T9 dictionary for Nokia 8110 4G

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I am using the Nokia 8110 4G with KaiOS and while the autocomplete T9-like dictionary has a bunch of languages, it doesn't have one that I use often - catalan. Do you know where I could download the dictionary? I cannot find anything by googling it. The sort of files of the other T9 dictionary languages are '.dic' Is it possible to make a customized .dic dictionary and install it on the phone?

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  • When it will be available in Indian market?

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    I bought a 8110 4 days ago and now i can say that for sure is a big letdown.

    T9 (predictive) is a complete fault compared to classic T9 and is impossibile to write fast as old T9. The use of bottons doesn't allow to choose the right word, the use of arrow keys is a nonsense. Why is so difficult to copy and paste the logic of old Nokias? I bought the 8110 cos my 208.1 had problems. I made yesterday an hard reset of 208.1 and now works good...8110 is ready for trash cos is impossible to:

    • write text messages (with or without T9 cos of wrong bottons use);
    • create the personal layout of main manu;
    • create the personal use of the 2 bottons under the screen

    and these are only the main issues. Actually kaiOS is totally out of bounds. If you put on market another 3310 with this kaiOS, will be a big fail!

    Please, recreate the functionallity of old Nokias + Copy->Paste the logic of T9

  • Another issue.

    If i have to call someone:

    • go to menu and the to the address list (no way to have a direct access with one of the 2 bottons under the screen?);
    • i search the name typing and then call.
    • after the call i push red button and i am in the same list of names...pushing the red button many times i have cancel the name written, the go to menu, then go to the main page.

    If i push the red button i have to go immediatly to the main screen! In this way i need to push 10 time a button to finish a call completly.

  • I continue.

    Why this writing logic is not able to use in the right way the caps for the first word of a period with active preditive?

    Why the 4 arrow keys are unuseful in the 90% of cases where was useful in classic symbian?

    I red somewhere that kaiOS project is not controlled by nokia, but remember the the brand on the phone is "NOKIA" in the the upper zone of the screen. Nokia market "pays" all this. Is not a professional way to lunch a product on market and i'm really sad for Nokia bad impression

  • Guys, please explain your problem with T9 keyboard. Even I'm having a similar kind of problem as Sinhala language (සිංහල) input doesn't work properly.

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    In the first place, isn't T9 dictionary geared for English language? If I were to text in Malay language I would not expect the T9 dictionary to be Malay language compatible.