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The word NOKIA means a emotion , trust and love.

[Contest] What do you do to Never Miss A Beat?


  • user123 user123
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    The word NOKIA means a emotion , trust and love.

  • kunal007 kunal007
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    'Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything'. It has immense power to energized me in any situation. I believe 

    'Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.' Now beats are the part of music. All I can say its a rhythm of music. Good beats are the part of a good music definitely.

    So Whatever the situation is I never want to miss a beat. And for that always I use to carry a good device with me which has good battery back up because I need it for the whole day, good sound bass and quality , easy control, good speaker quality and high storage because I need diff type of beat and music for my different mood. The device can be MP3 player, can be Mobile, can be bluetooth speaker.But for my convenient I use to carry a MP3 player and a good mobile which includes all the features mentioned by me including FM Radio.Anyway still I believe Mobile is the best option because only single device can perform all my daily needs. So maximum time I carry a good mobile which has all mentioned features.These are the things I am doing to #NeverMissABeat. 

    Lastly the conclusion is- after launching the New Nokia 5310 I am thinking -The device perfect suits to me. Every features are there so that I #NeverMissABeat and price also very reasonable with the trust from Nokia Mobile.

  • iTech Authority iTech Authority
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    I love Music 🎵 I love ..

    Mountains ..

    Valleys ..

    Forests ..


    And the few ,who live within the heart of me ..

    I love pasta ..

    And food that cooks slowly, rather that faster ..

    I love heart-felt and funny conversations ..

    Laughter and tight hugs.. 

    Kisses that make you abandon your fears ..

    Caresses that rearrange the molecules that matter ..

    I love words that are not measured ..

    And love that is not wagered ..

    I love the truth ..

    Much earlier than later ..

    I’m trying to love every bit of my life and #NeverMissABeat .

    The pink edges and the dark clouds..

    What is, is ..

    And what will be , will be ..

    I know I give it my all ,that’s me ..

    But maybe that part,I should realign...

    Because some pieces of my boat , did not make it back to shore ,so I guess that’s my sign..

    They lay lost somewhere at sea ...

    A wise person said..

    What pieces go missing, find themselves back to you ,differently..

    So I’m looking forward ..

    To my sun shining path, with fresh showers and glistening grass .

    Strewn with bird-song , butterflies and the aroma of spring ..

    I know that , this world is changing and with it , a lot of healing it will bring .. and thats how I never MISS A BEAT :)

  • NokiaiteForever NokiaiteForever
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    #NeverMissABeat Do birds and animals have fun when they are locked inside a cage? No! But they do get used to staying inside once they get the hang of how having fun in a restricted space works. It will be difficult to stay indoors and disconnected from the world suddenly, but to have a better tomorrow for everyone – it is the need of the hour. You have to sometimes walk on hot coals to get to the other side ..

    It takes, your all and everything ..

    “Just keep walking calmly” , I was told ..

    “Do not hurry, do not run”

    Being cocooned in my home under lockdown, am dng things Ive always wanted to do, Using this extra time-to be proactive by Learning Spanish , reading books, painting, cooking, taking up gardening, starting exercise routine ,spendin quality time with family .I reached out to older neighbors & helped them. Updated résumé, fed street dogs , Completing tasks that I ve procrastinating over.

    I really thank God as I have to stay at home, because despite everything, with money or without money, with a job or without a job, I am in the best place I could be, at home, surrounded by who loves me!

  • Sarita123 Sarita123
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    Covid-19 will, at least for a time, bring an extreme decrease in productivity. This give us a new baseline to compare with our “normal” lives. When we find ourselves forced to stop for a while, what will we end up really missing—and what won’t we miss at all? Hitting the pause button will give us an opportunity to take stock of what really deserves the glory in our glorification of being “busy.”

    ‪If there’s one thing for sure with this whole lockdown is I’ve become one with Nature - spending time near my greens, listening to the birds chirping, clear blue skies, photography - I think there’s lot to learn. This brings in a lot of positivity and I #NeverMissABeat keeping me sane and healthy

  • I like nokia ringtone,camera is excellent,sound clarity.I like 3310,8110and 5310 phone.But 5310 is very amazing phone😍😍😍😍.When nokia is back with new phone is very wonderful moment 😍😍😍😍.

  • I like nokia very much because it is very amazing phone😍😍😍.Nokia ringtone is very wonderful . Nokia 5310 is very amazing phone.Nokia phone have best camera,sound clarity is nice.

    # Nokia

    # never miss a beat

  • Tauseef99 Tauseef99
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    How do I keep going despite challenges?

    I always keep a perspective. Nothing is ever all good or all bad. There will always be bad things, that will never change. But the converse of that is true as well! There is beauty and wonder everywhere if you look for it. Try to be endlessly curious, it definitely helps you find the wonder.

    Help someone out. Contribute. Of course, you won't change the world with that but you can make things a little less bleak for someone else. Be kind and rewind!

    Connect with other people whose presence gives you energy. With people you can help. With animals. With nature. Connect! 

    Do things you enjoy. Talk to people. Stay in a positive environment so that the negative thoughts slowly start to disappear. Once you get rolling, it always works out and things won't be as hard anymore. You will probably look back and be proud that you overcame all that, stay strong! 

    I believe that you should always take one step at a time, one day at a time and one problem at a time. And if you do this consistently & with a sense of commitment, you can do anything and everything!  

    This is what I do to #NeverMissABeat

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Hope you liked my entry. My Twitter handle is Tauseef78678678, my instagram username is _ . _ tauseef _ . _ and my email is [email protected]



  • praveenp praveenp
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    Above everything else, the positive attitude and belief that my hard work won't go in vain and will surely bear the fruits of success very soon, keeps me motivated, helping me to Never Miss A Beat and keep going despite challenges.

  • isarvesh isarvesh
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    I love Reading Books a Lot and I #NeverMissABeat for Reading and Read Books Regularly.

    I always keep in my Mind “Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body”

    I Reduce the time spend while watching TV or on social media and replace it with reading. I manage time equally between all activities.

    I Don’t postpone reading to another day.

    I always read 1 hour in the morning also I try to read at least 30 min before going to bed.

    I also Listen to the Podcast and Read E-Books Online when Book isn't Available to me.

  • Andycool24 Andycool24
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    🎼🎶 Never Miss A Beat !! 🎼🎶

    Music, the only thing which connects people without even having a conversation! Musicis the language which connects with people's hearts, as our heart understands the "beat" as it beats and as Nokia is already known for "connecting people". Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t. Aswe all are together in this Pandemic I believe it is one of the ways which could decrease our stress/depression & spread happy vibes all around & a peaceful mind indeed. Music just soothes my soul, I personally listen to Rahul Jain's unplugged songs most of the times.....🎵Also how can we miss out on NOKIA'S ICONIC RINGTONE ? 🎵

    THE NOKIA TUNE 😍 (also called Grande Valse) is a phrase from a composition for solo guitar, Gran Vals written in 1902, becoming the first identifiable musical ringtone on a mobile phone....With this fact I can #NeverMissABeat 🔊 and all this is more easier with the Battery span which Nokia provides within very single model.  They say





    #NeverMissABeat 🤍 🖤

  • I am a 60's kid and grew up listening to Kishore Kumar , Muhammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle that justifies my inclination towards old classical music.

    Currently I am 56 and working as an agriculture officer in Uttar Pradesh, after my work whenever I reach home I play some old classics on this Saregama which my kids gifted to me and enjoy the songs with a cup of tea in evening. This makes me feel young and rejuvenate me everyday.

  • aayushi parikh aayushi parikh
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    Music for me is the escape from real chaotic places and seek peace. It’s the way I find myself. With every beat and rhythm I groove and feel every inch of my skin .. it’s the way I go back into my memories . It reminds me of the people I loved and the people who left. People who made promises , people with whom I spent my best times and my happiest moments. It takes me to the thousands of places I dream of .. music makes me happy and makes me ‘ME’ 


    #Nokia 5310



    @dipankar paul

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Those are some really beautiful paintings. Yep, the things one loves to do really helps to refresh the mind and body reducing stress and tiredness. 😀

  • Music is something which connects the line missing between heart and soul. And the Beat took us to the world of re freshness and calmness. So do I try to escape from my busy mind and enjoy every beat of a music with putting my headphones on and on high volume. I dont care of the world at that point of time. When I feel drowsy I put my headphones on an it makes me energetic. Everyday as soon as I wake up from bed I plug in my headphone and enjoy every beat almost 30 mins.

    Life is an interesting journey. It's a rollercoaster ride which is fullfilled with lot of challenges and obstacles. There are so many people who are facing a lot of difficulties and some of those are Labour people who does their job which involves a lot of hard physical work to make a home brick by brick. They listen the music to entertain and charge themselves during their work. The kind of Hardwork they do is simply inspiring and it gives me the inspiration to keep going. There are lot of things which helps me to win over the challenges and Music is definitely on the top of the list. I simply listen Motivational Music Quotes and Songs. It helps my mind to keep calm, relax and think positive to find out the solution of a particular problem. It's not about how many challenges I face, it's about how many challenges I conquer every single day to sleep with satisfaction and no matter how much struggle I'm facing. No, matter how tough is the situation. Music charges my body, it charges my soul to fight and never give up in life.

    #NeverMissABeat #Nokia 5310 #Contest

    @dipankar paul

  • Anudeeeeep Anudeeeeep

    In challenging scenarios I've faced, I talk to myself, convince myself that every problem has a solution, questions always come with answers, so I take them head-on and say why not me, Try Me! 💪

    If there's a challenge, I'll get to its root cause and try to understand what's making it to appear as a challenge in front of me, so I can workaround, solve, and take up more! 😎

    I put myself in other's shoes a lot of times, and it has always helped me to clear things!

    What we seek, is seeking us, so be alive just like heartbeats and open up to the world so we will #NeverMissABeat ❤️❣️

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    One needs to have a fresh mind to deal with any kind of a situation. Whenever I start to feel low or tired I do either of the three things to refresh my mind - Take a hot shower, play with the camera or listen to the favourite music.

    Taking a hot shower is the best way as it relaxes the brain, body and helps feel fresh instantly. It just works amazingly. OR Listening to the favourite playlist works like an instant booster. Currently, I am listening to my favourite tracks as I am writing this.

    Sometimes all I do is play with the camera and click some weird images. Macros, closeups, objects, lights, etc etc. This helps divert my mind and relieve myself from all the worries. This way I can then start other things with a fresh mood.

    These are the few things that I do to stay fresh which help me Never Miss A Beat. 😊

  • small phone, lifelong durability, battery life, and best music and no worries

    that's what you expect from phone

    and that is what exactly nokia delivers with 5310

    nokia have been my companion from 2008

    2100, 6600, n97mini, express music, nokia 7.2

    nokia has always help me to express my life express music



    #Nokia5310 #ContestAlert

  • Gagan123 Gagan123

    Wait what , Are we talking about music? _ Hey ,When i listen Any music all the beats produced by the song Speaks louder than the voice of that singer. Beats are the main Components of any music.

    That's why we should #NeverMissABeat

    ❣️For #Nokia

  • Haravind Kumar Haravind Kumar
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    I #NeverMissABeat by upgrading myself and becoming a better version of myself inorder to do that i choose music as my path... Music always gives happiness to my heart and soul..i just can't go a day without listening to Music..Music makes me stronger..It is a reflection of what I go Through..I swear Music puts me In another zone.

  • In this era of pandemic "Music is like a life support system to me similar to what a ventilator is to a critical patient" thanks Nokia phone to make me happy everyday by playing d playlist created by d phone itself based on my interest of what I listen daily in d morning and evening as well.




  • krishnasnapshots krishnasnapshots
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    In this daily life & age of internet, there are ton of things to do. Sometimes people forgot to do lot of things but I #NeverMissABeat . Things are easily remembered by my mind & those which aren't, I simply add a remainder/alarm, on YouTube I press the bell icon to get notified whenever someone post a video😁, etc. Because everything has become important in today's world that I can't afford to miss a beat.


  • RajeshPadavala RajeshPadavala
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    Music is the most Important part of my life. Music connects me with my soul.

    I lost myself into the music when I am sad, I deep dive into the world of music when I am happy, I dance to the beats when I am over joyed. Music is like an good coffee that would instantly uplifts my mood. I recharge myself with the music, I refresh myself with the music. That is why I never miss a beat.

    For the music lover inside me, the New Nokia 5310 allows me to Never Miss a beat. TheDual Front speakers of Nokia 5310 make me hear every beat, every tune, every syllable with crystal clear sound, the MP3 player let all my favourite songs flow like soothing sound to my ears.The FM players allows me to hangout with my favourite Radio stations.

    This phone is like a portable music station to me. I will Never Miss a Beat with Nokia 5310.

  • RajeshPadavala RajeshPadavala
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    Music is the most Important part of my life. Music connects me with my soul.

    I lost myself into the music when I am sad, I deep dive into the world of music when I am happy, I dance to the beats when I am over joyed. Music is like an good coffee that would instantly uplifts my mood. I recharge myself with the music, I refresh myself with the music. That is why I never miss a beat.

    For the music lover inside me, the New Nokia 5310 allows me to Never Miss a beat. TheDual Front speakers of Nokia 5310 make me hear every beat, every tune, every syllable with crystal clear sound, the MP3 player let all my favourite songs flow like soothing sound to my ears.The FM players allows me to hangout with my favourite Radio stations.

    This phone is like a portable music station to me. I will Never Miss a Beat with Nokia 5310.

  • Music for me is not just about Beats and tunes , it is an emotion. An emotion that can awaken my inner senses and spirits , an emotion that can brighten up my soul.

    Music is my healer when I am sad , Music is my best buddy when I am happy . Whatever I do , I Never miss a beat. Music is my world where I can indulge deep into it & forget all my sorrows and tensions.

    In my busy life , music is the only thing that keep me alive and keeps me charged up all the day.

    The New Nokia 5310 will be my perfect music buddy so that I will never miss a beat.

    The amazing musical features of Nokia 5310 makes it the best choice for music lovers. The Dual front speakers, Dedicated music buttons, MP3 player , FM radio is what makes Nokia 5310 a heartthrob for music lovers like me.

    Nokia is not just a phone , it is an emotion that is linked with my most loving memories where I used to sit next to my grandfather & listen to music on the phone , play my favourite Snake game & my first phone dad gifted to me.

    Whenever I hear the Nokia , it is like a nostalgia moment with so many beautiful memories.

    I am so happy that the legend Nokia 5310 came back to life .

    It's time for us to shout out louder " Never Miss A Beat " with the new Nokia 5310 .

  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    #NeverMissABeat 💓 !

    To be true, I always try to #NeverMissABeat because,

    .....Beats are not to be messed with,

    for they hold a special meaning beneath. 💓.....

    Scientifically 👩‍🔬, "beats" are the periodic and repetitive fluctuations heard in intensity of sound when two very similar waves interfere with each other.

    That's how life 🧬 is,

    Life comprises of two things in general- 🙌

    Opportunities and Challenges... ✌️

    (and these two things, like "beats" interfere with each other...)

    You get opportunities in life but those opportunities bring challenges with them as well...


    Life is not a cakewalk anymore. It used to be, once. As children, we experience joy and happiness everytime and in everything but as we grow, we face challenges. 🎂🚶

    Challenges are doomed to be conquered one day if we have to courage and will power to do so. But that doomsday is always awaited... ⏳

    But dreams 💭 are not always destined to be as desired and wishes 🌟 are not always wielded.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    I always try to face every challenge in my life with patience, and ease... 😃

    ..... !

    I always think that if something bad and miserable has happened with me, then there are 💯 ways to overcome that.

    I always take up new opportunities, no matter what challenges it brings.

    I always find new ways in opportunities to avoid challenges, but when the challenges rule over, I think that life will be better after I face these challenges and I should keep going because the end result will be good and satisfying.

    #NeverMissABeat 💓 !


    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Music is one such thing that helps us in overcoming those challenges...


    Music comprises of "beats" and sounds an harmonies and what not!


    that is what amazes me...

    "yeah 🤘, music amazes me a lot..."

    ➖ For the negativity in the world:

    Music made me,

    Music made you,

    Music made us,

    So, why the hoax?

    ➕ For the positivity in the world:

    Music is the key, 🗝️

    From soul to soul,

    No need of a recovery key, 🔑

    It ensures no foul.

    🎶 For music's existence:

    Music had existed, 🎶

    Music surely exists, 🎼

    and will exist,

    From Inception, 🔘

    Till Ragnarok... 🔚

    🎼 What actually is Music?

    Music is the mystical art, 🎭

    for which you don't need to be smart. 🧠

    Music is the key, 🔑

    for every apology. 🙇‍♀️

    A key that enchantes and soothes the soul. 🗝️

    A manifestation of the mind itself. 🤯

    Music is the necessity of being true to yourself and being you. 🎶

    Music has a meaning and that feeling is inevitable. 🎼

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    And I'm a big fan of music. 🪕🎙️🎚️🎛️🎧🎵🎶💽📻🥁🎷🎸🎹🎺🎻🎼

    because, I want to #NeverMissABeat 💓 !!!

    I always make sure I have the gadgets that make music accesible to me everytime and everywhere... My room is sorta sound-proof 😂, yeah, no sound beats come in, none go out. I have two nice wireless speakers installed and great headphones as well so that I can dance to the music all night... 💃 😂

    "Music eases challenges...", 🎶

    **** true!!! ☑️

    I face many challenges in life "every single day" and music, music eases them, as I listen to the harmony in day ⛅ and the sweet melodies while sleeping during night. 🌌

    I'm a very big fan 😇 of Nokia since childhood, since I played "the Snake game" 🐍...

    And I love ❣️ the music factor of Nokia phones. They tend to perfection, especially the special edition phones like Nokia 5310 XpressMusic 🎼, a blast from the past... ⌛ The Nokia crafted phones automatically boast their Finnish heritage of perfection, especially for music-maniacs, delivering phones which provide loud speakers, crystal clear sound and long battery which provides several hours of music playback and a great range of "truly" wireless earphones as well.

    and I love ❣️ the Nokia tune (Grande Valse), it's so soothing and to the ears and nostalgic as well...

    ...🎼 yada da da, yada da da, yada da da daah 🎼 (The Nokia Tune)...


    NOKIA also faced challenges for 155 years since its inception in 1865. Changing businesses, from paper and rubber to mobile phones and networks, it has gone a long way, adapting to the changing world around.

    "Nokia is an emotion as music is."

    "Nokia never missed a beat."

    That's what I want for me. I wanna #NeverMissABeat 💓 !!!

    So, we always have to go ahead despite difficulties to make sure, we #NeverMissABeat.

    .....No matter how far I go,

    the destiny will never be near,

    Neither real.....

    I don't know what life holds for me, but I will make sure I Never Miss A Beat.


    A NOKIA Fan ❣️

    P.S. : Speed of light is faster than Speed of sound, but for me, it's "different". 🙄😂

    #NeverMissABeat 💓



    #Nokia5310 🎼

    #Music 🎶

  • divyaK divyaK
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    Dancing is the Thing for which I #NeverMissABeat .

    Dance allows me to be Myself, it makes me feel alive .Whenever the music starts whispering into my ears , that is when I realize who really I am.

    When the beats take over, It is imbibed into an altogether different universe . Pulsating beats , crazy dances .It sets me free . " Dance is the next form of Divinity".

    If you love dancing, you are expressive because dance is full of expressions, you are emotional because dance is full of emotions, you are calm because dance makes you come from inside, you feel more energetic for next week because dance is full of energy, you started loving yourself because dance is full of love, you become dedicated to your work because dance is full of dedication, you start enjoying life, because dance is full of joy.

    • I Set a particular timings for my practice, for example I decide to practice for an hour, then I make sure I won't end my practice session before an hour even if I get tired but be determined to complete my session.
    • I Always Keep Equipment for Music like Phone,Speaker Ready for the Practice without any Trouble.
    • I listen to a lot of music of different kinds.This help me to improve my musicality.Soon after listening I remember lyrics and beat patterns,vibrations,drops etc.
    • I also Watch freestyle dances on YouTube of my favourite tracks again and I manage to associate steps with the beats.Also It helps me to identify what kind of dance looks good on particular rhythms.I always Regulary Try to Learn Something New which Makes me Curious and I Never feel to Miss a Beat.

    ✨✨✨ 👒

          ✋ 👔 👉



  • ranu ranu
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    #NeverMissABeat for me music is always inspires me and What kind of music I want to play it's always depend on outdoor weather.

    Music inspires you to think and create beautiful world.

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