Nokia 2.3 Android 10 build Update

I have a nokia 2.3 and I'm in the uk and I've been experiencing a lot of bugs and i would like to know if i am getting any update that is going to fix this?

Thank You


  • I have bought Nokia 2.3 Yesterday and I am regretting it. The OS is getting crashed the System seems to be buggy. I have called the customer care service today. They said that we will get the update in few days or take the phone to the Nokia Service Center. SERIOUSLY?

  • the People in UAE got it on 26 June and I'm still waiting and that's what's annoying me never buying HDM Global Device again

  • They won't be fixing the operating system. Your best bet is to take the phone back to where you purchased it and ask for a refund or a different device. Please do not give HMD any more money.

  • Today is 19th of July, 2020 when are we getting the new update, this is getting frustrating

  • i have not got it yet in United Kindom