Android update with July Patch

There is a new system update to V1.240 with the July patch in the UK at 219Mb for the 5.3.

Android update with July Patch

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There is a new system update to V1.240 with the July patch in the UK at 219Mb for the 5.3.


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    Same in US, first update phone has received since I started using it a month ago.

  • I"m located in USA and my nokia 5.3 is at patch level March 5, 2020. It doesn't seem to want to update. What can I do???

  • I spoke with AT&T and T-mobile and realize, this applies to the USA only: Both these companies will NOT push any updates to a phone that you did not buy from them. So, while AT&T and T-mobile advertise "BYOP" (bring your own phone) and they'll happily sell you a SIM card and a plan, they will NOT support any phone not purchased from them. Basically, if your phone is unlocked, you won't receive any patch update if they are being pushed to you by your carrier. Nokia will have to push the updates some other way.

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    @girlperson1957 you could try and force an update as per the link

    I have done this in the past to get an update that wasn't available in the UK , but was in other countries. You just need to follow the instructions and choose a country where you think an update is in place. For example in the UK we are on the August 01 patch currently and Sept should be out this month sometime.

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    I have a 5.3 on att and the first patch went from March initial build of phone to July and them August but I had to do a factory reset to get the first update then I received the last as usual. All nokia phones I have receive monthly patches on att never missed a month ever.

    Backup all your data and save off everything and then do a factory reset. It the easiest way or you can try.

    Force stopping and clearing the Google , Google play services, store , carrier services and restarting the phone.

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