[Moved] Why does my Nokia 2.3 very slow in operation?

My phone hangs allot and it doesn't let me work fast

[Moved] Why does my Nokia 2.3 very slow in operation?

Max zi Max zi
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My phone hangs allot and it doesn't let me work fast



  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Due to insufficient space in RAM causes such slow operations on your device

    To sort out ,simply enable the developer settings* and there you can go to these options

    - Running Services>Show Cache process

    Which shows what are the apps that are eating up your device RAM

    - Background Process limit

    Which you can set the device to how many process can be run at a time on your device

    *Settings>About>Build Number (tap 7 times to enable the developer option)

  • mafy mafy
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    Since I updated my Nokia 2.3 ,the phone hangs and malfunction .I wish I can undo the update.

  • EricaR EricaR
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    If you really need that, you can go for it through,

    Tap Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

  • Phone become very slow and many apps like Google photos and YouTube keep on crashing .For last few weeks I can't update chrome , sometimes system UI itself crashes

  • Smitho Smitho
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    This is a system issue.it happens to most 2.3 users

  • Adebayo Arasi Adebayo Arasi
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    I will like to advise you to perform factory reset of your Nokia 2.3 before updating the software. If you carried out software update of your phone without factory reset, your phone will lags in operation for sure. This has happened to me twice. So with the latest Android 10 build released for Nokia 2.3 , my phone works without any issue.

  • Emmanuel Ovie Emmanuel Ovie
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    Are U sure cause since I did my

    It been worse 🙁

  • My Gets Slow and lag while playing game

  • Worst phone i have ever used.

  • aquasp aquasp
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    I just disabled everthing from google. (play services too) and performance is very good now

  • I feel like smashing this phone It is so frustrating 😣

  • Because HMD put in this piece of plastic - budget processor from Redmi 6A 2018 year - MTK Helio A22, maybe, slower than A22 only MTK6739 in Nokia 1 and 1+. And here 2gb DDR3 ram. If it will be DDR4X, that supported by cpu, phone will be faster. But, HMD don't try use this phone, just making money on old-school hardware level 2012 year.

  • I regretted buying this phone only used it for 3months it became slow I lose pictures I take and it's very annoying and embarrassing. Coming from Nokia I guess my expectations on this phone was cut short.

  • Original Original
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    What can I do to fasten up my phone 2.3 is getting too slow and I'm tried using it. I feel like smashing it, is too annoying. Mostly when using the internet. Please I need good suggestions

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