Nokia Smartphones

Nokia phones are providing best features and showing better performance day by day.

Nokia Smartphones

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Nokia phones are providing best features and showing better performance day by day. As one of the followers of Nokia Smartphones and Feature Phones, I'll suggest to try to reduce the price of the Nokia Phones (Smartphones & Feature Phones) which will not only put Nokia Phones in Customers' first preference but will also become more competitive in Indian Market.



  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Yeah. For first six month they sell phones at higher price then drastically reduce after 6-10 months.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Prices of phones can be reduced only to a certain point and reducing it any further than that means it is a loss for a company. There are many factors which play a role in the pricing of a product. I'll give an example of design, build quality, which in case of Nokia phones is not the same as the phones of competitors which all look the same from back no matter what brand you choose. If you look at phones from other brands you will notice all of them have the same basic structure where the camera housing is placed in the left corner and so on. While each Nokia phone has a different camera housing and overall a unique new design. This increases the cost as every generation has a different external as well as internal design for which a company has to invest which eventually also reflects in the selling price of the phone.

    Also, Nokia phones offer three years of updates from low end to the flagships which again has to be considered by the buyers. Providing such long term support even to the lowest end devices also increases costs. If you compare the pricing of 1st gen Nokia devices from 2017 to the current 2020 line up you will notice that they have reduced their prices a lot but then those 1st gen devices came with extremely premium design and thick metal construction which will obviously increase costs and now the phones use Polymer Composite in case of 5.4, 6.2 and 7.2 which is cheaper thus helps in reducing the price.

    Also, Nokia smartphones do not come with ads like phones from some other brands and they do earn money that way. Also, I have seen many ready to pay a bit higher price for an ad free experience. So, overall Nokia phones in the budget category may not be exciting for games but they offer what a normal user would need and keep them happy. 😊


    They can reduce the prices by selling their phones as online exclusives but then they face fierce competition from Chinese brands which have an even more aggressive pricing. Also, Nokia cannot exclude the offline retail presence so, i don't think they will offer their phones as online exclusives.

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