My phone Nokia 6.1 plus has dead mother board as told by Nokia service center and the cost of that is 18,500 rs. Is it reliable? How is that possible the cost of motherboard is more than the phone itself which I purchased 1 yr and 8 months before ?? It is unbelievable for a customer who spend 15,000 rs in buying that phone.


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    Hi, that's disappointing. The price is definitely not something you should be asked for. What is can suggest is to call and consult with some other Nokia care which is the next nearest after this one.

    Also, send an email to Nokia Support. Maybe they'll assist you better?

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Of course price not that from a 3rd party vendor I got to know . There is only one service center in my city and in this pandemic it's not possible to go some other care center. I have already mail to Nokia support. Don't know what to do with that phone??

  • I am also facing the same issue and just sent the phone for repair and it's out of warranty Now, I fear if they will also try to charge me with all that ****. I was using WhatsApp and then suddenly the phone started restarting and remain stuck at androidone logo no matter what i tried. 

  • So sad to hear this. I think the problem is in Nokia 6.1 plus model as one of my friend has charging port issues. I have googled and there are videos on youtube also which shows the same. And I have decided not spend a penny on that phone and not to buy any products from Nokia.

  • Even I was using WhatsApp and then suddenly the phone got stucked and remain stuck at androidone logo no matter what i tried. 

    Even no sevice center are not able to find out what is happenings

    Now my Nokia 6.1 plus is like a dump.

  • I need dead motherboard for my nokia 6.1 plus.. because in my nokia 6.1plus motherboard conector is broken so I need it. Can you wana sell. Reply plz.

  • I had the same issue, I have been using Nokia 6.1 plus since September 2019 but last month (November 2021) it suddenly turned off and then Nokia logo appeared with Download Now written on top left corner. I tried to restart but it was stuck there. And then the screen turned off. I took it to the authorized NOKIA service center and they said its a software issue, so I told them to fix it but later the found that the motherboard is dead. SO I came back home with the dead device and opened my twitter and tweeted to Nokia about this situation , they replied within hours and directed me to : , I created a repair ticket instantly and the courier service came the next day , picked up my phone, took to their center and inspected it. Then they mailed me a quotation of the repair. They said : 5313 will be charged to repair this device. I paid the amount and now I am writing this comment using my Nokia 6.1 plus.