating issue of this phone. Because it renders the phone unusable after some time. The duration before symptoms appear may vary, for me it's one year. Solution is to replace a new battery, but eventually it will happen again. I already did 2 replacements.
  2. Image retention on screen when viewing static contents, some people refer this as screen burn-in. However, burn-in is another problem often seen on OLED panel and irreversible, image retention isn't. It does not affect phone usability yet very annoying. It was a widespread issue of LG made panels several years ago, also happened to LG phones. Some speculated this is a characteristic of Quantum dot technology used by LG.
  3. Half of the screen goes static. Have to replace the screen, digitizer also (cuz they come in one pack). Unfortunately, HMD are no longer produce spare LCD for Nokia 8 so those who affected have to resort for 3rd parties LCDs.
  4. Wobble touch registration. Let me explain, use one finger to touch the screen and keep it still, the registered touch point appeared on screen does not stay still, it wobbles. Wobble touch makes it really hard to play some games on this phone, like aiming in PUBG.
  5. If using a glass screen protector, lay the phone on a flat hard surface, try to swipe some gestures with one finger, like drawing a line. The phone suffers to register the full gesture, instead makes a fragmented line. Funny thing is, if cover the top of the phone by hand, this weird issue seems to disappear. May touch signals get messed up with wifi antenna or something?
  6. Some headphones especially ones with 4-ring plug when plug into Nokia 8, they get static noises on one side. That's why I rarely use this phone audio jack. So far I do not see anyone else happens to have this problem with their unit though, or they do not report?
  7. Compass: messed up compass since Android 9 update. Do not know if they have fixed that or not
  8. Camera issues: beep noise when recording video, swipe-to-access pro mode does not work in landscape view
  9. Poor firmware build 1: System services occupy more than 1.5 GB of RAM, when compare to newer Nokia devices like Nokia 8.1 with the same 4 GB of RAM, that part only takes up about 1 GB of RAM, the same can be seen on Pixel 3a. Imagine more than 2 apps can be load with that 500 MB of RAM being wasted. If you are interested, take a look in Developer options -> running services.
  10. Poor firmware build 2: notification icons still remain on status bar even after messages were seen in app (have to scroll down manually to update).


  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    Dude it is 3 years old, chuck it in the bin!

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @Hoàng An Nguyễn,

    No, please ignore @MrBelter, he's a cheeky scoundrel 😜

    Don't chuck it in the bin, understand the issues and fix them! 🙌

    1. Sounds like a new battery isn't the fix, it's a problem with something on the mainboard not converting the voltage or not measuring the voltage correctly. So you need a mainboard replacement, which is expensive but possible - try and find a secondhand phone for parts and strip it.
    2. Image burn in doesn't seem to happen with all Nokia 8s or it may be related to brightness levels. So, try and live with lower brightness levels or find another screen to try (preferably a genuine one from a secondhand Nokia 8).
    3. Yes, known issue, if it happens then try and get it replaced under warranty (same for issue 1 as well) otherwise you have to pay for it yourself.
    4. Did you report this to support directly? I've not got this problem. You suggest that you've replaced the screen at some point in which case if you didn't use a genuine part then it might be a dodgy digitiser causing this problem.
    5. Laying the phone flat causing problems with touch has been reported a lot, I don't know what causes it.
    6. You're probably using headphones which are wired for OMTP which is what the older Nokias (pre Lumia) used. Modern headphones use CTIA/AHJ specification which is inferior to OMTP but Apple decided to use so of course the media went mad for it and all other brands had to follow, even industries largest seller of mobile phones at the time.
    7. Compass was fixed in May 2019 I think at the same time as geotagging; that's when I decided it was okay to upgrade from 8 to 9 😉
    8. Yes, known issues with the rushed and not updated camera software. We live with it and I don't believe that newer HMD phones are any better, they've got different bugs.
    9. The large RAM usage by system services is probably due to all the Evenwell things which are still loaded but now disabled
    10. I didn't notice this issue but TBH I don't really look at the notification bar (maybe I should!).

    Cheers 🙂

    PS - don't ignore @MrBelter all the time, often he knows what he's talking about.

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    looking at that list i'd say the bin was still the preferable choice 😂 HMD aren't going to put any effort in fixing it that's for sure.

  • mati5000 mati5000
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    I don't know why you have such problems? I have two nokia 8 phones never change it to another phone.

    • my phone doesn't reset
    • Battery have almost 93% original capacity after more than 2 years of use
    • LCD is clean without any scratches and burnout

    Only using large audiophile headphones at high volume causes crackling.

    Phones from other brands have no problem with this.


    I use constant not too high screen brightness.

    Constant brightness prevents excessive heat generation at the edges of the screen. That way there is no burnout.

    I use charger with low amperage without QuickCharge max 850mA - 1A.

    Thanks to this phone doesn't heat up at all and battery does not lose original capacity too fast. :)

  • Hugh Matthews Hugh Matthews
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    Depending on whether Google stops releasing Security Patches, my 8 may be nearing the end of its useful life, but I have very few problems with a phone I have used constantly in most conditions, including Nordic cold and damp. My screen has two minor scratches and no burn-in. Video still clicks at the beginning unless I prime it with 2-3 short takes. Touch sensitivity can be improved by renewing your fingerprints, but IMHO it isn't as good as it used to be. I have a soft plastic Nokia cover on the back but no screen protection. I have dropped the phone dozens of times, even when riding my mountain bike. Battery now well on the wain, when I Really Want a picture or video, the camera can start wobbling, but then it doesn't do it again for a long time.

    Perhaps most of the people who have sworn on this site that they'd never, ever, buy another Nokia are just a tiny minority. My next phone is likely to start with an 8...

  • sanskargautam sanskargautam
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    I am facing problem 1.

    can someone please suggest me what to do...

    please really need your help

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @sanskargautam,

    First, contact support directly and try everything they suggest. Then, if none of those things work and your phone is still under warranty then get it fixed under warranty.

    If your phone is not under warranty then you have a choice of finding an independent repair shop who can try and fix it, doing it yourself or trading it in for a new phone (but don't tell them it's faulty, if you can hide it).

    Cheers 🙂

  • My Nokia 8 cannot connect to the internet unless WiFi is activated. Voice and SMS both work. I have changed the SIM card and the problem remains, so the carrier is not at fault. Any suggestions?

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