Building phones you can trust - The Nokia mobile phones story

At HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, we have a simple idea at the core of our operations: that mobile technology can enhance the everyday lives of everyone around the world. Our wide selection of phones are a step toward to realizing that vision, but we go even further: our phones are made to get better for years to come, with a design that remains timeless and updates that improve security and performance.

We ensure that these principles are inherent in each and every one of our phones, and this is what sets us apart in the mobile phones market – whichever phone is right for you, it will be a phone you can trust.

Ever since our first 11 phones in 2017, we have continued to expand every area of our phones portfolio, including dependable feature phones, reborn classics, first-time smartphones and smartphones fit for enterprises.

Its reputation for design and dependability made Nokia a household name. Today, HMD Global upholds that heritage with Nokia branded mobile devices running Android operating systems, uniting two of the world’s most iconic names in mobile technology.

In keeping with our mission to make modern mobile technology accessible to everyone, we believe that every Nokia phone should be built upon the principles of refined design and steadfast reliability, no matter which segment it is made for.

The Wall of Legends at the HMD Global headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

Our phones promise

There is a certain promise of design and dependability attached to the Nokia brand. This philosophy is perfectly aligned with our mission to make mobile technology accessible to all with devices that you can trust.


Our phones combine functionality with the hallmark design characteristics made famous by Nokia phones. We achieve this with carefully chosen materials and committing to even the smallest details – and every device in our range gets this same treatment.

With a timeless look and the durability to endure the knocks of everyday life, our phones truly are made to last.


A device that is robust on the outside should be equally robust when it comes to performance. Based on this mindset, we have forged strong partnerships with a number of industry leaders. In doing so, we have perfectly positioned ourselves to create products that enrich the everyday lives of their users.

In the world of photography, few names embody imaging quality like ZEISS – many of our smartphones feature ZEISS Optics so that users can rely on the camera that’s always in their pocket.

On both the premium and low-cost ends of our device range, you’ll find smartphones that feature chipsets from Qualcomm®, helping to deliver a seamless user experience that saves battery power.


Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of mobile devices – but it is paramount that those devices stay secure. That’s why we have partnered with Google, creating smartphones that run on Android™ with a long-term promise of security and software updates. Many of our smartphones feature Android One, a pure version of the OS with no bloatware. Plus, a number of our phones meet the requirements set by Google for demanding business use cases, earning them the Android Enterprise Recommended seal.

Our Fans place a lot of trust in us. We intend to honour that trust with every event we host, every post we write, and every phone we build.



  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    @dipankar paul, you should have posted it in global and not in India sub-section. I do like these nice attempts to regenerate the affection and ignite the interest in the Nokia products. I'll appreciate if there's a routine supply of similar content.

    I wish the year 2018 never happened to HMD Global, but maybe that also taught a lot of things. I hope for a more stronger HMD in the remaining part of 2020 and the years to come! 💪💪

  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @dipankar paul,

    Nice video from 2017, I wish HMD still made them like that but the videos have gone downhill since the start of 2018.

    Also, nice phones in that video but of course HMD doesn't make phones like that anymore, they're all either plastic-backed or glass sandwiches aren't they?

    And yes @singhnsk this post should be in Announcements section, shall I let you do the honours? 😆

    Cheers 🙂

  • I have almost every Nokia mobile phone, but I only own 8 and 9 for Android. The innovation of quality and appearance is regressive, and the price is not competitive. But still look forward to the new work, the current situation is impossible to seize a certain market with a flagship mobile phone. If the mobile phone business is valued again, precipitation will only be alienated by user groups. I also hope that I can use the real flagship Nokia years ago, although it is unlikely

  • Everything is good with Nokia apart from service and support? without these two its not complete package...

  • Yeah, yeah..especially after Nokia 3.4 with lots of issues and problems...Camera issues, old build numbers and no updates, random factory resets and reloads...did I forget to mention something? I decided that I will never buy any Nokia phone again. I bought two 3.4 instead of old "Chinese brand" phones. I never faced any issues with my old phones. Sorry guys, but this is not quality....This is shame.

  • MMF
    MMF ✭✭✭
    edited July 2021

    Yet android 11 update deadline miss. All promises gone to toilet.

    What can we trust?!

    Yet another deadline for release of Android 11 for many Nokia smartphones has come and gone. The device owners have been left high and dry, as there has been no communication whatsoever from HMD Global.

  • Why Nokia is so deaf to users' needs and complaints? Why they are so complacent about the competition? All die hard fans are leaving Nokia camp. Bad design, generic looks, no innovation and shameful customer support .Best selling 0hones not available in India. Perfect recipe for disaster

  • Love It ,Trust it,Keep it....

    What a lie. You can love it ,and trust it but you cannot keep and use it more than a few years because you can't replace the battery. So your nice neat ad campaign is just so much fluff. Support is lacking, your people know nothing about your phoney phones. And can't provide the support necessary to run your company.

  • I am big fan of nokia since i am start using phone, nokia please make something big, and design the phones like apple and samsung. i will be the first bayer.

  • Building trust in Nokia mobile phones was achieved through a historical reputation for reliability, quality materials, user-friendly interfaces, regular updates, and transparency. Nokia's legacy demonstrates the importance of these factors in building and maintaining trust in mobile technology.