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[Contest] What do you do to Never Miss A Beat? - Page 4

Hello folks, thank you for your entries! We're closing the contest now. Stay tuned for the winners' announcement.

[Contest] What do you do to Never Miss A Beat?


  • praveenp praveenp
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    Thank you Nokia for this contest. It was really fun to give words to our creative thoughts and give a meaningful interpretation to the phrase "Never Miss a Beat", which literally means "to never stop, and keep moving in spite of challenges and disruptions".

    Liked the way how the contest was improvised and interpreted in a way that linked the idea of Never Missing a Beat to the new Nokia 5310, an epitome of music and a treat for music lovers.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    All the very best to all the entrants 😊👌

  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    Great contest based on the music phone itself, Nokia 5310. I just wish it would be cool if Symbian S30+ supported music streaming services like Prime Music, Spotify, Gaana, etc... 😂🤣

  • pushp kumar pushp kumar
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    Thank you Nokia for this wonderful contest 😊

    Waiting for the results 😊

  • ajay_verma ajay_verma
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    That's not good, we worked so hard for likes and agrees but you removed all, you preferred only your old users that's not great. I am getting unhoped for such issue.

    Why everyone will like because they also want that thing that's not pretty good...

  • kunal007 kunal007
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    Waiting for result... @dipankar paul :) when it will be announced?

  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    All the best for every participants. Thanks Nokia for conducting this kind of events.😊

  • Eagerly waiting for the results. Hope you notice my entry. Wish to be the luckiest winner of my favourite Nokia phone from my childhood.

  • praveenp praveenp
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    Random comment coz I can't delete the draft which was saved when I was to do a comment on this post around 15 days ago, but didn't commented.

    I hope the Forum developers introduce a feature to delete drafts which become kind of annoying as they hold no meaning after some time.

  • Rohan34 Rohan34
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    I always have my jbl headphones in and enjoy my fav silent music. Music is always my companion when I'm low or tierd from daily schedules. 🙂

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Hey @dipankar paul the thread is open and users are commenting.

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