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Since Childhood I'm A Brave Girl,My Dad Taught Me That "Don't Settle For Less Than What You Were Created For" And This Lesson Always Motivates Me To Keep Going Despite Challenges.Even In This Man Dominated Society I Never COMPROMISED With My Dreams,I Never Settled With Less Than I Deserve..This Is The Philosophy Of My Life That Help Me To Break Taboos And This Help Me To 'Never Miss A Beat' :) Let Me Share You My Story Here..

[Contest] What do you do to Never Miss A Beat?


  • anu modi anu modi
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    Since Childhood I'm A Brave Girl,My Dad Taught Me That "Don't Settle For Less Than What You Were Created For" And This Lesson Always Motivates Me To Keep Going Despite Challenges.Even In This Man Dominated Society I Never COMPROMISED With My Dreams,I Never Settled With Less Than I Deserve..This Is The Philosophy Of My Life That Help Me To Break Taboos And This Help Me To 'Never Miss A Beat' :)

    Let Me Share You My Story Here..

    For Any Girl Menstruation Is Something Which Make Us Shame,Make Us Embarrass And Down Our Moral Specially In Starting Days And Then We Become USED TO Of It.But Why? I Asked This Question To Myself When During Schooling I Stopped By A Teacher To Take Part In A Dance Competition Just Because I Was Bleeding.In Childhood I Accepted This But As I Grown Up I Started Thinking Why? Why We Girls Feel Embarrassment And Why We Need To Follow Rules Which Made For Girls To Obey During Menstruation.?

    When I Stopped To Take Part In The Dance Rehearsal I Felt So Bad And Talked To My Mother But As Expected She Wasn't Ready To Talk On This And Told Me To Leave This Discussion.But I Was Not In That Mood So Next Day I Talked To My Science Teacher, She Listened Me Carefully And Fortunately She Understood My Problem And Stood With Me To Support Me.First She Talked With My Mother And Convinced Her And Then She Talked To Our Dance Teacher And Both My Mom & Dance Teacher Allowed Me To Take Part In The Dance Competition.

    I Danced Freely Without Fearing Of ANYTHING,I Must Say It Was So Empowering.It Wasn't Uncomfortable At All.I Was Feeling That I Did Something EXTRAORDINARY.

    Yes It Was Not That Easy But When I Raised My Voice I Overcame From This Taboo.

    After That Incident I Never Stopped Myself From Doing ANYTHING Whenever I Am In Menstruation,And I Think No Girl Should Feel Shame Or Embarrassed.Just Say To Yourself That "Yes We Bleed,Accept It And Deal With It"


  • Deepak78 Deepak78
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    NOKIA !! It helps me stay connected 24x7 to all my stress-busters. FAMILY !! FRIENDS !! MUSIC !! MOVIES !! ...n WORLD !!

    #ContestAlert #NeverMissABeat #Nokia5310

  • MeSumit MeSumit
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    I was trying to tag DP but unfortunately, tagged this email- id. I tried hard to remove but not able to remove because there was no option. So, I thought maybe after comment I can delete it. But, no success. So, to the community manager nokia. I request you to kindly ignore this comment and accept my other comment. I know I violated the rules for commenting more than once. It was all by mistake. I apologise! Kindly, accept my participation. Have a great day:).

    @[email protected]

  • MeSumit MeSumit
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    Life is an interesting journey. It's a rollercoaster ride which is fullfilled with lot of challenges and obstacles. There are so many people who are facing a lot of difficulties and some of those are Labour people who does their job which involves a lot of hard physical work to make a home brick by brick. They listen the music to entertain and charge themselves during their work. The kind of Hardwork they do is simply inspiring and it gives me the inspiration to keep going. There are lot of things which helps me to win over the challenges and Music is definitely on the top of the list. I simply listen Motivational Music Quotes and Songs. It helps my mind to keep calm, relax and think positive to find out the solution of a particular problem. It's not about how many challenges I face, it's about how many challenges I conquer every single day to sleep with satisfaction and no matter how much struggle I'm facing. No, matter how tough is the situation. Music charges my body, it charges my soul to fight and never give up in life.


  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    During my childhood days I had my Nokia 5300 classic which was a dream mobile for most at that time even for its an dream mobile .At first it was a primary device for my mom literally for our house later on it was given to me with a 1GB memory card filled with yester year songs (black and white movie songs ) that dominated the SD card which is made possible through miniusb port packed with the design . As a routine i used to hear the songs with the headsets(earphones came with it ) for a prolongggged time which makes me felt that the soulness of the song is still left in my ears .It was a great companion during summer holidays . I still felt that clicky buttons and the Music UI that flashed in my mind now (Just an Retrofeeling). I still remember those songs and its melodies sticked in my head and the Nokia 5300 classic made me, helped me, and even bought me to #NeverMissABeat But unfortunately the mobile has been carried over to my relatives...

    😇Through This contest It bought back the Nostalgic Feeling in my childhood with that Nokia 5300 classic😇

    And for the Music . A thing i came here to express is that whenever we hear to the music irrespective of the mood and the situation we are put in ,at a particular time ,a particular second the song track shifts which matches our mood and situation . And it made me to think a silly thing that Music came first or the Humans first like a riddle, because the music coincides with our situation . ☺️Just a feeling of melody lover☺️

    #NeverMissABeat #contest #NOKIA 5300 CLASSIC #NOKIA 5310

  • Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything"

    I believe music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotion. The song “chak De India ” Salim - Sulaiman is such an emotional and inspiring song that when I hear it, I always come close to tears, especially when I watch it being played live. The effect that music can have on our emotions is tremendous, as it can bring people to floods of tears or bursts of laughter.

    Music has the ability to transport me back in time just like a time machine. It lets me revisit lost and forgotten moments in life.

    Music is extremely important in my life. I think it brings me closer to my friends and family. I also feel that it helps me to get through things.

    I remember all the alone times during lockdown when music helped me overcome all the inner struggles and provided mental strength. Music is an immensely powerful thing and has a huge place in my life right next to my heart.




  • LucidBread LucidBread
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    NOKIA 5310 is the perfect companion to make me realize never to miss a beat ever. The music partner that stays awake with me for long serene hours with a 1200 mah and an expandable memory of 32GB for my customized playlists, it is definitely 'meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.' ;)

    Music is the true happiness in life and NOKIA 5310 makes it even better to smile with. Never miss your joys as you #NeverMissABeat with Nokia 5310.

    #NeverMissABeat #Nokia 5310 #Contest

  • Nikhilus Nikhilus
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    To never miss a beat I just always wanted to be with my favourite tunes which makes a fresh feeling of thought into me. In the past Nokia xpress music was my favourite now it's been transformed into a new look which covers every beat of our moments. I love music to hear always through Nokia mobile as it always brings certain amount of nostalgia somewhere in the past. So I have decided to start this smartphone era also along with my favourite brand nokia may be that's what iam just waiting for my Nokia 7.2 to reach in my hands. "Nokia 5310 knows the pulse of beat!!!".

  • user1555238131778 user1555238131778
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    I am using Nokia Phones for last 10 years and now i have Nokia 7.1. I am music lover and i use Nokia Headset for #never miss a beat. Listening music on nokia earphones is like a hearing sound in theatre . Nokia Phones are famous for excellent sound quality and surround sound which make us more energetic .Music is a powerful way to refresh our mood and nokia is the brand for music lovers.

    #never miss a beat on nokia

  • sanjay gorivale sanjay gorivale
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    Put on headphone ,

    Play Music,

    And make moves along with beats,

    Thats how i #NeverMissABeat

    #Nokia5310 ❤️

  • Akshay Sonker Akshay Sonker
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    Very easy I just play a song on Nokia 5310 and with its Dual Front Speakers, I #NeverMissABeat

  • Jibin Jose Jibin Jose
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    Everyone lives their life with complete struggles and difficulties. I have always practised this, rather getting much tensed or depressed, plug in your head phones and listening to music and getting lost in the world of music makes me better and think positively. Few songs can actually give a smile on your face even when you are at the most struggling time of your life. I find positivity in the world of music and that's why I Never Miss a Best.

    #Nevermissabeat #Nokia5310 #Contest #Nokia

  • sunil r. gavhane patil sunil r. gavhane patil
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    Music helps me overcome my stress and according to my mood i can play my favourite song 🎶❤️😍

    #Nokia5310 😍

  • Bhavesh_Parmar Bhavesh_Parmar
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    Hi, this is my entry for the #NeverMissABeat contest.

    Life is fond of giving us challenges at every step but we need to keep going.

    My mantra:

    1. Start where you are, with what you have

    2. Try not to hurt other people

    3. Take more chances

    4. If you fail, keep trying

    At the start of this year, I set a goal of starting my own YouTube channel for strength training exercises called "Strong India".

    I recorded a few videos of unboxing gym equipments in February. Further I planned to record some teaching videos in the gym. I purchased necessary equipment like tripod, microphone etc.

    But suddenly in March, all gyms are closed for long time. And my dream of making videos has taken a setback indefinitely.

    I used this setback is an opportunity to improve myself by learning various techniques of video recording and editing. If the lock-down was not there, I would never have learned it. And though my YouTube channel cannot be started but I now have enough practice to create good videos.

    Nokia is always my inspiration on how this historical company has always made great quality phones. Even though there is some setback in the intervening years, Nokia has bounced back with the new phones with best camera and unique designs which everyone dreams to have.

    Listening music is the best way to stay positive during tough times. In 2006, when I was in college, I head Nokia N91 Music Edition. I had listened countless hours of music on this mobile and it was the gold standard of listening music on the go. I feel nostalgic when seeing new models of Nokia. Still today the name Nokia itself equals quality. That's the power of persistence in hard times – rise up and don't give up!

    Thank you ❤️Nokia❤️ for all those memories and being my sidekick during crisis of life.

    #NeverMissABeat #Nokia #Nokia5310 #ContestAlert

  • I grow up with watching nokia mobiles....and I m a hard fan of music so obviously I m a big fan of nokia 5310...and Music is my medicine which i take everytime i feel different emotions building up in my soul but yet i am not able to express them. It is an universal language and i am cent per cent sure that none in the world distests it. Just simple vibrations of sound has made me smile like an idiot. music fills my soul bringing tears to my eyes……bettery backup of nokia mobiles is awesome and I carry a power bank when I'm travelling so I never miss a beat of music..

    Utimately i loveeeee the magic infused in music.. :) 



  • I ❤ to run! Running is my passion & for me it's real fun. I run marathons. Running keeps me active, energetic & fit. I have been participating in long distance running since my high school days & won many prizes. Teachers & friends at school praised my stamina and encouraged me to me in athletic meets. That's how I developed a passion for it. I enjoy practicing with my team & we r a family. Passion for running has brought us together as friends. My heart beats with it & for it and whatever the challenges be in my life running keeps me going. But for the past few months due to lockdown as the whole world came to standstill, I have been missing my practice. I pray to god everything gets well soon so that I can run again & the whole world can run again & keep going 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️without missing a beat.

  • #NeverMissBeat

    Beat the hit

    I like Music and Snake game in this Nokia Phone .

    My first phone was Nokia 3310.




  • In My Life Very Early I Realized That "Self Motivation" Is The Best Motivation So That I Found The Ability To Do What Needs To Be Done Without Influence From Other People Or Situation.It Always Encouraged Me To Continue Making Progress Towards A Goal Even When It Feels Challenging.

    I Remember After Completing My Graduation I Started Own Business Instead Of Job, And In Starting Days Of It I Was Struggling To Get Success And That Time I Was Just Telling To Myself "Keep Doing What You're Doing I Know You Can Do This" This Is How I Kept Myself Motivated Throughout Every Phase Of My Life And I Kept Going & Doing What I Wanted To Do,I Kept Going Even Despite The Challenges That Lay-In Front Of Me But My Attitude To "Never Give Up" Helped Me To Conquer Those Challenges And This Is How I Never "Missed A Beat" In My Life.!!

  • gs9977 gs9977
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    Music is for me is like a LIFE.

    Since my school days I have been listening various kind and of music as per my moods. And thanks to NOKIA for being there in every time of life . I stil remember the day when I got my first nokia 5310 back to the time in college . Music means Nokia

    Nokia means Music.

    Nokia has touched our music life very deeply. From family function to friends party music always there to keep our heart and soul joyful.

    Life has many phases and many ups and downs , but thanks to NOKIA for the Music that goes in every Town.

    Thanks A Lot Nokia For Being There In Every Phase Of Life .




  • praveenp praveenp
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    I am preparing for Administrative Services Examinations since 2016.

    A long time gone. But still waiting to kiss success, and I hope this year would be the end of this drought period.

    The beauty of this examination is that it brings the best out of a person. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Intellectually.

    Physically, you need to devote your most of the time of the day on table and chair, reading new things about India and World, its history, geography, political scenarios, international relations, internal security, environment, and what not. And to do this, you need to make sure your body is fit and healthy. It's your choice to either become a couch potato, or be in a good shape. During college days, I maintained a weight of 75-78kg, and was a regular gym goer. But I left gym after college. Since then, it is all about dedicating at least an hour every morning for exercise. And Exercising makes sure that I Never Miss A Beat when it comes to physical health. A run of 2 km daily (which has been replaced by a game of badminton in this corona crisis). 10 minutes of basic yoga & meditation. 15 minutes of calisthenics. And finally, 20 minutes of weight training at home. These all keep me fit. There was a time when due to several health issues and lack of physical activities, I even hit the Century mark, a 100kg. But again got back on track and now I am 85kg with less fat, and more muscles & stamina, and ofcourse, aiming to gain more.

    Mentally, this exam tests the patience and perseverance of the candidate. You might get the success in your first attempt itself. Or you might get the success in your last attempt. Or even, you might not get the success at all even after your last attempt. No body knows. There is hardwork, but there is luck too. If you fail once, you have to start preparing from zero. A yet another 1 year of study. And being failed 3 times and leaving 1 good permanent government job just to pursue my dream job, I know how it feels. There have been days of depression. There have been days of joys. But all went by smoothly. And all through this time, I Never Missed A Beat because I have a supportive family and encouraging friends.

    Emotionally, this exam tests your strength to carry and control your emotions. Seeing your friends posting party pics on Saturday night, when you are planning what to read the next day, does make an emotional impact. You doubt your decisions. You doubt yourself. But a decision to do Yoga made sure that Never Missed A Beat. A basic yoga comprising of just 5 simple aasanas is what that made me control my thoughts and emotions. Kapalabhati, Bhramari, Bhastrika, Anulom-Vilom, and Meditation can make your whole day lively and energetic (you can search for videos by Baba Ramdev on Youtube).

    Intellectually, this exam makes a person sound in all kind of knowledge. I'm pretty sure that a serious candidate knows something about everything. Be it ancient history of India, or the Independence struggle. Be it the political happening in the world, or the economic scenarios throughout the globe. Be it various geographical phenomenons of nature, or the beautiful environment in which we live. Be it internal security matters in our country, or the international relations among nations. Every person knows the basics of all. And moreover, since following newspaper regularly is an indispensable part of the preparation, one is up-to-date with the things happening round the globe. And, developing a hobby to read news-paper daily made sure that I Never Missed A Beat because the zeal to know about things around me is a passion now. Reading newspaper and books and learning fascinating things about our ancient cultures has become a hobby.

    Among everything, the daily schedule, the daily goals, the thing that make one's mind fresh is MUSIC. Listening to your favorite music, your favorite artist, relieves all the stress of the day and prepares you for the next day. From an mp3 player in the beginning, to a smartphone currently (though it's Nokia 206 right now as I am on a digital detox), music has always been a part of my daily life. Listening to songs has been a part of my routine since board exams' preparations in the latter half of the 1st decade of 21st century. So music made sure that I Never Miss A Beat, and keep on moving in the direction of my goal.

    Also, having an interesting hobby like PHOTOGRAPHY has always encouraged me look at things with a perspective that is different from what others see. And so, my gadgets, my Smartphone and my Camera, made sure that I Never Miss A Beat to look at this beautiful world with a different, creative vision.

    And yesss... I have written my goal with a permanent marker on my table along with a small image of the National Emblem of India (Ashok Stambh) pasted... And they both make sure that I Never Miss A Beat in following my goals.

    So... All these habits combined, have made sure that I keep on moving forward, and NEVER MISS A BEAT...

    #NeverMissABeat #Nokia5310

  • ##I £0ve Nokia5310 music edition, long lasting play back music with dedicated music key,all music format are supported eaac ,aac, MP3,mpeg4, long life battery....

    ##nokia ##nokiatribe

  • Yash Raut Yash Raut
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    I love music and listening radio on the nokia phone specially in the monsoon days and while traveling in the train and in bus from one place to another


    Nokia Mobile

  • Yash Raut Yash Raut
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    I love music and listening radio on the nokia phone specially in the monsoon days and while traveling in the train and in bus from one place to another


    Nokia Mobile

  • Appu Mali Appu Mali
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    I like Nokia's pure secure up to date feature,

    I tells people's to get updated their phones, some people don't know this pure secure up to date feature, they keep using their phones on default factory software till it lasts, and I suggest Nokia mobile them andthe purity of nokia phones software & how battery long lasting on this type of se platform, and also shows them Nokia's imaging quality, shows some photo samples from my phone

  • rishabmittal84 rishabmittal84
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    Music can raise someone’s mood, get them excited, or make them calm and relaxed The same Music did with me, Music also - and this is important - allows me to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that we experience in our lives. The possibilities we gets my Music are endless.

  • I will just keep dancing and singing to the tune of Nokia 5310 to #NeverMissABeat in my life

  • Rohit868 Rohit868

    Never miss a beat huh. I simply cannot forget the end of the year 2006, when my happiness knew no bound as I received my first mobile phone, Nokia Xpress music 5300. It was a slider phone

    As we didn't have that much of internet connectivity in '06 music was my only resort and I with my head high always took pride in playing music on my phone in full volume. I sure as **** #Never missed a beat 

    Since then music has been an inseparable part of my life, as if it were one of my vital body part although the taste of music has changed from Hindi/English songs to pure music beats and likewise but still I #Never missed a beat.

    Music is something that comes straight from heart and talks only to heart. This relationship of friendship that is the purest entity within itself is what holds me in one piece thus, the only thing that makes sense to me is music as I have made its beats a basis from which memories are made in my life and hence they are inseparable now and so now I #Cannot miss a beat.

    I simply cannot imagine a life without the beats of music its like that one constant thread that ties all my memories together to make up my story. Its tones renders my mind and soul intrigued so much than anything else, it sort of heals your body of all pain and sorrows.

    See we all have had our ups and downs in life and sometimes no matter how hard you try things don't go the way you want them to be, but you have got to give it another shot, even better than the previous one like in case of Nokia after its setback it worked hard till its comeback to make its place secured than ever before in the mobile market, this 'go getter' attitude is what I have always inspired from and brought positive changes to my life due to this very reason I think that I will #never miss a beat.

    On a personal note I have experienced the change that I brought in me through music ( luckily more sane now than ever before) so what if such a change be witnessed in every person. That would be something, isn't it?

    So as somebody who reminiscent's music in the mind even when not listening to it, i don't think that I could ever miss a beat.

    Happy listening .

    #Never miss a beat.

    #Nokia 5300

    #Nokia is like a very close friend.

  • ShivaniS ShivaniS
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    I start my day by watering my plants and reading some books in my small garden that keeps me motivated.

    Nature is the best example of keep going. Whatever season will come they adapt themselves according to it they can't run away from problems like us. They survive extreme temperatures , winds and parasites and always keep going.

    During our lifetime we come across obstacles, minor or major. Staying active might not solve the problem, but it can limit the negative impact on us.

    So whatever comes in your way follow the rule of nature and #KeepGoing.




  • Govind83 Govind83

    Hi, the sweetest music will always be the sad one. It connects the song and the situation with whomsoever hears it, like Nokia connecting people.

    One early morning in a FM radio, i really missed one such sad song as i was partially sleeping. I could not find that song from that day to now. I spent hours together in searching that song.

    Really, i missed that beat. Let Nokia 5310 help me to find that.




  • I love this mobile nokia xpress music especially the music keys are very usefull a brand is a brand nokia is that type of brand never comprising at quality at every end



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